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Reviewing of the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower | Features | Advantages and even Its Downsides

Cats are amazing creatures; they are fluffy, friendly and can make really good companions. But they’re also energetic and will climb up any structure that’s closest to them. In your home, your cat is probably a member of the family and they need their own special place.

That’s why a cat tower is important. It gives your beloved pet an opportunity to enjoy the interior as they would the trees and bushes in your backyard.


Take a look at some of our reviews on the top cat tree recommendations to determine if this cat tower would be the best for you.

So here’s a review of the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower that’s broken down into multiple sections.

I. Review of the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower


The Lotus cat tower is a modern representation of cat furniture. It is manufactured using ply and oak veneer to give it strength, and the Zen-like design flowers up to a height of about 69 inches. The tower can hold a number of cats and its stepped shelves and multiple layers make it a lot easier for any cat to climb up the tower.

The Refined Lotus Cat Tower a major upgrade from the Lotus Cat Towers. It’s been put through a tighter quality control process and has been manufactured to ensure that no customer purchases a defective unit.

This is a product that’s pretty easy to use. It needs a bit of assembling but all the tools are included in the package. Simply place it in your apartment or home, preferably close to the window, and your cat will do the rest.

II. Key features + Benefits of the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

The Refined Locus Cat Tower is a product that’s well endowed with features that both you and your cat would love. Some of the most monumental features include:

1. Support bar for stability

Stability is one of the most crucial factors here as cats would jump and play on the cat tower whenever they’ve got the chance. The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower includes a support bar for stability and even adjustable floor levelers to give it an even steadier foundation.

2. Scratch resistant

Most parts of the Locus tower are stained to be scratch resistant so your cat won’t create any ugly marks on it. However, there are sisal pads which let the cat do their scratching, mark their territory and keep their claws off your furniture.

3. Soft cushions with washable covers

The cat tower also includes soft cushions for the comfort of your pet. Additionally, there are also washable faux covers included all-around the bottom hide away chamber.

4. Berber carpeting

The Lotus tower includes Berber carpeting that boosts the comfort levels of your cat. Velcro is attached to the carpet to ease the cleaning whenever they get soiled or dirty.

5. Replaceable parts

Any worn out parts could be individually replaced and integrated into the tower. You don’t have to purchase the product twice.

  • Manufactured out of robust ply with oak veneer
  • Replaceable parts if worn
  • Carpeted platforms are attached to Velcro (replaceable if worn)
  • Soft cushions included with washable covers
  • Floor levelers included
  • Sisal pad for scratching and stretching
  • Stained to resist scratching

III. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

The Lotus cat tower is considered to be a catch for all kinds of cats including bush, tree and cave dwellers. Its height allows the cat to have a thrilling view of the environment too. However, this product is not all glory. Here are some of the major advantages and disadvantages of the Lotus tower that can assist you in coming to a decision about it.


Easy to clean

The tower is pretty easy to clean. The oak veneer makes wiping the frame a blissful activity and the carpet pieces are also easily removable for washing. There ae also removable and washable cushion fabrics with washable covers. The faux suede cushions are located within and at the top of the ‘cat cave’.

Very stable even for heavy cats

Though the tower is tall, the included adjustable floor levelersensure that it’s sturdy. The optional support bar can be used if you’ve got a heavier cat.

Elegant design

The Lotus tower also has an elegant Zen-like design with durable material. It blends with other household components and easily accents the room. The robust ply and oak veneer not only add to its look, but it also keeps the tower durable.

Good for all cats

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower has got a ‘cat cave’ for the cave dwellers about 12 to 15 inches from its base.

It’s also perfect for bush dwelling cats as it’s got multiple shelves at bush height before getting to the top.

The top is designed for tree dwellers as they’ll be in a position to scour their environs and rest comfortable above ground.


Quite expensive

For starters, the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower is pretty expensive for the average consumer.

Requires assembling

The Locus tower also requires assembling after purchase. Trying to bring the pieces together without reading the instructions is a bit difficult and you may find yourself assembling it upside down. It can take you up to an hour to properly set it up.

IV. Conclusion

If you’re a cat person and wish to give your cat a nice experience, then this product is just for you. It’s beautiful and tall enough for all kinds of cats. All in all, the Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower makes a great product and boosts the overall safety, and experience for the cat.


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