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Best Cat Scratching Post Reviews – Buyer’s Guide


When a cat starts to scratch the furniture or the carpets in a home, it can be very destructive, but they are not doing it simply because they have a mischievous streak in them. Scratching is a perfectly natural behaviour in a cat and they do it for a number of different reasons, including marking […]

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Best Smelling Dog Shampoo Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Dogs do not produce normal body odor; this is because of the many glands present in their body. However, if of late your dog has been producing an unpleasant smell, then there could be something wrong with it. This article will help you learn of the most known causes of bad dog odor and how to […]

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How Long Do Betta Fish Live? Here Is What to Know.

Red betta fish with black background

A lot of people want pets for the company. While most people would opt for a cat or dog, they’re simply too high maintenance of an option for others. If you’re a busy person, you might be more interested in a betta fish or another low-maintenance pet. But how long do betta fish live? Quick […]

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Whole Earth Farms Cat Food: Is It a Good Brand?

product photo of Whole Earth Farms Cat Food

We know that choosing a perfect and healthy diet for our feline friends can be intimidating and challenging. There’s a multitude of brands out there all claiming to use only the best all-natural ingredients in their products. Only a few brands, like Whole Earth Farms cat food, live up to what they claim.How are we […]

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The Best Pet Carpet Cleaner To Fight Stains And Odors

best pet carpet cleaner

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, one thing’s for sure: pets add so much love into our homes. But one thing they have in common is their ability to create huge messes. That’s why you need the best pet carpet cleaner.Don’t you just hate it when your carpet reeks of urine and […]

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The Best Reptile Incubator Reviews And Buyer Guide


Quick Navigation Caring for Reptile EggsThings to Consider When Buying a Reptile IncubatorFinding the Right Reptile Incubator for Your Egg HatchingBuy a Reptile Incubator! Caring for Reptile EggsMost snakes and lizards are “oviparous,” meaning they are born from eggs in the same way that chickens and other birds are. A few species of reptile actually […]

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Best Organic Cat Food Brands Review And Buyer’s Guide


You’ve spent quite a bit of time getting yourself healthy, now you want to find the best organic cat food to help keep your furry feline friends healthy and disease-free. Unfortunately, selecting organic cat food can be confusing and overwhelming. New brands are being put out on the market every day, it seems, but how reliable […]

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3 Best Dog Snow Boots: Reviews And Buying Guide


Winter will be here before you know it. Everyone loves romping around in the snow, and that includes the family dog. But oftentimes we forget that our canine counterparts also need protection from the cold. You wouldn’t go out and frolic in the snow barefoot, would you? Your dog shouldn’t either. So get your buddy a […]

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