8 Things You Must Know About The Best Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Have you noted that your dog is constantly scratching itself yet the dog is very clean and flea-free? Is the pet also suffering from a number of gastrointestinal related conditions? Is the dog constantly and recurrently suffering from chronic coat, ear or skin issues?

There might be a high possibility that your dog is allergic to some of the foods you are giving to. In other words, your dog may be hypoallergenic and you need to find the best hypoallergenic dog foods. Then Watch this Video to understand more about hypoallergenic dog foods.


What is a Hypoallergenic Dog Food?

This is a specially formulated dog food type that is designed to prevent any allergic provocation. Just like the case with human beings, these canines are also susceptible to some allergic reactions with major allergens being present in the ordinary dog food. For these dangerous allergies to be overcome, manufacturers have discovered that the omission of dairy products, soy, chicken, yeast, corn and beef etc is paramount. In this case, if your pet is combating with skin rashes, tummy upsets and/or other allergies, then you need to be shopping for the best hypoallergenic dog foods.

The Main Signs of Dog Food Allergy

  • Itching occurring throughout the seasons even when the dog is always cleaned.
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Pronounced licking in groin regions, the flank, and the paws
  • Continuous scratching which culminates to bacterial infections
  • Other yeast, fungal and bacterial infections
  • Stomach issues such as diarrhea, gas, vomiting, belching and frequent bowel movements etc

If you note a combination of these signs or one sign that takes unusually too long to cure, then it is time for you to start shopping for the best hypoallergenic dog foods in the market. Below are some of the things you should look for in a hypoallergenic dog food.

Components of a Good Hypoallergenic Dog Food

The best possible hypoallergenic dog foods you can buy will always have the following features:

  • It has to be lactose-free and gluten free
  • It contains either no or very low amounts of allergenic proteins such as soy protein isolates
  • In case it has these plant-based proteins, they have to be hydrolyzed
  • It has to be highly digestible
  • It must have very low molecular protein weight.
  • The food should have limited ingredients
  • Having obscure ingredients such as pheasant, millet, kangaroo and buffalo is a plus
  • Free from yeast, wheat, corn, fish, lamb, beef, and chicken

The above features are some of the most important. However, it is common sense that antioxidants should be included in any diet. This is because of the benefits of countering free radicals that these components always have. It, therefore, means that with antioxidants in the food, degenerative diseases such as cancer will be reversed a great deal. The best hypoallergenic dog foods will be rich in Vitamins E, C, Lutein and Taurine.

What to Look for in These Hypoallergenic Dog Foods

There are three main categories of hypoallergenic foods where you can choose your foods from. These are the limited ingredient diets, novelty ingredients diets and the prescription diets. The limited and novel ingredient diets are the most recommended. This is because the prescription diets can be a little expensive yet the results obtained are the same as when you do the novel or limited ingredient diets. However, under extreme or rather severe allergic reactions, the best solution would be to seek for the prescription diet from a vet.

Hypoallergenic Dog Food Ingredients

I. Limited Ingredient Diets

Limited ingredient diets have very few ingredients in them. This is very helpful to the dog. It is a common fact even in humans that when you use more ingredient combinations per sitting, the risks of indigestion increase in the equal measure. Limited ingredients can also help you pinpoint the specific allergens your dog is sensitive to.

II. Novel Ingredient Foods

These contain those ingredients that your dog has least likely ever tasted them before. These include kangaroo, ostrich and buffalo among others. You are pretty sure that your dog is hypoallergenic but you haven’t exactly pinpointed the exact allergen. Trying a novel ingredient eliminates its usual diet and most likely comes with no allergens.

III. Prescription or Vet Diets

These are exactly what you imagine they are. These are foods that only contain hypoallergenic ingredients and are normally prescribed by a vet. Unfortunately as mentioned earlier, these foods are a bit expensive.

Are All Grain Ingredients Hypoallergenic

It is important to note that not all dogs will be allergic to grains hence in some instances, some foods with some grain ingredients such as oats and rice may be good for your hypoallergenic dog. The worst player here is gluten in wheat. All the hypoallergenic foods will want to avoid this ingredient.

