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Why do Chihuahuas bark so much? What can I do?

Chihuahuas are noted for barking at just about everything from family members to your broom. It is considered as a nuisance by many people but they are so lovable that their owners are always seeking out ways to train them not to be such barkers. In order to train your dog not to be such a barker you first must understand the reasons that cause them to bark.

Chihuahuas bark for multiple reasons such as:

• The dog is very possessive of their owner so they get jealous of anyone who approaches them.
• Even though they are very small they still are defenders and want to protect their territory.
• Perhaps they simply just dislike someone or something because it does not fit within their understanding of the person or object.
• They feel the need to bark in order to compensate for their small size.
• They feel that barking will scare away intruders that are invading the household.

When to start training

The best time to start the training of your dog is when it is a puppy because older dogs get set in their ways and it is very difficult to break them of their habit. The very first thing you need to do is to train your puppy the basic obedience commands so they get the idea what is right and what is wrong. The owner needs to realise as well because they are cute does not mean that they are quite dogs. It is in their nature to bark but with proper training you can give them a command and they will stop barking.

Training Process

When training your puppy remember that a whole big sentence does not work. Use one or two simple words. Just say something like “come here”, or “here.” The motion of your hands will also help your puppy to understand. Even older dogs catch on quicker with one or two words for training. Praise them and give them treats when they do obey your commands.


Chihuahuas are very sensitive to the things around them so you will need to remove things to keep them from barking. For instance, if someone is walking past your window and they see them and bark close the curtains. They will then not be able to sense that this person is invading their territory. At that point give them the command “quiet” and this helps them to start to learn not to bark at others. You might have to keep them in an area where you build a privacy fence so they are not able to interact with things around them until they get use to the idea of the meaning of quiet.

Some things you will not be able to keep away from them such as the doorbell or someone knocking on your door. You can introduce them to other things like your vacuum cleaner or broom and teach them not to bark. You should pet them letting them know that this item is okay. Never harshly scold because it only puts more fear and insecurity in the dog making it think you are in danger.


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