The 3 Best Cat Strollers For Your Feline Friends: Buyer Guide and Reviews

Not all cat strollers are created equal.

Not all cats are either, but that’s a whole different can of wet food.

Why would you need a cat stroller for your pet? Cats are notoriously finicky, and when they want to go, they go — this can be a big inconvenience if they run off at the park or across the town. A stroller will keep them safe and close, right where you want them.

29 percent of Americans own a cat. No matter how old your feline was when you adopted him into the family, he will get older. Aging cats or cats with health problems like feline arthritis often cannot walk properly or have pain when they get active.

Benefits of a Cat Stroller

A cat stroller can help keep your kitty comfortable and able to move around with you after they may not be able to do so on their own.

The perfect cat stroller is hard to find. It should provide optimal comfort for your furry friend, giving them a nice place to chill out during any type of travel.

A safe and relaxing environment is essential for a stress-free trip with your cat. Fortunately, there are three strollers on the market that top the charts in all categories to give you and your beloved pet the best experience possible.

I. Best Cat Strollers Comparison Table

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II. Best Cat Stroller Reviews and Top Picks

1. Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller

The Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller is recommended by Veterinary Doctors Foster and Smith, who offers up an online website guide for buying products for your beloved friends. This stroller is one of the best on the market, offering a whole slew of features the whole animal kingdom can get on board with.

The best in comfort, the Gen7Pets Regal Plus Stroller suits cats up to twenty-five pounds. It has three wheels to allow for maximum control when pushing your cat along on smooth or rough surfaces.

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360-Degree View

The dimensions are convenient (38 inches long, 17 inches wide and 38 inches high) and the stroller weighs in at a relatively light 11 pounds. Cats of most sizes will fit comfortably inside the carrier, which has a 360-degree view for your pet to see everything around.

The Gen7 has lots of storage space for you and your cat’s belongings, allowing for toys, food, and accessories to ride along with you comfortably. It also folds down into a compact design for easy storage when driving or traveling.

2. The AndisUltraEdge AGC Super

The OxGord Elite is a smart choice for those on a budget. Priced at under 50 dollars, it’s an economic cat stroller with a ton of features that’ll bring a smile to your face and a purr to your cat’s throat.

The OxGord Elite is one of the safest and most durable cat strollers on the market. It features high-quality rear security breaks for added safety and a double-front wheel for safety and ease of motion. Interior “seat belt” leashes provide extra security for your kitty on the go.

You can fit any cat inside these dimensions. The complete stroller is 34 inches long 18 inches wide, and 40 inches high. It’s pretty lightweight at just over 13.5 pounds, and it’s perfect for cats up to 33 pounds.

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Easy Access

The OxGord is fully enclosed with entryways on the front and rear, allowing you easy access to your kitty on the go. The mesh allows your cat to see out and all around but keeps bugs and dirt at bay. It has all the bells and whistles, including drink holders for you, bowl-holders for your cat, and lots of convenient undercarriage storage space.

The Oxgord Elite folds up to a thin height of just seven inches, allowing you to store it comfortably in the car or closet.

3. Discount Ramps Large Basket-Style Portable Folding Cat Carrier Stroller

The DR Basket-Style Carrier is a choice for accessibility, portability, and convenience. It’s bigger than other conventional strollers.

24 inches in length, 17 inches in width, and 19 inches of height in the carrier basket make it roomy, comfortable and able to hold cats up to 24 pounds. Its dimensions mean multiple lighter kitties are able to romp about unhindered as well.

This cat stroller has removable interior fabric allowing for easy machine washing and easy all-around access. Unzip the top and place your kitties in the basket. Finally, zip it back up for all-around protection with a great view.

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Calming Design

The DR basket-style carrier is very low to the ground and can be calming for some pets as it’s more on their level. Safety comes first with this pet carrier. It’s got steering on the double-front wheel. This makes for easy and secure use. On the other hand, its rear-locking brakes allow you to stop comfortably and safely.

Taking this carrier apart allows it to lay flat, taking up almost zero space for storage. At less than 60 dollars, it’s pretty much a steal for those who want more space with the carrier.