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4 Best Pet GPS Trackers and Activity Monitors for Dogs and Cats

pet tracker

A GPS pet tracker can be an incredibly useful tool to keep in your pet-care arsenal.

After all, you can’t put a price on knowing exactly where your dog​​​​ or cat went when they wandered away from home.

If your pet has ever run away, you understand the anxiety and fear that comes with a lost pet. They’re members of your family, so losing them is like losing a loved one.

Whether your pet has a habit of getting lost or you just want a little insurance against the possibility that they do stray, a pet GPS tracker could be your best bet.

Here are our top picks for trackers that can help you keep tabs on both your dogs and your cats.

4 Top Pet Trackers for Dogs and Cats

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1. Whistle 3 GPS Tracker for Dogs and Cats

whistle 3 pet tracker

2. Nuzzle GPS Collar 

Nuzzle pet tracker

3. Ankia Smart Tag 

Ankia pet tracker

4. FitBark Dog Activity Monitor 

FitBark pet tracker

Top Pet Tracker Reviews

1. Whistle 3 GPS Tracker for Dogs and Cats

whistle 3 pet tracker

One of the most versatile pet trackers you can buy right now is the Whistle 3. This device packs a whole lot of features into one little package.

First and foremost, the Whistle 3 is perfect if you find yourself constantly traveling with your pet. It boasts national coverage thanks to its technology that uses both GPS and cellular tracking.

It also uses Wi-Fi to set up “safe places” for your pet – areas where you know they’re supposed to be. Once they leave these areas, the device will alert you via the included app.

This tracker will also track your pet’s movements and record them in “trips,” which you can look at to review exactly where they went and at what time.

Finally, the Whistle 3 comes with an activity tracker that will monitor your dog’s daily exercise and rest.

This device requires a subscription plan, billed monthly, in order to work, but if you travel with your pet and need the peace of mind, it’s more than worth it.

2. Nuzzle GPS Collar 

Nuzzle pet tracker

Much like the Whistle 3, the Nuzzle GPS Collar uses a combination of GPS and cellular connectivity for ultimate coverage and real-time tracking/monitoring. However, this device has some different features which make it a contender for your consideration. 

First up, it has activity tracking and goal-setting. This lets you see the amount of exercise and rest your pet is getting and set/track goals for getting the right balance. 

There’s also a built-in temperature sensor, which measures your dog’s temperature and alerts you when it’s too high or too low. 

The collar itself is waterproof, attaches to your existing collar, and comes in various sizes to fit your dog or cat. 

The one factor that may make this your number one pick? There’s no monthly fee for the tracking service. You pay one price up-front to buy the collar, and that’s it. 

3. Ankia Smart Tag 

Ankia pet tracker

If you’d prefer a tracking device that’s simpler and no-nonsense, the Ankia Smart Tag is a flexible option. 

This tracker uses Bluetooth technology to synch up with both Android and Apple smartphones. It’s not a collar, but rather a tag you can attach to your pet’s collar. 

As soon as your pet gets at least 90 feet away from you, the device alerts you. Unlike the other trackers, this one doesn’t show you real-time tracking, but it does let you know your pet’s last tracked position on the included app. 

There’s also a “call” feature that you can turn on from the app. This will cause the tag to emit an alarm so you can find it. 

If you don’t need the fancy features of a more expensive tracker, this simple tag might be what you’re looking for. 

4. FitBark Dog Activity Monitor 

FitBark pet tracker

Far more than a GPS tracker, the FitBark is akin to a FitBit for canines. 

This colorful little gadget attaches to your dog’s collar and measures everything you can think of: their activity levels, calories, sleep quality, behavior, and distance traveled. 

You can even link your own FitBit device to your dog’s FitBark so you can compare your activity side-by-side. It also has a feature that lets you easily share your dog’s tracked information with your vet. 

This model is less about location tracking and more about health tracking, so if that’s more important to you than keeping tabs on your dog, this is the tracker you should get. 

Choose the Right Pet Tracker and Improve You and Your Pet’s Lives 

Whether you worry about your pet running away or you just want a way to track their activity, there’s a tracker out there for you. 

Check out one of the above devices and see for yourself how it can improve your life – and, most importantly, your beloved pet’s. 


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