Which is A Dog Collar for Big Necks?

If you have a dog that has big neck and small head, then you will know how hard it is to find a dog collar for big necks that is strong, effective and safe. The problem is not only finding a suitable collar that will fit a dog with a large neck; it’s also finding a collar that he can’t slip out of. If you have a dog that is also strong and large, you will need a dog collar that will last and one that will withstand quite a lot of pressure being placed on it as well.


Fortunately, there is an innovative product on the market called KOOLOOP Med to Ex-Large Heavy Duty Polyester Dog Collar, which is a dog collar for big necks and much more. Kooloop collars are manufactured by a family owned company in Australia and the collar includes a number of unique features that you won’t find in other dog collars, including a very cleverly designed, patented double cam safety lock.


I. Features of Kooloop Dog Collar for Dogs with Big Necks

The Kooloop dog collar for dogs with big necks is designed for medium-sized to extra-large sized dogs. The collar will fit dogs with a neck size of between 12 and 24 inches and it is fully adjustable. The collar is made of high quality, durable polyester, so it is strong enough, even for a heavy dog that pulls on the leash. The collar features the patented double cam lock system that is very easy to fasten and unfasten and that locks in both directions. Both the lock and the collar itself are incredibly strong; the makers say that it will withstand a pressure of up to 220lb. However, should the dog get entangled in something, the collar has a one-touch release mechanism that will release the lock, even if it is being pulled on.



  • Patented double cam safety lock
  • Extra strong and durable design
  • One-touch safety release
  • Will withstand 220lb pressure on collar & lock
  • Multi-fit for neck sizes 12-24 inch
  • 1 inch wide collar

II. Benefits Kooloop Dog Collar for Dogs with Big Necks

What makes the Kooloop such a good collar for big necks is the combination of strength and width of the collar, along with the security of the lock. The collar is strong enough to withstand a heavy dog tugging at the leash and the lock stays firm and doesn’t loosen at all. It’s very easy to put the collar on the dog and then adjust it to a perfect fit and because it is a multi-fit design, you are not restricted to pre-set sizes, so you can get a snug fit every time. The adjustable fit also means that you can buy the Kooloop dog collar for big necks for a growing dog. If you are someone who likes to give your dog a bit of freedom and remove the collar from time to time, you will love how easy the Kooloop is to put on and remove. The one-touch safety release mechanism is also a great safety feature that will give dog owners some peace of mind. The Kooloop dog collar for big necks may not be the cheapest dog collar on the market, but given all the design features and the quality of the product, it is still very good value, especially when you consider that it is quite likely to be a dog collar for big necks that will last a lifetime.


  • Secure fit to stop collar sliding off the dog's head
  • Strong enough to withstand tugging of a large dog
  • Multi-fit to accommodate a growing dog
  • Very easy to put on and take off
  • Will last a lifetime
  • Perfect collar for dogs with big necks

III. Conclusion

The dog collar for big necks gets overwhelmingly positive reviews from pet owners. The ease of use,strength, security and snug fit of the collar all feature highly in what pet owners like about the Kooloop dog collar for dogs with big necks. The collar is lightweight and very strong. It can be adjusted to fit virtually any dog and very easy to take off.

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