How Long Should You Wait to See Results?

In theory, the food should start working immediately you introduce the dog to the formula. This comes as a result of removing the bad food from his diet thus starting to diminish the symptoms

Food Allergies Vs Intolerance

Food allergies are quite different from food intolerance. Food allergies will provoke symptoms which may include itching, skin rash, nausea or even diarrhea among others. This is primarily caused by auto immunological responses. On the other side, food intolerance only results in digestive problems and not immune responses. Food intolerance will be mostly associated with stomach upsets and vomiting.

All in all, be human. Your dog doesn’t deserve to go through years, months, weeks or even days of allergic reactions. If you notice that the pet is hypoallergenic, go shopping for the best hypoallergenic dog food.

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Reviews of the 5 Best Hypoallergenic Dog Foods

1. Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food

The total health of both humans and animals begins from the colon. A health colon translates to a healthy, therefore, surprise that with a poor digestive system, you will absolutely have an unhealthy colon. This translates to dogs as well. The Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food is one of the best hypoallergenic food options, thanks to the fact that it has been well formulated with digestion reigning supreme in mind.

Product Features

  • It is made up of the finest quality veggies and fruit protein
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Natural fiber has been incorporated to help move the food hence easy bowel movements
  • Features digestive enzymes that help in breaking down cellulose, starch and proteins
  • Features a complete & balanced diet
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Natural fiber has been incorporated to help move the food hence easy bowel movements
  • Features digestive enzymes that help in breaking down cellulose, starch and proteins


  • The food contains no fillers
  • It contains no meat by-products
  • It is wheat and gluten free
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives have been added.
  • Omega rich ingredients such as flaxseed and menhaden fish oil for a nourished healthy skin and coat.
  • Healthy fruits and vegetables such as papaya and pumpkin for fiber and vitamin support.
  • Antioxidant rich, thanks to pomegranate and blueberries
  • Source of naturally occurring microorganisms for improved digestive system


  • The food isn’t so good for those who are running on a tight budget as a bag can be used up rather too fast.

This product features a unique digestive health support formulation that features some healthy fiber, active probiotics and digestive enzymes. These are then combines with other natural ingredients of high quality to come up with a recipe that is tasty, non allergenic and easy to utilize. Give it a try. 

2. Wellness Simple Natural Dog Food

With its package clearly revealing its limited ingredients, it is one of the best options a hypoallergenic dog can be introduced to. It is a common fact that the fewer the ingredients, the more reduced the risks of the food being allergic to your dog. The food is gluten-free and grain-free and comes with versions of novelty meats to ensure that you get a product that is able to not only be pleasing to the dog’s taste glands but also good for keeping it full.

Product Features

  • Very limited ingredient diet with easily digestible formulation with no allergies, sensitivities or ingredient intolerance.
  • Wellness guarantee backing
  • All natural, all premium gluten free, filter free and artificial additives free formulation.
  • Single protein formulation from high quality turkey meat, mixed with easily digestible Carbs enhancing a balanced nutrition.


  • You can save 5% with any subsequent purchase upon subscription.
  • There are different formulations for different needs and interests
  • Features flaxseed and canola oil which are rich sources of omega-3 that is good for healthy skin.
  • It is free from wheat, gluten or any other grain and grain products
  • It is a simple solution for sensitive tummies
  • Offers a perfect diet balance that is tasty


  • It is a bit pricy
  • It can also sometimes be a bit messy

Every ingredient chosen for this formulation is not just for the sake of it but for a purpose. Natural and easily digestible ingredients are chosen, and not a single artificial filter or additive is used. The formulation also comes with very few ingredients thus reducing the risks of indigestion

3. Nature's Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

This is a sure formulation for pleasing the most finicky eaters among dogs. It is a whole prey diet that features pork meat together with organs. Its protein source is mainly animal based with only a single animal protein source, and has been credited for supplying nutrients to dogs with almost no cases of allergic reactions. It is formulated from some of the best natural ingredients with no outsourcing hence surety of what they produce.

