Best Pet Odor Eliminator Tips to Eliminate Your Pet’s Smell

If you have a dog or cat, then you know that pets bring potent smells along with their unconditional love. Finding a good pet odor eliminator can help to make life with your loveable, furry pets bearable.

What is Your Particular Pet Odor Problem?

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First, getting clear on what your pet odor problem is can be important. You will need different strategies for different types of pet odors. You can’t necessarily use the same pet odor eliminator for every stinky problem.

Do you have a cat? Then your pet odor problem is likely coming from the litter box. If you are really unlucky, you may have a cat (likely male) who is spraying everywhere.

Do you have a dog? Then the dog itself could be smelly. Or, you could also have a pet pee problem with a dog. The worst is when you are snuggling up with your dog on the couch and it lets a big, stinky one rip...right in your face!

Each of these issues will require a different tactic and different type of pet odor eliminator. Let’s examine some of these smelly problems more in depth.

Does Your Pet Stink? Is Your Dog Disgusting? Do You Have a Smelly Cat?

If you are new to pet ownership, you may be overwhelmed with the scents wafting from your new furry friend.

Before you go off and spray your new dog with air freshener (which you should never do!), understand that some odor may be natural to your particular species or breed of animal.

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Ferrets, for example, have a naturally strong, musky smell that is simply part of their make-up. If you decide to have a ferret for a pet, you should accept the fact that it is not going to smell that great.

Stink Levels Vary

Dogs, also, can be very odoriferous. Certain dog breeds tend to be stinkier than others, and these smelly dogs can be of all shapes and sizes. Even small dog breeds can stink to high heaven.

For example, while you wouldn’t expect it from these cute little pups, Cocker Spaniels tend to have a very strong natural dog odor. Other dogs that have very strong odors include Bloodhounds, English bulldogs, Boxers, and Saint Bernards. Even the tiny Yorkshire Terrier can house a smell that is far bigger than their diminutive size.

Cats, on the other hand, usually don’t have coats that smell bad. In fact, some cats can smell quite nice naturally, which is amazing considering how much time they spend rolling around on the floor. This may be because cats self-groom and are constantly cleaning themselves.

Cleaning Your Animals

Whether you give your animal a regular bath or not depends on the type of animal and its breed.

1. Cleaning Exotic Animals

If you have an exotic pet such as a ferret, then you need to get advice from your veterinarian on how to handle excess odor. Don’t wash a pet without first understanding whether this is good for your pet!

2. Giving Your Dog a Bath

For dogs, the best thing you can do for general doggy odor is to give your dog a bath. However, you don’t want to overdo it, because too much bathing can cause dry skin. This can depend on dog breed. Use a natural dog shampoo to avoid harsh chemicals. If you don’t want to wash your dog yourself, you can always take him or her to the pet groomer.

3. Don’t Bathe Cats, Unless You Have To

Cats should not need a bath – ever – unless they have some sort of accident where they get sprayed by a skunk. Since trying to put a cat into a vat of water is likely to get you clawed (or killed!), take your cat to a veterinarian or a pet grooming expert if your cat has to get cleaned after a fight with a skunk or other stinky substance.

Pet Gas and Bad Breath Problems

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For gas and bad breath problems, you may need to a) adjust your cat or dog’s food and diet and b) get them to a veterinarian for a deep tooth cleaning. Unfortunately, getting your pet’s teeth deep cleaned can be quite expensive, so ask your veterinarian about what can be done to help their dental health before it gets that bad.

Stinky Pee and Litter

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Stinky pee and litter can be bothersome. For pee on carpets and floors, look for an enzymatic cleaner that can “eat up” the pee molecules and solve the problem of a lingering pee order. For litter boxes, try sprinkling regular baking soda in the box to help reduce odor.

Finding a Pet Odor Eliminator May Take Trial and Error

You may have to try many different products before you find one that really helps get that cat pee smell out of your carpet. Just remember: Do NOT apply perfumes directly to your pet, especially essential oils. They are toxic, especially dogs, and can kill them!

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