How To Choose The Best Dog House Heater

Lots of pet owners have dogs that mainly eat, play, and sleep outside.

Other people need to be able to safely leave their dogs in the yard while they’re away from home.

If this is you, and you live in a cold climate, you probably worry about your dog staying warm in these situations during the long winter months.

Thankfully, it’s easy to provide that warmth with a heater that’s safe and effective at the same time. You can heat your kennel with a dog house heater.

How do you choose the best one? What are the features you need? Read this buying guide to get the lowdown.

3 Considerations for Choosing a Dog House Heater

Keep these things in mind while shopping for your ideal heater.

1. The Location You’re Heating

an outdoor dog house with heater made of wood

You have at least one dog you need to keep warm, but where will you put the heater?

Are you planning on heating a small dog house, or heating up a large kennel for multiple dogs? Depending on the location you need to heat, you’ll have to buy the right model that can do the job correctly.

Some are made to adjust for all kinds of situations, which means you can use them in dog houses, kennels, or crates made of plastic or wood.

Some sit on the floor, and some can mount to the ceiling. The latter option might be your best choice if you need to heat a larger area.

If you just need a little extra heat for one dog, consider a self-warming bed, which uses NASA blanket technology to reflect and amplify your pet’s body heat.

2. The Climate You Live In

customized dog house with dog house heater

If you live in a cold climate with harsh winters, you probably need more heating power than somebody who lives in a milder climate where it never snows.

Additionally, you need to think about insulating the place you’re heating for your dog. Your heater will have to work extra hard to heat a space that lets cold air in from every angle, which can eat into your electricity bill.

As such, you may need an insulated dog house in addition to a heater so your pet can stay comfortable even when the temperatures are frigid.

3. How Many Dogs You Have

Another consideration for buying a dog house heater is how many pups you have.

When it’s cold, dogs will sleep together to share body heat. This provides extra warmth, but it’s probably not sufficient if they’re sleeping in a large area, or if you live in a cold climate.

If your dogs are tucked together in a smaller dog house or kennel, an additional heating source is still a good idea, especially if temperatures dip below 40 degrees.

3 Features for a Dog House Heater That Are Non-Negotiable

a  wood cabin-style dog house with heater

Some features for a heater are necessary for safety and the health of your dog. Don’t purchase a heater if it doesn’t include these functions.

1. Thermostatic Control

If the heater you’re looking at doesn’t have thermostatic control, move on.

You need to be able to control the heat from your heater based on the temperature outside and the amount of body heat your dog produces inside their dog house or kennel.

Set it too high, and your dog could risk getting too hot, which may cause health problems. A good heater will let you fine-tune the temperature so it’s at the optimal setting.

2. Automatic Shut-Off

Good heaters will feature automatic shut-off for a few reasons:

  • If the unit gets too hot while running, it’s a fire hazard. Automatic shut-off ensures the heater switches off when it reaches a certain temperature to prevent this.
  • If your heater sits on the floor, your dog could easily knock it over. A good heater will automatically shut off if this happens for safety.

3. Durability

The right heater for a dog house will be made of durable materials. For example, it will stand up to being chewed, knocked over, or scratched.

Plus, it should have a power cord that’s covered or insulated so your dog can’t chew it.

Remember, this is electrical equipment that’s in close proximity to your dog. It needs to be made with strong materials to keep your pet safe from electrocution or fire hazards.

Keep Your Dog Safe and Warm, Even in the Cold

a labrador dog sleeping near the fireplace

A good heater can keep your dog warm and comfortable even when it’s freezing outside. However, to do it safely, you need to buy a heater with the right features. You also need to choose one that’s right for your situation and heating needs.

Keep all this in mind, and you’ll make a smart decision that will do the job well. Plus, you’ll have a warmer, happier pup.

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