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Using High Calorie Dog Foods | 5 Things You Need To Know

If your furry buddy is a little underweight, you will want to do what you can, safely to put some meat on his or her bones. Not only are underweight dogs unhealthy but they don’t look good that way either. No one wants their dog looking and feeling bad. This is why you need to know about using high-calorie dog foods to fatten up your dog and get them back to feeling healthier and looking great. Here are 5 things you need to know when using high-calorie dog foods.


No one wants their dog looking and feeling bad

Meet with your veterinarian


Asking your vet for the best advice (Source: prehealth.ua.edu)

First things first, before using high-calorie foods to get your dog back to being the healthy, spunky dog you know and love; you should have a talk with your veterinarian. Ask for his or her advice. Asking them for the best advice they can provide you is what you need because your fur kids are like your family and when it comes to family, you do whatever it takes to bring them back to the healthy dog they once were before they lost the weight they lost. They can tell you the best kind of high-calorie foods to use on your dog to bring them back to a healthy weight. This way you won’t over feed them. Over feeding them, even when they are underweight can harm them or even kill them.

Provide them with Foods designed to make them Active

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When searching for the best foods for your dog to bring them back to their healthy weight, giving them high-calorie foods they can easily burn off is your best bet. This means finding the kind of food that is best for active, working dogs. Letting them eat the high-calorie food and then letting them outside to play in the yard, taking them for a walk, and even taking them to the dog park will be a good idea. This is another thing you can ask your vet about when meeting with them. They can provide you with a list of stores where you can find this food and even provide you with a list of the best kind of food that will work this way for your active, but underweight dog.

Best Protein and Fat Ratio


Source: www.orschelnfarmhome.com

Another tip for feeding your underweight dog to get them back on track is to make sure they eat food that has 30 percent protein and 20 percent fat in it. This is if they are eating dry dog food. However, if you are feeding them wet dog food, the healthiest ratio is seven percent protein and five percent fat.

High-Calorie Food VS 100 Percent Meat

When bringing your dog back to his or her best weight to live a healthy lifestyle, you will want to intersperse their diet with either high-calorie food or all meat. Checking the ingredients in the food you buy them will help you choose. You want dog food that has ingredients that you can actually pronounce and know what it is. For example, if it says chicken or beef as the first ingredient, this is what you want. You don’t want dog food with ingredients in it that you can’t spell or say because that is not good for your dog. Dogs love meat and will want to eat it constantly if you let them. Remember, don’t overfeed them because doing this can hurt them or even kill them. Not to mention, you are trying to bring them back to their healthiest weight, not make them walk around looking like they are about to fall over because they ate way too much. They need energy, not something that will put them to sleep or make them vomit.

Moist Food May Be Better for them

Some moist foods may be easier for them to digest so think about this too. Just make sure to check the ingredients in the food before buying it and make sure you know what is actually inside the food before buying it. You want them to be able to digest the food easily so they won’t act sluggish and even get sick.
Using the tips above will help you bring your dog back to the healthy weight he or she deserves. Dogs are like family to us and when feeding family, you want to make sure they are fed for energy. Letting them play or work it off is a great idea too because it will make them look and feel great again.


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