PetSafe Spray Commander Dog Training Collar Short Review

PetSafe Spray Commander Dog Training Tool


PetSafe Spray Commander Dog Training Tool | the Spray Commander from PetSafe. This collar is more of an all-round training tool than just a simple citronella bark collar. It can be used to correct all kinds of dog behaviour problems. The citronella is activated via a remote control that you wear on your wrist, so it can be used to train a dog not to jump up, not to stray and many other things, as well as teaching your dog not to bark. The PetSafe Spray Commander is a litter bit expensive, but then it is also a lot more versatile. You also get more features, including a tone correction mode. This dog spray collar will fit dogs of 8lbs and up.

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What we liked

  • Remote controlled, so can be used for many training dog purposes
  • Excellent, high quality product
  • Kit includes all you need
  • Long range – Up to 250 feet
  • 2 tone correction plus the spray

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