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Citronella bark collars are becoming increasingly popular, especially since some people have expressed concern over the potential negative effects that electric dog collars can have on some dogs. A Citronella bark collar works by spraying a small amount of citronella towards the dog’s nose when it barks. That encourages the dog to stop barking, because it finds the smell of the spray unpleasant.


While some people say that dog spray collars may take longer to teach a dog not to bark, they are very effective. In fact, in many cases, people report that anti bark spray collars are even more effective than shock collars on some dogs.

Here is all you need to know about citronella bark collars along with our review of two of the best citronella bark collars that are available on the market today.

I. The Most Important ThingsYou Need to Know About a Citronella Bark Collar


Citronella bark collars are considered by many to be a more gentle and humane way to train a dog and most people who have used anti bark spray collars say that they are just as effective as shock collars. To help you find the best citronella bark collar for your dog, here are the main things that you need to know about Dog spray collars.

They are safe for all types of dogs

The first thing that sets citronella collars apart for shock collars is that they can be used on any dog, regardless of temperament. While shock collars are generally thought to be safe to use, they can be a bit too severe for smaller dogs and for nervous dogs. The best citronella bark collars, however, can be used safely with nearly all types of dogs.

More humane than electric shock collars

A citronella bark collar is thought by many to be a much more humane way to train a dog not to bark. The spray is completely harmless; it’s just unpleasant, so many people feel more comfortable about using a spray collar on their dogs than they do a shock collar.

They are effective, but they may take a little longer to work than a shock collar would. A citronella bark collar will be a very effective training aid, but it may take a little longer to work than a shock collar. Some stubborn dogs might just try to ignore the spray at first, but they will eventually be dissuaded from barking.

II. Review of Top Citronella Bark Collars

We have picked out two of the best citronella bark collar models on the market today. Here’s what we thought about both of them:

1. PetSafe GentleSpray Anti-Bark Collar


This kind of spray collar is safe for all dogs, including puppies and will stop excessive barking very quickly. A microphone is utilized by the collar along with a vibration sensor, to pick up your dog’s bark. When the collar detects a bark, it produces a burst of citronella spray in front of the dog’s nose, which distracts him from his barking. This bark collar is completely safe for dogs. It is water-resistant and it utilizes 6-volt alkaline batteries, which are included.

2. NO BARK Collar Citronella Spray Anti-Bark collar for Dogs Kit - Safe


Our 2nd pick of the best anti bark spray collars on the market is citronella spray anti-bark collar kit from Downtown Pet Supply. The kit comes with everything you will need, including a spray refill, the collar, and even a battery. The collar is suitable for dogs of 6lbs and over and it is only triggered when it senses the sound of the dog’s bark and the vibration of the dog’s vocal cords. One of the things that we really liked about this particular dog spray collar was that it is only triggered by the dog barking and not by other nearby sounds.

What we liked

  • Complete kit with everything you need
  • Safe, effective and humane
  • Not over-sensitive to background noises
  • Adjustable collar to fit all dogs over 6lbs
  • 25-30 sprays bare you need to refill

III. Frequently Asked Questions

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