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Do you care for your dog as much as you do for yourself? Well, Pure Balance dog foods believe in a simple thought of offering the best nutrition for your dog. This is through the high-quality ingredients that are incorporated in the formulas. Pure Balance is a plant-based dry dog food that utilizes moderate quantities of various ingredients such as chicken or lamb meals. It these ingredients that serve to play a critical role as animal protein sources. It is the high-quality ingredients added into diet.


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Pure Balance Small Breed Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe

This is a dog food formula that is made specifically for the nutrition of small breeds of dogs. It is composed of chicken and brown rice that is suitable for the nutrition of small breeds of dogs. It is the chicken that serves as the source of proteins and thus plays a central role in muscle development in the dog and thus ensuring that the dog is active all day long. The brown rice in the Pure Balance Small Breed Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe is that it is rich in fiber that helps boost the digestibility of the food in the stomach. This way, dogs do not suffer from the irritable bowel of stomach upsets.

The formula does not contain corn, soy or wheat thus protecting the dog from developing allergic reactions. It is also rich in natural ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and protecting the cells in the body from accumulating free radicals that could predispose the dog to diseases, hence playing a role in strengthening the immune system. The Pure Balance Small Breed Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe is rich in natural fatty acids such as Omega-3 and -6 that play a central role in brain development, cardiac health as well as regulating blood pressure in the dog. Finally, it is rich in certain linoleic acids that are critical to ensuring that the skin health of the dog is great. It leaves the skin healthy and the coat shiny.


This is one of the food formulas that uses the best ingredients that play a significant role in offering pure and simple nutrition to your dog. It does not have any corn contents in it, no soy, grains or in it and thus ensuring that the dog does not develop hypersensitive reactions. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients such as calcium for proper bone and teeth development in the dog.

The first ingredient in the dog formula is salmon that is rich in proteins essential for lean muscle development. Salmons are also very rich in DHA and EPA fatty acids that play a central role in nervous system development as well as the strengthening of the immune system. The formula also contains peas, cranberries, and carrots that are rich in minerals and vitamins that help to strengthen the dog's bone and teeth development. It also contains such ingredients as natural omega 3 and omega six fatty acids that not only are important in boosting the skin coat health but also brain development. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and serve as the major precursor of Vitamin A that plays a vital role in promoting vision health of the dog. Finally, the antioxidants like Vitamin E and C supports cardiac health as well as strengthening the dog's immune system.

Factors to Consider When
Buying Pure Balance Dog Foods

  • Nutritional Eequirements: when purchasing food for the dogs, the first thing that you have to consider is the requirement needs of your dog. This means that you have to assess the health requirements of your dog. Some dogs suffer digestion problems, some poor skin health among others. Considering these factors before purchasing a product is a brilliant idea to ensure that the needs are met. 
  • Quality:The quality of the food you purchase is of great importance. This is to ensure that the food does not contain contaminants that could cause infection to the dogs. To be sure that you are buying quality, you can assess the product by eye or ask the people that have used it to give you their opinion of how the product worked for them.


After all, it is said and done, you have to understand that the nutritional requirements of your dogs should always come first. Work closely with a veterinarian to know what the dog lacks so that this information informs the food you offer the dog. So what are you waiting for? Head to the nearby dog food store and get Pure Balance dog formulas that meet the nutritional requirements of your dog!

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Natural Balance dog food is the ingredients in the food that offer faster digestibility in the dog. Such ingredients include lamb, chicken, and rice that also contributes to lean muscle development while offering protection to the dog against any digestive upsets. The grains in the dog food are a perfect source of fiber that boosts digestion and proper elimination of waste products from the dog’s body.


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