Product Features

  • Healthy Omega -3 & 6 fatty acids necessitates shiny and soft coat
  • Grain free, gluten free and no potato, dairy beef, chicken or fish
  • Unique green tea extract enhances great aroma and taste
  • Perfect solution to diet-sensitive dogs regardless of stage or breed
  • Limited ingredient formula


  • Grain free, gluten-free, potato free-no plant protein concentrate.
  • Official pet food partnership with Best Friends Animal Society, providing over 1 million meals to their adoption centers.
  • Green tea extract doesn’t only improve taste and aroma but also regulates weight.
  • Limited ingredient formula with limited Carbs hence a low glycemic index.


  • Gets used up a little too fast.

Even if you are always passionate about good products that you have come across, you can never be more passionate when you discover that a certain formula saves the life of your pet. If you have a dog that is hypoallergenic, just try this formula and you will have a different perspective about the entire dog food industry. It is one of the best dog food formulas for both healthy and hypoallergenic dogs

4. Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein Hypoallergenic Dog Food (25.3 lb)

There are some dogs that are very allergic to a great deal of meat and it becomes difficult to handle the nutrition needs of such dogs. Often times, some of these dogs end up being allergic to so many plant proteins as well. The only solution to the protein needs of these animals is hydrolyzed plant based proteins. This is where Royal Canin Hydrolyzed protein comes in. It is almost impossible to come across a dog that is allergic to this formula.

Product Features

  • Simple starch sourced from rice for easy digestion
  • Hydrolyzed soy protein hence the pet’s system won’t be upset
  • Digestive flora nourishing and supporting ingredients
  • Boosted omega-3s for improved dog’s skin & the coat luster
  • Easily absorbable chelated minerals
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


  • Hydrolyzed protein comes with low molecular peptides that are highly digestible are is lowly antigenic potential
  • Optimal amino acids and vitamin B amounts for creating a natural barrier effect on the skin
  • Moderate caloric content for maintenance of an ideal weight
  • Restricted phosphorus intake for maintenance of an optimum renal function at old age
  • High quality


  • It is pricy

This is a pure vegetarian formula that has been designed through the well engineered skill of nutritionists, veterinarians and breeders. It is 100% balanced and complete in nutrition and is great for dog’s immunity, health, and skin and coat health. Check Out This Product on Amazon

5. Halo Spot's Stew Natural Dry Dog Food, Adult Dog

This is another great hypoallergenic dog food that comes with chicken being its first ingredient with other ingredients being eggs, pea protein, lamb meat and fish among other plants. It has also been formulated with minerals, vitamins and some trace nutrients to ensure maximum health benefits to your dog.

Product Features

  • Home-style recipe featuring easy to understand ingredients
  • No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors
  • Formulation features trace nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • No rendered meat with real meat originating from poultry, lamb and fish
  • Plant ingredients for maximum health benefitsBenefits of the Food
  • All meat used is butcher quality
  • Uses bounty of reliable farm grown vegetables for vitamins and antioxidants
  • Limited ingredients hence reduced risks of indigestion


  • No artificial additives


  • Only for adult dogs

If you have a hypoallergenic dog, maybe there is a solution to its health in this Halo Spot’s Stew food. It has been used by many people on their hypoallergenic dogs with a lot of positive results. To give it a try, by the small 5 pound pack to monitor the dog response.


From the pros and cons, The Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food stands out as one of the best hypoallergenic dog foods in the market. The reason being it is very less allergic and a high protein diet. Its composition too is very simple and gluten free. All of them are quite expensive as compared to other dog foods in the market. It is therefore evident that if you are very much concerned about the health of your dog, you need to be ready to spend.

Secondly, it is clear that dogs are carnivores hence their best source of protein should be flesh based. Not just flesh but clean, naturally produced meat. These foods get their other nutritional supplementation from fruits and vegetables but rarely cereals and pulses. If there is a pulse in the food you are opting for, the best hypoallergenic dog foods will have their pulses hydrolyzed. You will never go wrong with those foods that have greatly been positively reviewed.

I hope this post helped you make an easy decision on which hypoallergenic dog foods you're going to purchase.

Let me know how you liked it and what you think by giving your opinion in the comments below. I'd love to hear what you thought of the article. Please share it if you liked it!



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