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6 Signs Of A Tired Dog: When To Rest Or Go To The Vet

close-up photo of a distracted Labrador dog

Playing, running, or hiking with your dog is a great way for you both to get some exercise and blow off some steam. What better way to unwind than running around with your dog for a few hours? Just like humans, dogs have limits. They can only handle so much activity – even puppies. Whether […]

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The Most Aggressive Or Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Before adopting or bringing home your new pet, you want to ensure that your family and other pets will be safe. Frankly, you want to know the most dangerous dogs or breeds before making your final decision. What makes a dog “dangerous?” Of course, this term is pretty subjective. What Makes a Dog Dangerous? A […]

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How To Choose The Best Dog House Heater

a huge wood cabin style dog house installed with dog house heater

Lots of pet owners have dogs that mainly eat, play, and sleep outside. Other people need to be able to safely leave their dogs in the yard while they’re away from home. If this is you, and you live in a cold climate, you probably worry about your dog staying warm in these situations during […]

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All About Teacup Dog Breeds

teacup dogs

Teacup dogs may seem adorable when you are confronted with a petite pup’s picture on Instagram or a cute YouTube video, but the reality is not pretty. In fact, it is quite ugly. The term “teacup dogs” is a broad term referring to any tiny or miniaturized version of a dog breed. Of course, these […]

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