Pit Bull Has Been Waiting Almost 1,000 Days

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How I got Here. My story from loved family pet to the Elist.

My name is Princess. It is the name my family of six years gave me and the name I held on to despite them leaving me behind when they moved.

In January 2013 I was abandoned by my family at the the West County Shelter in Phoenix Arizona. It is a very scary place. I didn’t know what was happening, where my parents were and what was I doing in this small cage surrounded by terrified dogs, barking in despair. I soon realized I was not going to see my parents again, that I was just as desperate as the others. So I became very sad and afraid, I didn’t test very well at the assessment and I immediately landed on the Elist which means I was going to be euthanized the next morning.

But the sun rose and I saw many desperate dogs taken one by one never to come back. Some were terrified and tried everything, crying, begging, cowering to the ground. Others wrongfully thought they were finally getting saved and walked away happy and excited. I stood there and waited for my turn.

But as daylight settled in, I got a bowl of food. Could this be I was spared?

As the day went by, many new dogs came in, very few left with new families. I remained in my cage, nobody seemed to notice me. It was like I had become invisible, just like in the pretend games I played with my human siblings growing up. Somehow I knew this was the wrong time to have this super power. I had lost all hope, I just couldn’t understand what I had done, was it the begging at the table, the snoring? I should have been a better dog…

Suddenly someone stopped in front of my cage, opened the door and reached in. I was brought in the lobby the way I had come in. The woman who took me out of my cage said to this younger woman with black hair and a baseball hat: “Be careful, she doesn’t like people”. I was like, What??? I Love people. The black hair lady was Elena, the impulsive irresponsible person who saw my sad face on Facebook the night before and she couldn’t let me go. So she came and rescued me.

It has since been over two and a half years of temporary foster homes, failed adoptions but mainly spending my days in a kennel at a very nice local boarding facility in Fountain Hills Arizona. I have to say I have never ever, “Like Ever!” been this loved. You see, Pals Inn has a group of volunteers who come over several times per week and walk me and my rescue cohort, they love on us, they give us toys, treats and have I mentioned lots and lots of attention. I love everybody very very much, but how come I can’t find a family to love me enough to adopt me and keep me?

I am starting to think it is never going to happen. Is it because I am old? Is it because I look tough? Is it because I am a bulldog? Is it because I am invisible? Please tell me, because have been waiting for 980 days and I really want to go home.



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Cynthia Taylor - Mar. 2018

I wish I lived in Arizona, I would take her for sure! She seems very sweet. I hope she finds a forever home.


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