Best Organic and Natural Dog Food to Promote Health This Year

Natural and organic dog food? It’s true. It exists. There is now organic pet food, and these top-of-the-line products don’t fool around with your best friend’s health. Natural dog food is rising in popularity as well.

You may already consume organic and natural food. Dr. Alan Greene reported he barely ever got sick, had more energy, and had more nutrients in his system after going completely organic for 3 years.

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Even if you don’t eat organic, there are benefits to having your pup eat organic and natural food. Besides the undeniably positive environmental impact of natural and organic farming and livestock production, there are the health benefits to your dog to consider.

I. Best Organic Dog Food Comparison Table

II. Best Natural and Organic Dog Food Brands for Optimal Results

So you’ve decided to feed fido a healthier diet. Where do you start? Here’s a list of organic and natural dog foods that can help keep your pet hearty, healthy and happy for years to come.

1. Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Dog Food

Wellness Core Dog Food is a brand you can trust. With 80 percent more meat than other traditional brands, your dog will get an energetic protein boost to promote physical health and activity. Ingredients are 100 percent natural featuring protein and carbs your dog actually needs, as opposed to the empty corn and grains that other dog food brands offer up.

Your best friend will get natural probiotics, antioxidants and Omega-3s to promote healthy skin, hair and a strong immune system. In addition, Wellness Core is always grain free, so your dog’s systems will keep running smoothly.

Wellness Core offers up a variety of products in tons of flavors to keep it interesting around the dog house. The majority of ingredients are natural meats, with vegetables like spinach, peas and potatoes mixed in. It’s a mix both you and your dog will love!

2. TruDog Feed Me Beef All Natural Organic Dog Food

Trudog’s Feed Me Beef brand certainly lives up to the hype. It’s freeze-dried meat that’s just that: meat. There are no fillers, preservatives, grains or anything else in this slice of doggy heaven. Just yummy beef and organ meats that provide your pup with all the delicious, nutritious food they love.

Made with free-range, grass-fed, Wisconsin USDA-certified beef, this dog food is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. Additionally, Tru Dog food is freeze-dried, locking in the nutrients and allowing for light storage and easy toting when you’ve got to travel.

All you need to do is add water to rehydrate the food, then serve it up to your dog. Pups are sure to love this natural, protein-packed beef bonanza.

3. Castor and Pollux Organix Dry Dog Food

The Organix brand promotes pet health and United States-based farmers, using produce farmed only in America. What’s more, it’s made with 100 percent organic ingredients that your dog actually needs.

Chicken, quinoa, oatmeal, flaxseed, blueberries — the list goes on. Each ingredient serves a purpose, giving your dog natural antioxidants to promote heart health. This brand is available in a wide variety of flavors to keep your pup guessing at dinnertime.

Does your dog need to lose a bit of weight? Castor and Pollux offers up a weight-loss formula as well. The formula has reduced fat and a whole slew of fruits and vegetables. This will help your dog shed those pounds. Combine it with natural and organic dog food and your pet will be of pristine health.

III. Why Your Pet Needs Natural and Organic Dog Food

Before you make the switch to either one, it’s important to know the difference between these two products.

According to Petsmart, organic dog food comes from organically-grown produce. It has to meet all the same guidelines as does human food to be considered organic: No antibiotics, no hormones, no chemical pesticides, no preservatives, and no GMO ingredients. Natural dog food is food that has no preservatives, no colorings, no added flavorings, and has not been chemically processed.

Your furry friend deserves to eat the best food possible. At first glance, it may seem that organic dog food is the same food you buy already, but with a higher price tag.

Higher Price for Added Benefits

While it does have a higher price tag, the Organic Authority reports that organic dog food also provides your pup with numerous benefits.

These include clearing up skin problems and allergies. Dogs are often mildly to severely allergic to chemical ingredients or pesticides in the food we give them. When they eat organic food, they are no longer exposed to these toxins.

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Easier digestion is also a great side-effect of both organic and natural food. Without artificial flavors and colorings, your dog’s digestion can move better, making for a happier hound with a healthier system.

A faster-moving digestive system will help keep your dog active, maintaining a healthy heart, organs, joints and bones. Your pup may just live longer — and happier — because of it.

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