6 Easy Steps to Build Your Own Dog House

Dog's house on grass in the garden with wooden fence and apple tree

Having a pet dog is not only fulfilling for your family, but for your health as well. According to Dr. Bradley Smith and other researchers, there are significant ways that having a pet could improve your life quality. You could begin with companionship. In terms of health, do you know that children with dogs have 50 percent lower probability of being overweight?


Besides the given benefits above, you could expect more by having a dog, such as social capital, nurturing, and empathy. ApparenIt just seems right, then, to give back by taking care of him or her properly. You could begin with building his or her house.

It is logical to do so, especially in changing the weather. Among the tips in keeping your dog warm during winter is making a warm house for him or her. It is not enough to simply put him in a large space. Large rooms would not even make dogs warm due to lots of cold air.

Instead of buying a dog house for your pet, why not consider building it yourself? By doing so, you could save more money and even have a fun time.

1. Have a Plan and Get the Materials

You could obtain and print plans which are available online. On the other hand, if you think you have the edge to design it yourself, regardless of whether you have construction background or not, you may draw the basic sketches yourself.


Dog owners are generous enough to post their house plans which you could use as guides for the DIY project. You could choose from different designs, such as cabin, simple framework, ladder-included palace, ranch, and contemporary interior and exterior. While considering the plan for the dog house, try looking into pet fences which may be useful while your beloved awaits his or her place.

Remember to make a dog house that is big enough to accommodate your pet’s growing size. According to experts, there must be at least one-third of the dog’s standing height comfort zone set in the house. This would enable them to sit, stand up, or stretch out at ease.

The materials you would likely need include plywood. Wood is mostly used for it could keep your dog cooler in the summer and warmer during snow time. You also need wood screws, low-VOC paint, roofing paper, roofing nails, and brush, among others.

Basically, you also need to prepare tools to cut, assemble, or connect the parts of the dog house. Consider looking for the best staple guns to ensure that you could finish the tasks right away minus the risk of poor fabrication.

2. Find a Perfect Location

It is recommended that the location of the dog house is not in constant with the ground. If you put the flat surface of the house exactly on the ground, your pet would easily become cold. Elevation is always the best option so the pet’s home could retain more heat.

3. Add Insulation Materials

Package of thermal insulation material rock wool is wrapped in foil.

The choice of materials for the dog house plays a major role in ensuring that the area is properly insulated. For instance, you could use polystyrene or Styrofoam sheets for the walls. The use of Styrofoam material has long been proven to insulate plywood. According to a U.S. Department of Energy study, spray foam could provide control layers for thermal, vapor, and air flow.

4. Make Surfaces Easy to Clean

The dog house is expected to be messy and would require ongoing maintenance. If you do not want to spend much time keeping the floor free from toxic substances or dirt, use carpeting. This would give you the perk of cleaning quickly.

For bedding, you could use old rugs or quilt. Alternatively, you may use straw nest, which is surely free from molds and clean. You could check if your pet prefers the material. You may start with putting old comforters as his or her bedding, since these are thick and cozy.

5. Keep Your Pet From Getting Wet


Rainy days would not be prevented. To guarantee that the house would not have leaks, you should make a slanting floor instead which is directed to the doorway. Also, make the roof marginally aslope as well.

If you could put the dog house in a location facing a different direction, you could protect it more effectively from storms. You would notice that most dog house plans face the east.

6. Do Not Use the Dog House Right Away

When you are done with the dog house construction and painting, you should allow the paint to dry completely in a day or two. This will keep your dogs from inhaling fumes inside his or her house. According to Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, animals are similarly susceptible to toxic threat, which may lead to circulatory disorders, respiratory issues, and even cancer.

Follow the steps given above and you would not only establish a perfect home for your dog, but you would also keep his or her life safeguarded as well.






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