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The Most Loyal Dog Breeds You Need To Know About

a chocolate labrador retriever, one of the most loyal dog breeds

Bringing a new dog into your family is a major step. And when it comes to narrowing down your choice of dog, you might be wondering which breeds are the most loyal dog breeds around. Every dog is unique. But there are some personality traits that almost every owner looks for in a new dog. […]

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The Most Aggressive Or Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Before adopting or bringing home your new pet, you want to ensure that your family and other pets will be safe. Frankly, you want to know the most dangerous dogs or breeds before making your final decision. What makes a dog “dangerous?” Of course, this term is pretty subjective. What Makes a Dog Dangerous? A […]

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What Are The Healthiest Dog Breeds?

photo of a Rough Collie dog about to run

If you are shopping for a dog, you may be wondering what the healthiest dog breeds are. Unfortunately, purebred dog breeds are becoming more and more prone to health issues. For this reason, we actually recommend finding a healthy “mutt” – a dog with a mix of breeds. Why spend thousands of dollars on a […]

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What is the Life Expectancy for All Types of Dogs?

life expectancy for all types of dogs

Wouldn’t it be a fabulous world if dogs lived as long as humans do? Know the life expectancy for all types of dogs in this article. Your best friend could be by your side from birth through old age. Unfortunately, this isn’t the world we live in. Perhaps there’s an alternate universe:  somewhere dogs live […]

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All About Teacup Dog Breeds

teacup dogs

Teacup dogs may seem adorable when you are confronted with a petite pup’s picture on Instagram or a cute YouTube video, but the reality is not pretty. In fact, it is quite ugly. The term “teacup dogs” is a broad term referring to any tiny or miniaturized version of a dog breed. Of course, these […]

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How Many Nipples Do Dogs Have? Understand Why And How

A great majority of pet owners while bathing or combing their Pomeranians or Spaniels may have often wondered as to why dogs have so many nipples. So, even before we can dig deeper and delve into how many nipples do dogs have we need to first explore on why do dogs have nipples in the […]

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