Best Underground Dog Fences 2017, Top In-ground Dog Fence Reviews

An electronic dog fence is the best way to keep your pet contained within a boundary, without having to go the expense of building a physical wall or fence. Which is the best in-ground dog fence for your dog will depend on a number of factors, including the size and the temperament of your dog, as well as the size and shape of your backyard. There are two types of electronic dog fences. There are wireless dog fences, which work with a radio signal, and there are in-ground dog fences, which work with a cord that is buried underground. We explain the main advantages and disadvantages of the two types after our underground dog fence reviews.


To help you find the best in-ground dog fence for your dog, we have given you below an explanation of how electronic dog fences work along with some in ground dog fence reviews for models that will suit different types of dogs and a brief comparison of in-ground dog fence systems and wireless fences.


SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System is one of best underground dog fence

I. About Underground Dog Fence

An underground dog fence is an electronic fence that will train your dog not wander outside of the boundary that you set. They cost a fraction of what a physical fence would cost and they are very effective.


To install an underground dog fence, you bury an electric cord around the perimeter of your yard in a shallow trench and you install flags as a visual reminder for your pet of where the boundary is located. The cord is connected to a transmitter, which is usually housed in the home, a garage or a garden shed.

The best underground dog fence kits will also include at least one special dog collar. When your dog approaches the boundary, the collar will emit a tone to warn your dog not to go any further. If your pet continues towards the boundary, the collar will emit a mild electric shock that will startle your pet and discourage it from crossing the boundary.

II. Best In-ground Dog Fences Reviews

Here in our In-ground dog fence reviews we explain what the main features and benefits of the best in-ground dog fences

1. Our Pick of The Best Overall In-ground Dog Fence


The SportDOG in-ground fence system will cover a range of 1 1/3 acres and it comes with 1,000 feet of wire and 100 flags. The system is supplied with one waterproof collar that is designed to fit dogs weighing 10lb or over. The collar has 4 levels of static correction plus beep and vibration modes. As the dog approaches the In-ground dog fence, the collar will vibrate first, as a warning, and then, if the dog continues towards that fence, the collar will emit a static stimulation. This is one of the best underground dog fence systems because of all the advanced features that it has, including an anti-linger function, which deters the dog from staying too long in the warning zone, which would run down the battery. You can use this best underground dog fence with any number dogs; you just needed to purchase additional collars. You can also extend the range up to 100 acres with additional wire and flags.

Things We Liked

  • 1 1/3 acre area – can be extended to 100 acres
  • Comes with 100 flags and 1,000 feet of wire
  • 4 levels of correction plus beep and vibration warnings
  • Anti-linger feature and wire break alarm built in
  • Will suit dogs of 10lbs or larger

Things We Disliked

  • The receiver unit is quite large
  • The effective triggering distance from the perimeter wire can vary

2. Our Pick of The Best Value In-Ground Dog Fence


Designed for dogs weighing 5 lbs or more and for neck sizes of between 6 and 16 inches, the PetSafe Little Dog in-ground fence is one of the best underground dog fence systems for the smaller breeds of dogs. The standard system will cover an area of 1/3 acre, but it can be extended to 25 acres with additional wire and flags. PetSafe is one of the best in ground dog fence manufacturers and they have an excellent reputation. As you’d expect from a best underground dog fence, as the dog approaches the fence, it will hear a warning beep before the mild static shock correction is given. This model has 4 levels of static correction that can be set to suit the temperament of your dog or, if you prefer, you can set the dog collar to beep-only mode. Most pet owners report that it only takes one or two corrections for dogs to learn where the boundaries have been set with the PetSafe Little Dog in-ground dog fence.

