Best Low Protein Dog Food Reviews And Buyer Guide

A low protein diet may seem counterproductive for the health of your best friend. However, a low protein dog food diet is absolutely essential for some dogs, like those with certain medical conditions. How do you know if your dog falls into any of these categories?

Pet MD explains that dogs suffering from liver and kidney disease or liver stones may need to reduce the amount of protein in their diet. This is because the liver and kidneys have to work hard to metabolize protein. Reducing the amount of work they have to do takes much of the stress of them and can provide much-needed relief for ailing pups.

Pet MD goes on to give a word of caution about the use of low protein diets. It is essential to consult your vet before starting your dog on one. If you consider your dog’s behavior to be off in any way, head back to the vet immediately.

Comparison Table

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Factors to Consider

If it turns out that your dog does need a low-protein diet, where do you start? There are alot of factors to consider. You have to make sure the brand you choose provides adequate nutrients, which can be tricky with a low-protein diet.

Since much of the flavor of your dog food comes from the meat, a brand with a lower protein count may  have less flavor. You’ll need to find something your dog will actually want to eat.

Doctors Foster and Smith recommend introducing the new diet slowly, by mixing the new food in with the old food. You can mix 25% of the new low protein dog food in with 75% of the old food. Keep it up for three days, then make a 50/50 mix. After another three days, move up to 75% new food and 25% old food. Finally, you’ll be able to wean your pup off the old food entirely.

It’s important to know which brand is best for your dog

Top 3 Low Protein Dog Food Brands

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Hill’s Prescription Diet Reduced Protein Dog Food

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This brand actually makes two different special low protein diet dog foods. The first is for liver care, containing just 4.5 percent protein. This food is specially formulated to promote a healthy liver in dogs by reducing the work the liver must do to function normally.

It also contains high levels of the compounds L-carnitine and L-arginine, both of which help to improve cardiovascular health and muscular health. They protect the immune system against issues caused my muscle loss related to liver disease as well.

The second low protein dog food Hill’s produces helps out dogs who are affected by kidney disease. This type contains 15.9 percent protein, and contains ingredients that prevent against further destruction of normal kidney function.

Promotes Kidney Health

Some dogs experience a loss of appetite with kidney diseases and thus a loss of energy and muscle mass. Hill’s prescription diet dog food for kidney health contains supplements which trigger your dog’s desire to eat and helps them gain muscle. It’s also got healthy fat to make sure your dog loves the taste.

ROYAL CANIN Canine Renal Support F Dry

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ROYAL CANIN is a low protein dog food formulated to enhance healthy kidneys and renal function in dogs. It is guaranteed to contain between 10.5 and 14.5 percent protein. It has Eicosapentaenoic Acid and Docosahexaenoic Acid, both of which sound like quite a lot like chemical nonsense. But they’re not.

These acids come together to form Omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential to the well-being of both humans and pets. They promote cardiovascular health as well as liver and kidney functions.

Combats Sluggishness

ROYAL CANIN contains a healthy dose of vitamin B-12 to help combat the sluggishness that sometimes comes along with renal diseases. It’s got lots of healthy fats and fiber to keep your pet’s systems running smoothly. There are a variety of flavors to choose from and keep it interesting for your pet, ensuring your furry friend will keep on chewing happily.

Purina Veterinary Canine NF Kidney Function Dry Dog Food

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Purina NF Kidney Function is one of the best brands on the market. It’s pretty low proteini at 12 percent, and it provides a balanced diet for your pet to thrive on. It’s packed full of omega 3 fatty acids and is low on potassium to provide complete kidney protection and promotion of urinary health in your pet’s life.

For Vegetarian Diets

This  low protein dog food brand has good flavor and composition, but as the pieces are pretty big it’s only for adult dogs of large breeds. This particular product by Purina contains no meat, meaning it’s one in a rather small number of commercial dog foods that are vegetarian.

Make sure to consult your vet to see if a vegetarian diet could be appropriate or your dog. All low-protein diet dog foods require a prescription from the vet.

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