How to Use Dog Clippers | Ultimate Guide

In this article, we will explain, step by step, how to use dog clippers to groom your pet’s hair. Grooming a dog with dog clippers is not difficult to do and it will save you a lot of money in professional dog grooming fees. It does, however, need, little bit of know-how and it may take some practice before you are completely comfortable with using clippers on your dog.


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If you would like to know more about how to use dog clippers, read on, because here we have a step by step guide on how to groom a dog at home with electric dog clippers.

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I. Ultimate Guide on How to Use Dog Clippers

Using dog clippers is not difficult, but if you have not done it before, the prospect can seem a bit daunting. The first tip we have for beginners who are new to using dog clippers is don’t rush it. It may take some time before you really get the hang of using dog hair clippers, but until you do, if you take your time, and then it will much safer and more comfortable for your pet.

1. Prepare your dog

It will be much easier to clip your dog’s fur if you shampoo the dog’s coat firs and give it a good brush. If your pet’s hair is dirty and matted, the clippers are more likely to jam and pull at your dog’s hair. You should also try to choose a time when your dog is quiet and calm. The best time to start clipping your dog’s hair is when they are a puppy, so that they get used to the sight and the sound of dog clippers and an early age.


2. Familiarise yourself with the dog clippers

Before you use clippers on your pet, be sure that you know how the clippers work. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines and try out the controls so you that are confident that you know how they work. The best dog clippers come with their own guides on how to use them, so read the instructions carefully before you start clipping your dog’s coat.

3. Choosing the right blade

Dog clipper blades are numbered in accordance with the length of cut that they will produce; the lower the number, the longer the cut. Most of the best dog clippers come with a number 10 blade, which is a mid-length blade. You should find more guidance on the best clipper blade for your breed of dog in your dog clipper manual or on the manufacturer’s website. Whenever you change or clean a blade, always remember to switch off the clippers first.


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4. Using the clippers

Once you have the blade installed, you can start using the dog clippers. Be aware that the blade of a dog clipper can get hot when it is in use. This is perfectly normal, but you should frequently stop clipping to test the temperature of the blade by touching it with your finger to make sure that it doesn’t get too hot. You can reduce the build-up of heat by using dog clipper oil or coolant on the blade, which may have been supplied with your clippers.

Dog Clipper Blade

To use the dog clippers, you should place the flat side of the blade in a position so that it can run smoothly over the dog’s fur. You can start clipping a dog’s fur anywhere, but we have some tips for you on where to start in the following paragraphs. You will be clipping your dog’s fur in the direction that the fur runs. That will give you a smooth and clean cut. Always keep the blade flat against the dog’s skin and take your time. The Blades are sharp and they could cut your dog’s skin if you are not careful.

5. Start with the head, neck and shoulders

When you are using dog clippers to cut your dog’s hair, it is best if you use the same routine every time so that your dog gets used to the process. We suggest that you start by clipping from the top of the dog’s head, down to the shoulders and neck. Next, to clip the dog’s front legs, hold each of your pet’s legs out in front of him in turn and then run the clipper down the length of the leg and onto the paws. Clipping a dog’s leg is one of the tricky parts of dog clipping, so take extra care here and do what you can to keep the dog calm and still. If you come across any badly matted hair, it might be easier to use scissors.


6. Move on down the dog’s back

The next stage that we suggest is to start clipping the fur on your dog’s back and down the sides. You will need to hold the dog’s legs up again when you get to clipping under your pet’s chest and tummy. Be gentle with your dog at all times and don’t try to force the legs up. Once the body has been clipped, you can clip the hind legs and along the tail.

7. Clipping sensitive areas

Grooming the dog leg hair

For clipping around the anal area, under the tummy and other sensitive areas, you will have to take extra care with the clippers. A number 10 blade will probably be the best blade to use in these areas, but check the instructions that came with your dog clippers for further guidance.

8. How to stop a clipper blade overheating or jamming

A dog’s hair is very coarse and, if it is matted, even the best dog clippers may get hot during use or they might jam. It is important that you stop clipping if the blade gets hot or jams, because you could hurt your dog. If either happens, spray the blade liberally with clipper oil or clipper coolant, while the blade is still running, and that should clean any accumulated dog hair from the blade. If the blade does get very hot, you can either switch the blade for a spare one, or just wait for the blade to cool down again.

II. Conclusion

When you use dog clippers to groom your dog, you can get a professional looking cut and it will save you a lot of money on dog groomer bills. The main things to remember are; be gentle, take your time, and keep on checking that the blade of your dog clipper to make sure that it has not got jammed or become too hot. If you do that, you will soon have the smartest looking dog in town!



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