Where is Pure Balance Dog Food Made? Simple Question Solved

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Dogs are not just our pets, but our family members and we would definitely want the best for them. When it comes to dog food, it is important for you to know the complete details about it. If the label of the dog food of your dog says “Packed with 100% Natural Dog meet” but the reviews of it are not good, would you buy it? Definitely not. We have researched about many dog foods, but Pure Balance Dog Food was the best of all.

You might have been curious to know the answers to questions like, “Where is Pure Balance Dog Food Made? “, “What is Pure Balance Dog Food Made of?”. Actually, dog food is made up of different ingredients and they vary from each company to the other. The reality is that those ingredients really affect the health of your pet. Many cheaper dog foods have reported causing digestion problems with the dogs. Let us look at the answers to your queries.


What is Pure Balance Dog Food Made of and is Pure Balance a good dog food?

Pure Balance Dog food has 5 different versions of pet food. Pure Balance Dog Dod is made of a perfect mix of ingredients that shows the best results. That is why it is among the most recommended ones. Here are some of the features of its ingredients:

Real Meat/ Poultry

Is pure balance a good dog food

The main ingredient in Pure Balance Dog Food is real meat or poultry. So is Pure Balance a good dog food? Shortly, yes. The ingredients used to prepare it make your pet healthy and eventually the most recommended pet food product.

No Wheat, Corn or Soy

Pure Balance Dog Food has no trace of wheat, corn or soy and this is really important. Wheat is the most common source of allergy for dogs and hence should not be in the dog food. Corn is also not recommended because it is hard to digest and eventually causes digestion problems. Soy is known as a gas causing agent and hence should not be part of dog food.

The use of these three materials helps the firms use less meat and costs cheaper to manufacture. Hence, the non usage of ingredients such as Wheat, corn and soy, makes Pure Balance Dog Food one of the best Dog Food product available in the market.

Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients with added Vitamins and Minerals will make pure balance dog food more perfect.

Pure Balance Dog Food contains a lot of needed minerals such as Zinc, Vitamin E Sodium Selenite etc along with the natural ingredients such as Sunflower oil, Carrots, Brown Rice etc. The perfect mixture of the ingredients makes it a perfect food for your pet dog.

Specialty of Each Variety

Each different variant has its own special ingredient with its own health benefits for your pet. For instance, Lamb and Brown Rice recipe helps to support sensitive skin and stomach. Similarly, Salmon and Pea recipe helps protects your dog from food allergies and also provides healthy heart and vision.

Where is Pure Balance Food made? Step by Step

It is said that Ainsworth Pet Nutrition manufactures Pure Balance Dog Food for Walmart. It is the same company that manufactures food for Rachael Ray’s Nutrish. The company is based in the USA and it is implied that Pure Balance Dog Food is made in the USA as well. A very common question of dog owners, i.e. Where is Pure Balance dog food made, has now been answered.

Made In USA stamp

The package also carries “Made in USA” stamp. This stamp implies that all ingredients used or the complete product must be made from ingredients from the USA. If a company used some products from another place, then they have to mention it on the package. For instance, if the chicken is brought from China, then the information on the package must say “Made in USA with the chicken from China”.

Reading the Label

As an aware and rational customer, you might have a habit of reading the label. On the label of Pure Balance Dog Food you will find nutritional facts, ingredients etc backed by AAFCO. AAFCO stands for the Association of American Feed Control Officials. It’s the same organization that is responsible to set the standards of nutrition for all kinds of pet food sold in the USA.

With the best mix of ingredients and the authentic checks by AAFCO, there is no doubt as to why is Pure Balance Dog Food considered the best by users. All the claims of the product have actually been true as the users have reported their authenticity. With the use of Pure Balance Lamb and Brown Recipe, users have reported the vanishing of skin allergies in dogs. Pet owners have even outlined that use of Pure Balance has relieved their dogs of any kind of digestion problems which they had earlier.


I hope all your doubts regarding “Where is Pure Balance Dog food made” been cleared by us. If you still have any queries, please feel free to connect with us. If your pet has also faced a similar issue such as skin sensitivity or indigestion, let us know how was your experience in dealing with it.