8 Laziest Dog Breeds Plus Key Things To Know Before You Adopt One

Dogs can be great companions, but some dogs have just too much energy. Lazy dog breeds are a great alternative to those hyperactive, yippy dogs that bark at a slight breeze and generally wreak havoc around the house.

Lazy dog breeds are types of dogs that generally tend to be calmer and are more into taking naps than their more active, energetic cousins. This can make them more easily manageable, especially if you are a single working person who can’t entertain a dog all day.

Why Choose Lazy Dog Breeds?

a bulldog lying on the floor

Lazy dog breeds are also great for seniors who want a dog to love and care for but may not have the energy to do a lot of heavy exercise with a dog.

While kids may generally prefer a more active dog breed, lazy dogs can also be good for kids. Kids may enjoy having a dog that snuggles up with them on the couch while they watch their favorite TV show. (That said, you want your kid to be active too, so make sure they still take that lazy dog out for a walk!)

Things to Consider When Looking for Lazy Dog Breeds

While there are quite a few breeds that have gotten a reputation as a lazy dog breed, here are some general points:

1. Smaller Dog Breeds Tend to Be More Hyperactive

Sometimes, it seems that the smaller the dog, the crazier and hyperactive it can be. This is a generalization that is often true, but it is not always true. You will find some small dogs to be quite docile and more into naps than jumping around all the time.

Some types of small dogs may not want to be physically active, but do be aware they can still be active barkers, like the chihuahua!

2. Lazy Dog Breeds Still Need to be Walked Daily

Don’t kid yourself. You can’t buy a lazy dog and expect that you won’t ever need to exercise it. Even the laziest dogs need to be taken out daily for a walk. It is good for their health – and yours as well.

3. Dogs are Still Individuals

You could have a dog that is part of a breed known for its excessive mellowness, and yet that individual dog is still very hyper and overactive. Conversely, you could get a dog from a breed known for being active, and the dog ends up being a couch potato.

Dogs, like people, have individual personalities. You can get two dogs from the same mellow breed and they can have entirely different energy levels and tastes.

8 Types of Lazy Dog Breeds

You have many options when choosing a dog for its laziness potential. Here are just a few of the top lazy dog breeds, in no particular order:

1. Bull Mastiff

photo of a Bull Mastiff

These dogs may seem intimidating at first since they are huge, but they are gentle giants. Just be aware that Bull Mastiffs can also be Kings and Queens of Slobber.

2. Pug

photo of a Pug, one of the lazy dog breeds

Here’s a small dog that doesn’t have to go crazy all the time. The challenge with the pug is that it will tend to become a real couch potato – fat and sluggish.

3. Basset Hound

photo of a Basset Hound

These cute dogs with the sad eyes and the long floppy ears have a reputation for being lazy. They have been portrayed that way in media such as Bugs Bunny cartoons for many years. The reputation is well-deserved.

4. Chow Chow

photo of a Chow Chow

These beautiful furry dogs are so into lying around they often get compared to cats. They are sensitive to heat and prefer to remain inside.

5. Shih Tzu

photo of a sitting Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu’s have a reputation for being “yappy” but they can be great couch mates. Better yet, despite their long hair, they don’t shed!

6. English Bulldog

photo of an English Bulldog lying on the ground

You will either find the English Bulldog to be the ugliest dog in the world or the cutest thing ever. There doesn’t seem to be an in-between. Either way, these smushed face dogs are great lazy companions.

7. Saint Bernard

photo of a  standing tall Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards have also gotten a reputation thanks to Bugs Bunny cartoons, though in this case they were often depicted as being lushes who liked to drink from the therapeutic “alcohol” they carried to wayward people in the snow. In the real world, these lovable giants are perfect for snuggling.

8. Great Dane

photo of a Great Dane

These massive 200-pound dogs are elegant and regal. The good news is, they are also super mellow. You would not want a 200-pound dog that was hyperactive and aggressive!

Lazy Dog Breeds are the Best!

Sure, it’s sometimes fun to spend some time with a playful, overactive dog. But it can get tiring real fast. Lazy dog breeds give you the opportunity to have a wonderful dog that won’t wear you out.

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