How To Let Your Baby Play With Puppy Safely

Babies and puppies are those who need adult’s care because they both don’t know the way to protect themselves. As a result, if you want to take care of your baby and look after the puppy in the same house, you need to be careful and have your method to let them play together safely.

The first essential thing you have to do is to care about this problem early. Kids and puppies learn things quickly, so you can teach them to step by step from the first day they meet each other. If you do this well, your baby and your puppy will be best friends. It’s not difficult to help your baby and your puppy closer.

9 Things You Need To Do To Let Your Baby Play With Puppy Safely

1. Keep your puppy always clean

You don’t know when your baby comes closer to the puppy. Every thing on your dog’s hair can easily cling to your kid’s body including dog fleas and dirty things, which can cause serious harm to your kid and your pet’s health. So, take a bath for the dog every 2-3 days, especially long haired dogs.

2. Let the puppy get used to your kid step by step

  • First, let the puppy and the baby in the same room regularly so that the puppy can make an acquaintance of your kid, then they will be friends.
  • Guide your baby to touch the puppy gently as you do
  • If the puppy comes to play with your baby first, it’s easier to let them make friends together

Don’t worry, if your kid likes the puppy, they will be friends soon.

3. Don’t allow your kid to approach the puppy while he or she is sleeping

Your dog will be startled and hurt anyone approaching him/her when he/she’s sleeping. This will make it harder to get the baby and the puppy is friends.

4. Don’t let your kids take anything out of your puppy’s mouth

If your kid tries to take a toy or anything else from the dog, he/she will consider your kid his/her hostile and try to take it back. Then, your puppy will hate your kid and anytime they meet each other, and a battle will begin.

5. Don’t let the puppy chase your kid

Your baby is probably too young to understand how to play with puppies, so if your puppy chases after your baby, it will be dangerous for your kid because the puppy can make the baby fall, which he/she may not mean to. On the other hand, your kid can tumble onto the puppy.

6. Keep both the baby and the puppy in your sight

Puppies are unable to distinguish between playing and teasing. If the dog becomes uncomfortable, they may bite anyone due to they lack understanding. So, train your dog before letting he/she play with your baby without your attendance.

7. Maintain the dog’s affection when training

Dogs are a highly flocked animal, and when not living in their community, humans are the only “fulcrum” that helps it to balance the mind.

Although it is impossible to understand human language, the dog can feel the real feelings that you have for him/her. By sincere feelings, you will get your puppy’s love, which can gradually lose the suspicion, alertness, and loneliness of its instinct when not living with the other.
Therefore, the puppy will be friendly to you and your baby as well

8. Sterilize the dog when he/she’s 5 months

This will help the dog’s personality become good-natured, which makes it safer to let him/her play with the baby.

9. Teach your baby to get away from the puppy when he/she seems to be aggressive

If you realize that the puppy barks too much or bites something, don’t let the baby come close to him/her. Just hold your baby and keep him/her far away from that dog.


Personality of the puppy depends a lot on the breed, so when raising puppies you should choose easy-going dog breeds such as Bulldogs, Chihuahua, Japanese poodles, Pekingese. Moreover, you should get your puppy vaccinated before you bring them home.
Making your kid and your puppy friends helps your dog become closer to your family and helps your baby love animals as well. It’s funny to see your baby plays with the puppy:

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