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Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence Review Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence Review

Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence Review

This Friendly Pet Dog Fence is Invisible Dog Fence Type

Electric dog fences fall into two main categories. There are those that use a radio signal to define the boundary and there are those that use a buried cord. The falls into the second category, which brings some distinct advantages over a cordless system, but it also has its disadvantages too. Of all the electronic dog fences we have reviewed, it has to be said that this one ranks up there amongst the best underground dog fences we have seen and that is mainly due to the flexibility you gain over the boundary that you set for your dog. If you have been wondering which electric pet fence would be the best fence for your dog and whether you should buy an in-ground model or a radio signal wireless dog fence, read this review of the Friendly Pet Products Dog Fence, which includes a description of both the advantages and the main disadvantages of in-ground and wireless dog fences.



Key Features and Benefits of the Friendly Pet Products Dog Fence

The Friendly Pet Products dog fence is one of invisible dog fences if you have a large, irregular shaped garden or yard. Here are some of the features and benefits that stood out with this model.

  • Waterproof collar with 5 levels of correction
  • Covers up to 5 acres with one transmitter (requires additional cord)
  • Can be used with multiple pets
  • In-ground cord for extra flexibility
  • Ability to define deactivated “safe” areas in the fence
  • The boundary can be irregular
  • Very quickly trains a dog to stay within the boundary
  • Uneven ground and inclines no problem
  • Straight forward installation
  • No boundary fluctuations

Review of Friendly Pet Products Dog Fence

The Friendly Fence is an in-ground dog fence that will keep your dog safe and sound within the boundaries that you set. Unlike cordless models, setting up this Friendly Pet fence does involve digging a shallow trench to bury the cord and it will involve a bit of planning. However, what you get for that extra effort is wireless dog fence with huge flexibility. You can, for example, define a boundary around an irregularly shaped yard, you can set up areas through which your dog is allowed to pass, and you can even invisibly fence off things like flower beds or swimming pools.

The standard Friendly dog fence will cover an area of one-third of an acre, but that can be extended to five acres with the purchase of additional cord. The collar is waterproof and it has five levels of correction.

​Overall, we found the Friendly Pet Products very easy to step up and the quick start guide is well laid out and easy to follow. The fact that you need to bury a cord with this model that you gain in the setting of the boundary.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Friendly Pet Products Dog Fence

The Friendly Dog Fence is an in-ground system, so some people will immediately see the need for burying a cord as a disadvantage. However, it is that very cord that brings many of the advantages too, so read on, and we’ll explain why.


  • The big advantage that the Friendly Pet Fence has over its cordless rivals is the flexibility. Being able to define an irregular boundary, rather than just a simple circle, will be a big bonus for many people. The use of a cord also means that you can fence off areas within the main boundary, like flower beds and pools. We also like the fact that the boundary is fixed by the cord and stays stable, unlike a cordless model, where the boundary can fluctuate from time to time.


  • It is obviously more time consuming to set up a buried cord dog fence like the Friendly Pet Fence and that will put some people off. This model doesn’t use rechargeable batteries, which is a bit of mark against it in our opinion. The other drawback with any buried cord, invisible dog fence is that it isn’t portable unless, of course, you really want to try digging up the cord and reinstalling it!


In summary, then, the Friendly Dog Fence is one of the best buried cord dog fence systems on the market. It’s reliable, flexible and, above all else, it works. If you own a property that has an irregular boundary, is on a steep on-line, or you have a larger area in which you want to allow your pet to roam


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