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Reviewing the Wahl Pro-Series Dog Grooming Kit Reviewing the Wahl Pro-Series Dog Grooming Kit

Reviewing the Wahl Pro-Series Dog, Cat Grooming Kit | Rechargeable, Cord or Cordless


Pets are some of our best friends, and for that, we need to keep them as healthy and neat as possible. Simply dipping them in a water-soap solution isn’t enough. Dander is the skin on your pet’s fur that is continually shed and not grooming your pet well exponentially raises the allergens on your pet.


That’s why grooming should be among the top priorities when it comes to your pet. It promotes proper blood circulation, reduces the grease levels of the pet’s fur and even aerates the coat. Such an improvement not only makes your pet look cleaner, but it also translates to a better well-being for your baby.

So here’s a review of the Wahl's Cord/Cordless Pet Clipper. Need to know if it fits your needs, then read on. See Top 5 Best Dog Clippers


I. Review of the Wahl's Cord/Cordless Pet Clipper

The Wahl’s pet clipper comes well packaged and perfect for any pet owner in the grooming world. It comes packed with a rechargeable cord/cordless clipper, medium comb, recharging unit, cleaning brush, handle storage case, blade guard, oil, scissors and 4 guide combs depending on the length of your pet’s fur coat. There’s also an instruction manual and an instructional DVD and colour guide to make using the product that much easier.

Wahl is a company that’s devoted to grooming and the developed the first electric hair clipper in 1919. Over the years, the products have grown easier to use and more convenient. And even with the release of this grooming kit, the usability is at its best. Simply go through the DVD, charge the battery and clip away.

II. Key Features + Benefits of the Wahl’s Cord/Cordless Pet Clipper

This pet clipper is no ordinary clipper. It’s one of the heavy duty pro products that slices through your pet’s fur like butter. It’s got high steel carbon blades with an auto sharpening mechanism so you can be assured that your product stays sharp for a very long period of time.

One noticeable feature of this clipper is that it yields a lot more power than you can guess from the price of the kit. It uses Wahl’s PowerDrive motor which is a powerful force in cutting through the thickest of fur.

Another amazing aspect of this clipper is the fact that’s it’s silent as still waters. I mean, it’s the Ferrari of the clippers. You can use it on all kind of pets even small and scared breeds.

So here is a brief summary of the wonderful features of this gadget:

Benefits of the Wahl’s Cord/Cordless Pet Clipper
  • Easy to set up, portable and light.
  • Cleaning brush lengths for usage on all kinds of pet coats.
  • PowerDrive motor.
  • Cordless operation for your convenience. You no longer have to worry about how far you can move with it around the house.
  • High carbon steel, self-sharpening blades for high precision clipping and longevity.
  • Upholds Wahl professional standards and features.
  • Includes instructional step-by-step video and written guide.

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III. Advantages and Disadvantages of the Wahl’s Cord/Cordless Pet Clipper

The Wahl Pro-Series Dog / Cat Grooming Kit easily triumphs as one of the top clippers on amazon, and it provides some features that are available in premium products at a fraction of the cost.

1. Advantages

Comfort grip

It’s compact, subtle and provides a steady grip thanks to its superb design. The Wahl Pro-Series Dog / Cat Grooming Kit is designed to make it a lot easier to cut your dog’s hair from multiple different angles, so you won’t have a problem getting to hard to reach areas.


The clipper is also one of the most silent ones. This is particularly useful if your dog is scared or frail. This pet clipper also doesn’t produce so many earth-quake like vibrations you would find in other clippers within its price range.

Doesn’t run hot

These clippers are not premium heavy duty gadgets so they won’t really run hot. Though they have power, they also run at a lower speed hence less heat dissipation. However, they run hot after long usage.

Works well for tough breeds

Wahl’s pet clippers get the job done for most breeds whether long haired or double coated.

2. Disadvantages

Yes, the Wahl Pro-Series Dog / Cat Grooming Kit has made a name for itself, and it’s quite an impressive piece of machinery for its subtle price. However, just as with anything else, there are still a couple of demerits it’s got.

Not ideal for densely matted or coarse hair.

The clipper has got power, but it won’t work so well for a very coarse or severely matted hair. So if you’ve got a breed that’s got very dense hair, you may be better off with more premium options. Using it for such severely matted hair would make you take longer, and this would eventually overheat the gadget.

Less run time.

The Wahl Pro-Series clipper also runs for a relatively short time frame. If you’ve got multiple pets, then you’ll have to charge the clipper between the cuts or use it corded. It’s got an estimated runtime of about 45 minutes.

IV. Conclusion

The Wahl Pro-Series Dog/Cat Grooming Kit is definitely a win. You’d enjoy the benefits of a premium product while still paying a lot less. For most pet owners who want to save a couple of bucks and not regret it later, then this is the product for you.


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