Who Else Wants to Know When Can Puppy Go Outside (#2 Is Really Important)

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When you bring a puppy to your home, you should be prepared for countless moments of joy and happiness. I still remember when I brought home Roy, my Labrador pup. His cuteness was infectious and within days, he became a part of my life. Now, one of the first questions that came to my mind is that when can puppy go outside? I am sure most of you new dog owners would have the same question. Here, we are going to look at some of the tips that you should follow before you take your puppy outside.


Smart Tips to Follow Before You Take Your Puppy Outside

#1. Your Puppy Should Be Properly Weaned

One of the first things that you should do is ensure that the puppy is properly weaned. If you are getting your puppy from a reliable breeder or pet shop, then your puppy should already be weaned. But still, it wouldn’t hurt to check.

Weaning means that the puppy doesn’t need his/her mother’s milk anymore and they don’t need the antibodies from it either. This means that the puppy has its own immune system up and running.

The process lasts till the puppy is about 8 weeks old. Now, in most cases, your puppy would be about 7-8 weeks old. Therefore, you need to ensure that the puppy is weaned before he/she comes to your home.

#2. Get Your Puppy Vaccinated

Puppies can get all sorts of diseases when they go out. Some of the most common diseases include distemper, rabies and kennel cough. Your puppy can also get infected diseases caused by viruses like adenovirus and canine parvovirus. Therefore you need to protect them from such diseases before you take your puppy out.

Vaccination offers them the protection that they need from such diseases. You should get in touch with a qualified veterinarian to know how you can vaccinate your puppy. In most cases, you would need to vaccinate your puppy once and then again after a week and so on.

There are some breeders who would arrange for the first vaccine and you would have to arrange for the second vaccination onwards. You need to check with your breeder whether they have vaccinated the puppy or not. Most vets would suggest that you take your puppy out not before one or two weeks after the last vaccination booster has passed.

#3. You Should Not Take Your Puppy Out Before 14-16 Weeks of Age

Now, you must be wondering what the right age is at which your puppy can go out. Well, there is no definite age. It all depends on your dog’s health and immunity. The best way to determine the ‘right’ age for your dog is to get in touch with your veterinarian.

In most cases, vets would recommend that you don’t take your puppy out before 14-16 weeks of age. By this time, the vaccination would be complete and the immune system would be strong enough to combat the tough environment outside.

#4. Keep Your Dog Away from Certain Places and Things

Before you take your puppy out, you should train your puppy regarding certain things before you take it out. This would ensure that your puppy stays safe from all the hazards outside.

You should make it a point that your dog doesn’t get closer to any unknown dogs. This increases the chances of getting infections. So, it’s very important that your dog knows whom to play with and who to keep away from once it is at the park. Puppies would be highly curious at this age. So, you should train it properly to keep away from unknown dogs.

You should also prevent your dog from picking something up with its mouth. The mouth of your puppy is the most common pathway for disease“-”causing germs to enter your puppy’s body. Therefore, if it picks up anything from the park, like a twig or something then that is highly likely to cause some serious infections. So, such things should be kept away from.

Keep your puppy away from damp places and long grasses. These places are like the breeding ground of disease for your little puppy. If your dog spends even just a couple of minutes, chances are he/she would come back home with a disease. Older dogs would have no problem but younger dogs would. So, keep an eye for your dog and prevent him/her from going to such places.

#5. Socialize Your Dog

Before you take your puppy out to the local park, it is very important that you socialize your dog. Remember the more social your dog is, the easier it would be to cope with the challenges of going out in the world for the first time.

There would be too many things for your pup to experience and hence, it can get overwhelmed. It is up to you to ensure that it is capable of handling all that.

Socializing should begin at your home. Allow your dog to be curious and run around the house and explore things. Keep your puppy around when you are doing small household chores like vacuuming or making any repairs to your home. This way you would be acquainted with a range of different things that would make it more confident.

Another thing that you can do is bringing people over to your place so that your puppy gets in touch with different human beings and learns how to interact with them.

#6. Introduce Your Puppy to Other Dogs

One of the biggest issues that you and your pup would face is other dogs. Your little would get intimidated quite easily by larger and older dogs at the park. This would not be good for your puppy.

So, what you can you do to make your puppy more confident? Well, the best thing that you can do is introduce your puppy to other ‘friendly’ dogs at your place. This would allow the puppy to engage with other members of the species in an environment he is comfortable in.

However, you have got to make sure that the dogs are friendly. If a dog is overly aggressive, then the little puppy would not have the desire to mix with other members of the species.

#7. Don’t be Overly Protective

This is the one piece of advice that you should follow when you are looking to introduce your dog to the world outside. I have seen most owners feeling overly protective of the puppy.

I understand the owners feel protective about their little pet but the thing is if you keep your dog protected, then maybe he would not even get a chance to experience the world outside with all confidence. Therefore, you should quit being overly protective of your puppy as that would allow him/her to enjoy the experience and live a happy and productive life.

Leave your puppy to play on its own and explore your house. Don’t be afraid of injuries. Your puppy is strong enough. This way by letting go, you are going to prepare your puppy for a happier life.

Some Final Words

That brings us to the end of the post. I hope you liked the article and found some useful information. I believe every dog lover should know about these things before they take their puppy outside for the first time. 

If you have anything to ask or some suggestions to give, feel free to use the comments section below. I would be more than happy to hear from my fellow dog lovers. I hope you give your puppy the best treatment and watch him/her become the source of all the joy in your world.

Who Else Wants to Know When Can Puppy Go Outside

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