Why Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs? Here Are the 3 Reasons Why!

First Glance: Why Dogs Like Belly Rubs?

Ever wondered why do dogs like their belly rubbed? There are many types of dogs around the world, ranging from breed to size or gender. But the one thing many dogs have in common is the fact that they love belly rubs! I’m sure that you all know how much dogs love belly rubs, but the question is: Why do dogs like belly rubs?

It seems like a comforting spot for dogs, and it’s easy to keep them at ease, but there must be an explanation besides that. In this article, we list down why dogs like belly rubs and everything else you need to know about it.

What Are Belly Rubs and What Makes Them So Important?

Giving a dog belly rubs is exactly how you call it. You’re giving it a good pat on the belly, usually a massage to keep them relaxed. It keeps a dog happy and relaxed, with them often wagging their tails in delight.

A belly rub something a dog can’t resist, and you can see it in its face! You’ll know when they want belly rubs when they are on their backs, usually lying still and waiting for you to run your hands through their stomachs. Not only does it feel ideal for the dog, but the owner will be amused by the adorable sight!

But take note that while belly rubs are loved by most dogs, not all appreciate that rub in the stomach. You’ll need to detect if your dog (or any other dog!) loves belly rubs, as there are dogs who react differently to it. Sometimes, dogs do love belly rubs, but you’re doing it the wrong way!

We’ll get to the basics of how to give a belly rub and how to detect if a dog wants one in a bit. But before that, we list you the main reasons why dogs like belly rubs.

Dogs love belly rubs. In fact, some demand it and yearn for it from their owners! Here are the reasons why they love it:​

How Would You Know if a Dog Likes Belly Rubs?

Before you give a dog belly rubs, you’ll need to make sure that they want it first! While it may seem obvious if a dog wants belly rubs or not, there are times when you’re taken by surprise and find out the dog is hostile and would rather stay away.

Learning about giving dogs belly rubs is important to avoid a hostile relationship between you and your dog. Plus, you wouldn’t want to get bitten or injured because of a dog defending himself if he happens not to like the belly rub.

So how will you know if your dog hates belly rubs? Here are the warning signs:​

​#1 – When Your Dog Moves Away

If your dog isn’t rolling over on his own or moves away, that’s a sign he won’t want it. Even if you try laying him down on his back, he would rather lie down on his stomach and not receive one.​

​#2 -When Your Dog Starts Showing Aggression​

​If your dog starts growling and has a stiff body when you are about to give him a belly rub, it’s best to back away.

​#3 -Your Dog Isn’t Relaxed When You Rub His Belly​

When your dog stops wagging his tail or showing any signs of relaxation or delight as you rub his belly. You’ll see that dogs are worried and distrustful when their tail is tucked between their legs and their hind legs pushed back as if they were to attack someone. Relaxed dogs are loose and with their legs open as if inviting you to rub their bellies.

This goes to show that not all dogs want belly rubs. But that doesn’t mean something is wrong with your dog! There are other ways to show your affection and have your dog relax, such as rubbing them on their back or holding them while lounging.​

If you feel a bit of doubt when you’re about to give a dog a belly rub, it’s best to stay safe and get back. Listening to their body language is easy. If you just got acquainted with a dog, build the dog’s trust first before showing this kind of affections, as they may be defensive or scared.

How to Give a Good Belly Rub to Your Dog​

Giving your dog a good belly rub isn’t rocket science. It’s very easy to please your dog and have him enjoy the affection. Here are some tips on how you can give a great belly rub to keep your dog at ease and happy:

​Step 1 -Check His Body Language

Understand your dog’s language and make sure he’s ready for the massage. Gain his trust and detect if he wants his belly rubbed.​

​Step 2 -Calmly Approach

Approach him from the side and stay calm, petting his chest first before going down to his belly.​

​Step 3 -Start Rubbing Slow

Start rubbing your dog’s tummy with slow, sweeping movements. Talk to him calmly and with affection. Do NOT rub your dog’s belly too vigorously. Again, take it slowly and speed it up if he seems to enjoy the quick strokes. Too much of belly rubbing may end up with your dog feeling discomfort.​

​Step 4 -Don’t Force the Rub

If you feel like he doesn’t like it, don’t force him to stay until he does. Chances are, he never will, and you may lose his trust the more you try pushing it into him.​

In Conclusion, Why Do Dogs Like Their Belly Rubbed?

Learning why dogs like belly rubs are crucial for all dog owners (and lovers!) to know about so you can properly give one to your dog. Not only that, but it is also because you need to know how to detect when a dog likes belly rubs or not. This is to avoid any accidents or hostility towards you and the dog.

Hopefully, this article on why do dogs like belly rubs will have helped you become more knowledgeable and have you properly give the belly rubs your dog will enjoy!



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