Sportdog Rechargeable Nobark 10r Bark Control Collar Review


Does your pup seem to bark non stop? Is absolutely everything a problem? Are friends and neighbors afraid to approach, or does your pet keep you awake at all hours of the night? Are you unable to walk your dog for fear of the nonstop commotion he will cause? Are your neighbors beginning to complain? With the Sportdog Rechargeable Nobark 10r Bark Control Collar, these are all things of the past, disturbing your peace and quiet no longer!


I. Sportdog Rechargeable Nobark 10r Bark Control Collar Review

1. Perfect Adjustment


The heavier correction needed to stimulate a larger or giant breed, a St. Bernard or Newfoundland for example, would be far too much for a toy or small to medium sized breed. The exact opposite can be said for small breeds; an excessively heavy correction could serve to instill unnecessary fear- much more than a simple correction. Not only does 3 training modes and 10 levels of stimulation let you precisely customize the type of bark control that works best for your dog, but provides consistent, firm, and fair correction when you need it most. Choose the perfect setting for your dog- just enough to alert his attention, but not to the point of excessiveness!

2. Precise Action

The Sportdog Rechargeable Nobark 10r Bark Control Collar delivers a correction at the device’s points of contact only upon detecting vocal chord vibration or barking sounds from the dog; there is no chance of accidental activation by other dogs.

  • To prevent excess stimulation, the device will shut off for 3 minutes if your dog is barking 15+ times in a 50 second time perioud!​

3. Temperament Learning


Within 30 seconds of the previous bark, each time your dog barks, he is corrected working up from the lowest level. This way, just enough stimulation is administered to stop the barking. You’ve hit the absolute perfect mark!

For quick effect, your collar remembers this level and will begin with it next time barking begins.

4. Progressive Correction

Progressive correction starts out the same way, gradually increasing the correction until the desired response is reached (dog stops barking). The difference being your device will reset to the lowest setting again if your dog doesn’t bark within the next 30 seconds.

5. User Selection

The name here is self explanatory; you select the correction level of your dog’s collar. You control the stimulation your dog receives!

Some breeds have difficulty limiting excitement or controlling their responses once they become agitated. Though your collar comes equipped with safety measures, shutting off if your dog barks more than 15 times in 50 seconds, It is possible stimulation from the previous two modes might go unheeded and continue to increase until your dog begins to calm. Avoid this problem by choosing an ideal setting yourself!

II. Highlight List & Main Functions

The Sportdog Rechargeable Nobark 10r Bark Control Collar is exactly that- a bark control collar. It is also the perfect solution to all of the questions posed in the beginning of this article. Visits from friends or neighbors will be met with peace and quiet. Sleep like a baby from this day forward, and enjoy your walks like never before!

1. Effective Psychology

The psychology is pretty simple; dog acts, is given a correction stimulus, learns to not repeat. Unfortunately, most owners simply yell at their pets to quiet down, usually actually increasing their anxiety. With the Sportdog Rechargeable Nobark 10r Bark Control Collar, your pet gets just enough stimuli to reach the desired effect, and not an ounce more!

This principle has been used since the very first days of dog training! This dog bark control collar is the absolute pinnacle of design, perfect for today’s dog training needs!

  • Perfect Bark Technology
  • 10 levels of static stimulation
  • 3 selectable modes: Temperament Learning, Progressive Correction, and User-Selected
  • DryTek waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
  • For dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 5-22 inches
  • Rechargeable & replace battery

2. DryTek Waterproof and Submersible to 25 Feet

Going swimming this Summer? Waterproof & submersible up to 25 feet, your dog’s new collar won’t break down on you in the water! Your pup can swim right alongside you without a worry in the world; his Bark Control Collar will work just as well afterward.

Besides that- what dog is going to be performing acts of professional diving any time soon? For all intensive purposes, your pup probably won’t be submersing himself 5 feet, let alone 25.

Things We Liked

  • I absolutely loved the adjustable modes for my own little Jack Russell Terrier!
  • Before trying out the Nobark 10r Bark Control Collar, Loki seemed to bark at absolutely everything, non stop! He would go absolutely insane when anyone would even call my name from outside. Both delivery and mailmen were greeted with a chorus of intense barking. He even barked at other animals across the street.
  • I was afraid a bark collar would somehow harm Loki, but the Temperament and Progressive modes gave him just the right correction to stop the barking and nothing more. It is just right, perfect! These days I sometimes forget he is there if I’m not looking at him.

III. Conclusion

The Sportdog Rechargeable Nobark 10r Bark Control Collar is both easy to use and very effective. My own dog stopped barking after just a few days, and hasn’t had an outburst since! I would recommend this device to anyone with barking troubles!


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