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8 Easiest Ways To Stop a Dog Digging Under a Fence


jack russell dog digging a hole

Dogs dig their way under fences for a variety of reasons. Their urge to dig for freedom could be driven by the desire to mate, it could be that they feel trapped and anxious, or it could simply be that are digging out of boredom.

If you have a dog that has started to dig under your fence, once they have managed to do it once, they are very likely to try to do it again. That can lead to lots of unsightly holes in your garden, damage to the fence, and to the danger of your dog escaping and coming to harm or causing a nuisance.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to stop a dog digging under a fence and none of them is overly expensive. Dogs are all different, so you may have to try a few of these options to find the one that works with your dog. Here are the easiest ways to stop a dog digging its way under a fence.

1. Fill in any existing holes with rocks


The first thing to do is stop your dog re-digging out the holes that you have already filled in. The easiest way to do this is to fill any holes that he has dug with rocks as well as dirt. Dogs often return to the same spot over and over again to dig under a fence, but if you fill the hole with rocks, you might just put him off digging altogether.

2. Exercise your dog before you put him in the yard

You might be able to stop your dog digging by taking him for a walk before you leave him out in your yard. If you exercise your dog first and play with him, your dog won’t have so much pent-up energy and he won’t feel so bored when you do leave him on his own the yard.

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3. Hot pepper powder

A cheap and easy to stop a dog from digging is to sprinkle some hot pepper over the ground near to your fence. Simply sprinkle some hot pepper powder around the perimeter every two weeks and that will deter most dogs from digging in the area.

4. Bury a wire fence in the groundstop-dog-dig-fence

Although this method won’t stop a dog digging, it will stop a dog escaping under a fence, which might eventually stop your dog even trying again. Dig a trench about 1.5 feet deep and the base of the fence and then place a strip of L-shaped chicken wire in the trench with the bottom of the L facing into the garden and the top of the L secured to the bottom of the fence. Fill in the trench again with dirt. When your dog tries to dig again, it will be stopped from digging too deep by the chicken wire.

5. Put rocks at the base of the fence

Another simple way to discourage your dog from digging is to place some rocks at the base of the fence. You could, of course, create a narrow concrete boundary at the base of the fence, but some ornamental rocks would have the same effect and look a lot more attractive.

6. Replace a chain-link fence with a solid fence

Pointer dog outside near fence

If your dog can’t see what’s beyond the fence, he may lose interest in trying to dig his way out. If you replace a chain-link fence with a solid fence, your dog won’t be able to see things like other dogs or people, which could be what is encouraging him to try to dig under the fence.

7. Keep your dog occupied

If your dog is left in your yard with nothing to occupy it at all, it will get bored and that could lead it to want to dig under the fence. It’s not advisable to leave a dog unattended for long periods of time, but if you do need to, leave some toys in the yard with him to play with so that he doesn’t get so bored.

8. Wireless dog fence Or Under-Ground Dog Fence

Wireless dog fences are usually installed instead of a physical fence, but they can also be a very effective way to stop a dog digging under an existing fence. The best wireless dog fences or Best Underground Dog Fences to use for this purpose are the ones that have a buried cord. You will need to bury a cord in a shallow trench at the base of your fence and, then, when your dog approaches the boundary;a special collar that he will be wearing will emit a tone, a vibration, or a mild electric shock. The automatic correction given by the collar will teach your dog not to approach the boundary at all and deter him from trying to dig under the fence.