Training Your Dog with Luring Techniques

Dogs can easily become part of our lives in big ways. And whether they’re new or they’ve been by our side for years, it never hurts to employ some basic training. 

If you want training to be successful, it really pays to have a plan in mind. 

The key to training is in how you’ll do the training. 

Luring is a good method to start with. 

Is a training technique, it’s effective for two reasons: 

It’s faster than most methods and the use of a lure offers strong motivation to the dog to follow along with the training. 

If you’ve never trained a dog before then luring might be the best technique to start with. The essentials of training involve patience, persistence, and consistency. Having the right technique is a good start but the aforementioned qualities are vital to you and your dog surviving training. 

One of the nice things about luring is that you can get pretty creative with what you use as the lure and as a reward, so it’s not like your pup isn’t getting something tasty out of the training. 

Rewards aside, training is an often overlooked practicality of owning a dog. While it’s not essential for a dog to know tricks, it’s good to ensure that they’re housebroken and don’t partake in any destructive behaviors like chewing, scratching, etc. 

See, training is for more than teaching your dog to high-five and shake hands. 

When you dedicate yourself to the training and you get invested in your dog’s growth and behavior, your pet can definitely pick up on the positive attitude and reinforcement. Even a little bit of training can foster a can-do attitude in your dog that’ll make future training (hopefully) much easier for the both of you.

Training Your Dog with Luring Techniques

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