Best Organic Cat Food Brands Review And Buyer’s Guide

You’ve spent quite a bit of time getting yourself healthy, now you want to find the best organic cat food to help keep your furry feline friends healthy and disease-free.

Unfortunately, selecting organic cat food can be confusing and overwhelming. New brands are being put out on the market every day, it seems, but how reliable are they? Are they any good?

Regular Cat Food is of Low Quality

Regular cat food is often filled with fillers and excess carbohydrates that make your cat fat and sluggish. Ideally, the best organic cat food is one that packs a lot of protein without using a lot of cheap fillers like corn to beef up the product.

Unfortunately, that lack of fillers often comes with a hefty price tag.

5 Considerations for Selecting the Right Organic Cat Food for Your Cat

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You will have to be crafty and realistic when choosing organic cat food for your precious feline. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Does Your Cat Have Special Dietary Needs?

The unfortunate thing about modern organic cat food is that it is often not formulated to handle typical cat health problems such as hairballs or urinary tract issues.

My one male cat has a tendency towards getting struvite crystals in his bladder. They can turn into bladder stones. Bladder stones in a cat can be very serious. If they block the urinary tract, the cat can die within two days.

The cat is helped with a prescription dry cat food called Pro Plan UR Urinary St/Ox Cat Food by Purina. When he eats that food, his crystals go away, and he can pee. If I ever try to feed him the “healthier” organic cat food, and I’ve tried just about every major brand, his crystals come back, and he starts peeing blood.

High Corn Filler Content

Unfortunately, the Pro Plan UR Urinary St/Ox Cat Food is filled with carbs in the form of corn filler, and my cat puts on a lot of weight while eating it. But that is preferable to dying from a bladder blockage!

Until a good, reliable anti-crystal cat food comes out that is organic and healthy, the cat will have to stay on the Pro Plan by Purina.

It is possible that the answer to cat crystals would be to make your own cat food using fresh ingredients, but this involves a lot of time and expense that most people (including myself) simply cannot do realistically.

2. What is Your Budget?

Let’s face it – organic cat food is more expensive than regular cat food. Could this sometimes by hype and marketing? Possibly. The thing is, if you are struggling right now for whatever the reason, say, you are unemployed, and you must choose whether to keep your cat by cutting out the pricey organic food or have a homeless cat, then think carefully.

If your cat does OK health-wise with the standard fare from the supermarket, and it is healthy and happy, don’t beat yourself up because you are not buying it gourmet dinners nightly. The cat loves you and probably appreciates having a home more than the trendy new “organic” food.

3. Note That Natural is Not Necessarily “Organic”

Manufacturers may label their products as “natural". This usually means they use ingredients that are usually less processed. However, that doesn’t mean they are “organic,” which is about growing food in a way that uses little to no chemicals, pesticides, and growth hormones.

Some pet experts recommend that you look for pet foods that are made with supplies used for human food, which means they will be held to higher standards.

4. Go Grain Free

Many “organic” and natural cat foods advertise that they are grain free. This can help cats who have issues digesting grains. In addition, it will be good for fat cats that are putting on excess weight due to all those carbs. Check with your vet first as to whether your cat may benefit from going grain free.

5. Check Online Reviews

Do your homework. Read cat blogs, browse online store reviews, and ask your veterinarian about the best organic cat food options. The market is very confusing, so you will need to do a lot of research and sometimes experiment with trial and error.

Some Organic Cat Food Brands to Try

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With such a changing landscape of cat food, we cannot vouch for or recommend any particular cat food brand. But if you are looking for organic or natural cat foods, try these brands:

  • I and Love and You
  • Blue Organics
  • Castor and Pollux
  • Evanger’s.
  • Newman’s Own

Ultimately, the best organic cat food may boil down to one factor. That factor is which food your feline friend will actually eat!

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