Top 4 Super High Calorie Dog Food For Your Lovely Pets! #4 Is The Best

Maintaining the ideal body condition is important to support your dog’s health. . While some dogs need to shed some pounds to remain healthy, some might need to gain more weight.

High calorie dog food is often recommended in case the dog appears to be underweight. Reasons that might be responsible for your dog’s underweight may include, but not limited to, a recovery after an injury or illness, change of environment and surroundings, or some bad habits like being a picky eater.

However, the right care backed by a nutritious diet can easily help the dog gain weight. It not only makes the dog stay healthy but also supports its happiness, as well as vitality.


List of 4 High Calorie Dog Foods

As a pet owner, you definitely would have made a lot of research on his healthiest food options . Many times you might have also come across the need to include High-Calorie food and the options that provide adequate calories for your pet. Below we have a list of 4 such options that can be really beneficial for your pet:

#1: GNC Ultra Mega Dog Formula Boosts the Calorie Intake

It is among the most well-balanced dietary formulas that help in boosting the calorie intake of your dog. The formula is also known to support pelt as well as healthy skin. The manufacturers of this product have been producing such healthy canine products for the last 75 years

You can offer the product by spreading the tasty gel over any of the treats that you might be giving to your dog regularly. Some benefits of offering it to your pet include:

  • Provides High-Calorie intake that facilitates weight gain.
  • Tasty to eat which means the pet would truly love it.
  • Packs in extra vitamins as well as nutrients that boost the immune system of the animal.
  • Offers additional energy to perform different tasks and exercises with ease.

As per company estimates, the calorie intake post the consumption of this formula is 4,060 kcal/kg. It is about 5.07 kcal per ¼ tablespoon. Mainly intended to be a supplement, it can be stored at standard room temperatures.

It is recommended to offer ¼ teaspoon of the gel for each 20lbs of the body weight daily. Although it is better to offer it along with a meal, as a pet owner you do have the option of feeding it directly from the tube itself.

#2: Nutri Source Super Performance

Nutri Source Super Performance facilitates weight gain and recovery from illness

It is one of those scientifically designed dog foods that offer adequate calorie quotient that is essential for a dog which is either hard working or recovering from illness or an expectant mother.

Additionally, it is pretty effective in aiding weight gain. The composition of this product is a blend of rice, chicken and other selected ingredients that are often regarded as a high source of calories.

Some of the benefits that make this product one of the recommended options for High Calorie dog food include:

  • Offers highly essential nutrition which is very easy to digest too.
  • Dogs tend to love it as this gives them much energy and makes them look good.
  • Helps in maintaining muscle mass and offer additional strength.
  • Pretty easy for the dog’s stomach to …? without any side effects.
  • The presence of carbohydrates, clubbed with high-quality fats, gives the required fuel required for performing demanding activities
  • Chicken adds the enticing flavor that encourages the dog to take the formula quite easily.

The fact that the nutrients have been simplified, it facilitates better digestion and acts pretty quickly after the formula is consumed. Other ingredients found in the product include oatmeal, flax seeds, natural turkey, dried eggs, barley, etc.

#3: Dyne High-Calorie Liquid Dietary Supplement

Dyne High-Calorie Liquid Dietary Supplement lets your pet remain super active

Another high-calorie supplement that is high in nutrition, this product is highly recommended if your pet is recovering from an illness or remains super active throughout the day.

It is available in vanilla flavor and contains about 150 calories per ounce. An ounce per day can be served each day and would be pretty easy to consume for the dog. You may even feed the liquid using a dropper or a syringe

The product is often recommended for underweight puppies that are not so comfortable with solid food. Some benefits making it a popular choice include:

  • Offers adequate stamina and power for working dogs.
  • Appearing like a yellow cake batter, the formula can contribute to weight gain for the canines.
  • The selected formula and its liquid state makes it pretty easy and effective to facilitate the required energy among the pets

Consuming about a single teaspoon per 5lbs of their body weight is recommended on a daily basis. For adult dogs, it can be about 2 tablespoons for every 20 to 30 pounds of body weight for as much as 3 times a single day.

#4: Trophy Dyne High-Calorie Animal Supplement

Trophy Dyne High-Calorie Animal Supplement is a great source of vitamins & minerals

Pretty high in terms of calorie count, Trophy Dyne High-Calorie Animal Supplement serves as a palatable source of both minerals and vitamins. It offers about 50 calories for each ounce and can help your dog stay healthy.

Some benefits that can make you offer this product to your pet include:

  • It is often recommended for undernourished dogs that need to gain weight.
  • Besides, it is also a good source of calorie to treat dogs that are recovering from malnutrition or illness which was caused due to parasites.
  • Among the other benefits, it also helps in improving the appetite of the dog.
  • Facilitates the development of skin content as well as coat luster.
  • Pretty economical when compared to other High-Calorie foods offered by other well-known brands.
  • It may also be used as a source that helps the animals recover from travel stress.

Recommended intake of this product is 1 oz for every 5lbs of the dog’s weight. It goes without saying that feeding the right amount of this product on a regular basis as per the recommended volumes can really be a life saver for dogs at times.

It is especially true in cases where dogs are very skinny and are in a desperate need of High-Calorie sources. Moreover, its liquid state makes it easy for you to feed the puppies that find it hard to consume other hard sources of similar food alternatives.


The above article was intended to offer insights to the popular alternatives that can be a rich source of High-Calorie food. Hope this article serves as an informative source to the readers and helps them in selecting the best available food options for their pets.

It must be mentioned that high calorie dog food is pretty essential to make sure the dogs remain active and are provided with the required intake on a regular basis. We welcome your inputs and pet owners that can contribute their views as they can further help our readers understand its importance.

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