The Ultimate List Of Hunting Dog Names: Proper Hunting Names

Choosing a name for your new pet isn't easy.

You want something that reflects the personality of both yourself and your dog.

And you better pick something you'll love for years down the road because when it comes to hunting dog names, you're going to be yelling it a lot when you're out on a hunt.

Although this is absolutely not a definitive list, log of hunting dog names can help spark your interest and get your mind moving down the right path.

If you don't feel some inspiration after reading this list, the internet cannot help you.

The Best Hunting Dog Breeds

a set of photos of five different hunting dog breeds which suit strong hunting dog names

Although all dogs are amazing, not all dog breeds make the best hunting partners.

Before you browse the list of hunting dog names, you need to make sure you line up the best breed for your personal hunting needs.

Take your game and style into consideration. Are you usually on-the-move? Or do you set up for hours on a stake out?

You'll want to select the right breed to vibe with your personality, too.


Setters are great for a variety of game hunting – especially duck – because they point. These dogs also make great companions and have a very subtle temperament.


When it comes to hunting dogs, Labrador retrievers take the cake. These dogs do great in cold weather climates and are in it for the long haul. They'll never leave your side – other than to retrieve your kill – which makes them ideal for a variety of small game and birds.


The Weimaraner is an absolutely beautiful breed: they have a silky gray coat and unique sleek look. This breed is excellent for hunting birds like duck and quail. And speed: the Weimaraner is fast yet calm making it an excellent hunting partner.


Although they're small, beagles make loyal hunting dogs for small game and birds. Whatever you're chasing, your beagle is sure to be right by your side – and maybe far ahead of you – the entire time.


The pointer is an iconic hunting dog. Their elegant pose and beautiful coat make pointers perfect for hunting birds and small game in all kinds of weather (except maybe snow).

The Ultimate List of Hunting Dog Names

an alert beagle in the green field and ideal to get any sharp hunting dog names

When choosing your dog's name, think about your activities. Where will you and your dog be hanging out? What will you be doing?

If you can, pick a name with deep or sharp sounds that will carry when you're in the great outdoors with the wind blowing. This way, your dog will hear it from a very long distance.

  1. Agate
  2. Arrow
  3. Ash
  4. Ashton
  5. Aspen
  6. Atlas
  7. Avon
  8. Baron
  9. Bart
  10. Bay
  11. Bear
  12. Birch
  13. Bisbee
  14. Boomer
  15. Boron
  16. Bow
  17. Brew
  18. Brock
  19. Brook
  20. Buck
  21. Buckeye
  22. Bud
  23. Buzz
  24. Camper
  25. Carbon
  26. Cedar
  27. Christie
  28. Chrome
  29. Clutch
  30. Clyde
  31. Coal
  32. Colt
  33. Colton
  34. Comet
  35. Copper
  36. Cork
  37. Cypress
  38. Darby
  39. Diamond
  40. Douglas
  41. Duff
  42. Duke
  43. Eden
  44. Evan
  45. Fable
  46. Fern
  47. Flint
  48. Forrest
  49. Gem
  50. Grant
  51. Gulch
  52. Haley
  53. Hawk
  54. Hawkeye
  55. Hawthorn
  56. Hazel
  57. Holly
  58. Homer
  59. Hopper
  60. Huck
  61. Hummer
  62. Iron
  63. Jacob
  64. Jade
  65. Jager
  66. Jameson
  67. Jasper
  68. Jenna
  69. Jerry
  70. Jet
  71. Jewel
  72. Jones
  73. June
  74. Kelly
  75. Kodiak
  76. Larch
  77. Laurel
  78. Lawson
  79. Legend
  80. Mable
  81. Maple
  82. Mercury
  83. Mica
  84. Molson
  85. Mossberg
  86. Oak
  87. Oakley
  88. Obsidian
  89. Olive
  90. Onyx
  91. Pioneer
  92. Plum
  93. Quartz
  94. Rain
  95. Rambler
  96. Rebel
  97. Remington
  98. Rider
  99. Rocky
  100. Roman
  101. Ruger
  102. Sage
  103. Savage
  104. Scott
  105. Scout
  106. Sequoia
  107. Shadow
  108. Sierra
  109. Skarn
  110. Skeet
  111. Slate
  112. Smith
  113. Soldier
  114. Spark
  115. Stan
  116. Sugar
  117. Thunder
  118. Tiger
  119. Wesson
  120. Yukon

Choosing the Best Name for Your Hunting Dog

a hunting dog pointer carrying a bird in his mouth, perfect to be called any strong hunting dog names

Although you might have a great idea for a name in your head, you might change your mind upon meeting your new dog.

Does the name suit them? Does it suit you?

No one wants to change their dog's name if they get sick of hearing it or saying it. Try to avoid trendy or cheesy names you won't like a few years down the road. Plus, you don't want to confuse your dog by changing his or her name.

What do you think? Are there any hunting dog names missing from the list?

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