How to Use a Dog Clipper as a Beginner

best-dog-clipperWell-groomed dogs really look adorable, but you would definitely agree that you will need to spend money to have your dog groomed by a professional dog groomer. The reason for this is because you need to have some skills in order to be able to groom a dog. You would also need to be able to know how to use the grooming tools so that you can clip the dog’s fur or hair correctly. However, if you really wish to save on the dog grooming cost, you can always learn how to groom your pet and use the dog clippers even just on a beginner level at first. This article will show you how to use a dog clipper as a beginner. Just follow the step-by-step process below.


1. Pick out the best dog clipper.

Dog clippers come in various types, blades and weight. You must pick out a dog clipper that can work best for your pet’s breed. In terms of blades, you should get the FC blades as these are ideal for beginners. You should get the #3 blade if you prefer longer hair for your dog. On the other hand, you should go for the #5 blade since this is safer if you want shorter hair for your pet. Be sure to use a lightweight dog clipper that is easy to use so that your hands don’t get tired very quickly. Moreover, buy a dog clipper that does not work noisily as this will help your pet stay calm during the trimming process.

2. Prepare yourself and your dog.

You as well as your dog will need to become accustomed to the clipper before you can start grooming your dog. At first, read the user’s manual very carefully. Turn the clipper “on” and “off’ several times and examine how you can hold and use it with ease. You should show it to your dog as well so that he becomes familiar with the clipper and its sound before you finally trim him.

3. Find a spacious room or area.

You will need to find a space where you can trim your dog safely and comfortably. There should be enough space for both of you to move freely since you will have to move here and there while trimming your dog. Avoid places that can distract you or your dog so that you can prevent injuries during the trimming process.

4. Wash your pet.

Make sure that your dog’s coat is free from any dirt before trimming. Wash and dry it. After which, brush it thoroughly. Get rid of every tangle so that you can trim your dog’s coat as smoothly as

5. Start using the clipper.

After turning the clipper on, you can now begin the trimming process. Be sure to move the clipper in a relaxed manner. You should begin trimming from the uppermost part of your dog’s head to his chest.

6. Trim the back and both sides.

You may now trim the back part, including the right side and the left side of your pet’s body. Make sure to trim these areas evenly. Move the clipper from the back part of your pet’s neck to his rear and from his shoulders to his rear. Keep on trimming in the same direction.

7. Have a quick break.

Pause for a few minutes to take a rest and cool the clipper blades.  Praise your pet for behaving well and cooperating. You can either wait for the blade to cool or replace it. Repeat this step a few times for your own convenience as well as your dog’s and to prevent the blade from getting too

8. Proceed with the areas around your pet’s chest and tummy.

Move the clipper around the chest, and then try to continue around the tummy. Continue trimming these areas in a smooth manner.

9. Trim the legs with extra caution.

Remember, the skin in the leg area is not usually thick. That is why you must position the clipper in such a way that it does not cut your pet’s skin, especially in this area. For very thin skin, it is safe to use a pair of scissors to trim the hair. Make sure that the blade does not touch your pet’s dew claw as it can cut it and hurt your dog.

Grooming your dog with the use of a dog clipper can be challenging at first, but it will be easy as pie once you get the hang of it. It just needs practice and time. Keep practicing and learning more techniques on how to make use of dog clippers. When you do so, you will make progress as time goes by and be able to work like a professional dog groomer.

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