Things We Liked

  • Designed especially for small dogs – collar size 6 to 16 inches
  • 1/3 acre area – Expandable up to 25 acres
  • 4 levels of static correction and a tone only mode
  • Warning beeps given before correction
  • Best underground dog fence for small dogs

Things We Disliked

  • Will only suit small dogs
  • No vibrate mode, but there is a tone mode

3. PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence


The final model in our Underground dog fence reviews is the PetSafe Stubborn Dog in-ground fence. This underground dog fence will cover an area of 1/3 of an acre and it’s expandable up to 25 acres. The collar is waterproof, it will fit neck sizes of 6-28 inches, and it has four levels of static correction plus vibration and tone modes. The PetSafe Stubborn Dog in-ground fence also has a neat pager system, which can be very useful for getting the attention of a dog that is hard of hearing. The system comes with 50 boundary flags and 500 feet of wire, which will be enough for the average sized yard. This great dog fence from PetSafe will train even the most stubborn of dogs to stay within the boundary of your yard and it’s definitely one of the best in-ground dog fence systems for high spirited dogs that don’t want to do as they are told.

Things We Liked

  • Specifically designed for stubborn dogs
  • Covers an area of 1/3 acre – Can be expanded to 25 acres
  • Waterproof collar fits neck sizes of 6-28 inches
  • Inbuilt pet pager for hard of hearing dogs
  • Can be used with an unlimited number of dogs, with additional collars

Things We Disliked

  • Not suitable for timid dogs
  • Some people report that if a dog runs very fast across the bounder, they won’t receive a correction
  • The dog collar is not the best quality

4. Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence with Radio & IN- Ground Cord Electric Wi-Fi Transmitter

The Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence is cord based invisible dog fence, so you can adjust the shape of the boundary to fit the shape of your property. This is the best Invisible Dog Fence to use if the areas that you with your dog to be re-trained is an unusual or angular shape.

The system comes with sufficient cord to cover an area of about 1/3 of an acre but, if you need a larger area, it can be expanded with additional transmitters and extra cord to an area of up to 5 acres.

The system is very easy to set up and it comes with an easy to follow quick start guide and manual. Most people who have used this particular invisible dog fence report that their dogs very quickly learned not to cross the boundary and learned to stop before they even received a warning or correction.

The Friendly Pet Products Dog Fence is very flexible and is ideal for anyone with a large area in which their dogs can roam. You do need to bury a cord with this model, but that is a once only job and it enables far greater flexibility than is possible with a cordless wireless dog fence. This is definitely one to add to your list of best invisible dog fence options.

Things We Liked

  • Can be used for any shape yard or field
  • Will cover large areas of up to 5 acres
  • Very easy to install
  • Allows for “safe areas” that the dog can pass though

Things We Disliked

  • The collar is quite bulky
  • Does not use rechargeable batteries

III. Advantages and Disadvantages of In-ground Dog Fences

While in-ground dog fences do require more effort to install than a wireless dog fence system, they do have some distinct advantages.

The main advantage is that an underground dog fence is a lot more flexible than a wireless system. A wireless dog fence creates an invisible boundary around the transmitter that is circular, which means that they are not as effective in an irregular shaped field or yard as an in-ground system would be. When you use in-ground dog fences, however, you can bury the cord in whatever shape you like. The best underground dog fence will also allow you to create safe passage areas where your dog is allowed to pass through the boundary.

Another aspect where wireless fences can fall short is in areas of uneven ground. If your yard has a slope on it, that can interfere with the radio signal from a wireless dog fence, whereas an in-ground fence wouldn’t have that problem at all.

On the plus side for wireless systems; they are portable. Because there is no buried wire, you can easily take a wireless system with you when you move home, or you can take it with you on vacation.

Here’s a summary of the main advantages and disadvantages of an in-ground dog fence.


  • The boundary can be any shape
  • Entry and exit points can be built into the boundary
  • Larger areas can be covered
  • Areas within the boundary can also be covered, such as a pool or flower beds
  • Uneven ground will not interrupt the signal


  • A wire has to be buried in a trench in the ground
  • Takes longer to install than a wireless system
  • Not as portable as a wireless system
  • Once the cord has been buried, the boundary is fixed

IV. Conclusion

In summary, the best in-ground dog fence systems will provide an effective and humane means of keeping a pet with a given boundary. The main downsides to buried cord dog fences are that you have to dig a trench around your yard and they are not as portable.

Both in ground systems and wireless systems work well and when combined with proper training, they will teach your dog to stay within the boundaries you set it.

If you don’t mind that little bit of extra effort, the best underground dog fence systems are generally more reliable and flexible than wireless systems and they can cover larger areas which, for many people, will outweigh the disadvantages that they may have.

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