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Cat trees are a great way to provide a small space in the home that your pets can call their own. They usually have one or more elevated sections, which allow your cats to get off the floor, which they love, and the best cat trees will have rope covered posts for scratching and little cat houses, or condos, as well.


In this cat tree review, we will be looking at five of the top rated cat trees from one of the leading suppliers of cat furniture, Go Pet Club. If you would like to learn more about cat trees, read tips on how to choose the best cat trees for your pets, and see our reviews of 5 top rated cat trees on the market today.

I. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Go Pet Club is one of the best-known manufacturers of cat furniture and they supply a huge range of different styles and sizes of cat trees. The company has been supplying cat furniture in the US since 2003 and their range now includes everything from pet cooling mats and pet crates to the famous Go Pet Club cat trees.

We like Go Pet Club trees, because there is such a huge range of designs and sizes to choose from and because they consistently offer good value across the entire range. Their products are well designed, good quality, and they have a good reputation for customer service too.

Here is our selection of five our favourite Go Pet Club cat trees:

II. 5 Top Rated Go Pet Club Cat Tree Reviews

1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree - 72 in.


The Go Pet Club 72 inch Cat Tree is one of Go Pet Club’s good cat trees and it is ideal for multiple cats. It’s quite tall, at 72 inches, but is sleek too, so it doesn’t take up as much space as you might have thought.

This Go Pet Club cat tree has three upper perches, two good sized condos with ample space for lounging in, two ramps, and ten posts, all of which are covered in sisal rope. The condos and the platforms are covered in a plush faux fur that feels soft and warm to the touch. This model comes in a choice of two colour schemes; light beige or a more striking blue with white posts.

Despite its height, this Go Pet Club cat tree is surprisingly sturdy. The main parts are made out of a plywood type of material and the base is a good size. If you had a very large cat playing on one of the top perches, the cat tree might wobble a bit, but that is to be expected with any cat furniture of this size. See our recommendation for the best cat tree for large cat

We found the assembly of this model quite straight forward and the instructions are fairly easy to follow. It took about half an hour to assemble.

Overall, we liked the Go Pet Club 72 inch Cat Tree. It has plenty of features to make it interesting for cats and it is big enough for multiple cats to play and sleep on at the same time.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to assemble
  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Lots of different levels
  • Good sized cat condos
  • Plenty of scratching posts

Things We Disliked

  • The tools that come with three are not very good - we used our own
  • Not suitable for a damp environment

2. Go Pet Club 52 in. Cat Tree Furniture Beige


The Go Pet Club 52 inch cat tree is another best Go Pet Club cat tree range. The cat tree is made of compressed wood, sisal covered posts, and the platforms and the condo are covered in beige faux fur.

At ground level, there is faux fur covered base to keep the unit stable, three columns that support the next level, and a climbing board that cats can use to clamber up the second level. The condo, which sits on the second level, provides a nice warm house for cats to curl up in and, above that, there are two, reasonably sized perches.

All of the posts on this Go Pet Club cat tree are covered in hard-wearing sisal rope, so they are perfect for scratching at. We would say that this cat tree would suitable for small to medium sized cats.

Assembly took us about half an hour and we found the instructions easy to follow. Once again, we found that the tools that were supplied with the cat tree weren’t really up to the job, but that’s no big deal, we just used our own tools.

We liked the 52inch cat tree from Go Pet Club. It’s sturdy and it’s more compact than the 72-inch model, so you could use it in a smaller room. This is nice and neat cat tree from Go Pet Club.

Things We Liked

  • Great little cat tree for one, or maybe two cats
  • Compact size would suit small room
  • It’s prefect play furniture for a single cat
  • Scratching posts are well made
  • Sturdy and stable

Things We Disliked

  • Parts needs to be screwed together tightly or it will wobble
  • The number of scratching posts is slightly limited
  • Very small cats might find it difficult to climb up to the perches
  • Top platforms could do with being be just a little bit larger

3. Go Pet Club Cat Tree 47.5 in. Brown, F49


The Go Pet Club 47.5 Cat Tree is one of the smallest in the Go Pet Club cat tree range. It has a very simple and slim design, which would make it a good cat tree for an older cat who wants to relax more than they want to play. The small size also means that it would fit neatly into the corner of a small room.

The cat tree has a middle platform with a small condo and two upper perches, all of which are covered in a lovely chocolate brown faux fur. There is also a great little ladder leading up from the ground floor to the condo and three scratching posts that are covered with sisal rope.

This model is probably the sturdiest of all the Go Pet Club cat trees, thanks to its low height and its broad base. It would easily hold heavy cats, although the condo is a little bit on the small size for very large cats.

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree 47.5 inch is easy to put together. You could probably complete the assembly in less than 15 minutes. The only tricky bit was the ladder, which is just a bit awkward to fit.

Overall, this would be a great cat tree for one or two laid back cats and it is ideal if you want a cat tree but don’t have a huge amount of space.

Things We Liked

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Stable enough for large cats
  • Doesn’t take up too much space
  • Fits neatly into the corner of a room
  • Perches large enough for a cat to sleep on
  • Lovely, soft, chocolate brown faux fur

Things We Disliked

  • Condo a bit small for very large cats
  • The toy mouse is easily detached

4. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture, 74-Inch, Black/Brown


The Go Pet Club 74inch cat tree in black and brown is a wonderful cat tree with so many features that your cats will never get bored of it. This Go Pet Club cat tree has four elevated levels, a good sized condo and two cute cradles too. It even comes with fake leaves that wrap around the posts to give a jungle castle feel.

The cat tree is covered in a cool looking combination of black and brown faux fur and there are plenty of scratching posts covered in natural sisal rope. This is a big cat tree. It stands at 74 inches tall, so that’s getting pretty close to the floor to ceiling. It will easily accommodate multiple cats, and it is strong enough to hold them too.

Despite its size, the Go Pet Club 74 inch cat tree was surprisingly easy to assemble. Even with all those different levels, it only took us about half an hour to fit all the pieces together. Because it is so tall, you will get a bit of wobble if cats are playing on the top levels, but it will stay upright.

This is a great cat tree if you have more than one cat in your family, and it has plenty of space for cats to sleep and play. It is big, though, so it will take up a lot of space if you put it in a small room.

Things We Liked

  • Lots of levels and features
  • Ideal for multiple cats
  • Surprisingly stable for such a tall cat tree
  • We loved the leaves!
  • Good sized platforms and condo

Things We Disliked

  • A bit wobbly when cats are on the top perches
  • May be too big for a small room
  • The base could do with being a bit heavier
  • We would have preferred all the posts to have been rope covered (some are faux fur covered)

5. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Leopard Print


leopard print covered Go Pet Club cat tree with sisal rope covered posts. The Go Pet Club 72 inch leopard print tree has five elevated platforms, two condos and more than enough space for a number of cats to play and sleep on.

We found the assembly of this model relatively easy; it only took about half an hour. You do have to make sure that you tighten the screws well, though, or you will find that the top sections will wobble. The cat tree is made out of good quality materials, like compressed wood, soft, leopard print faux fur, and tough sisal wood on the scratching posts.

One thing that we really liked about this cat tree was that the way that the various platforms, condos and perches are laid out makes it the perfect place for cats that like to climb and clamber to play. For those cats that prefer to take it easy, there are plenty of good sized perches to lounge on as well.

Overall, this is a very well designed cat tree that would be ideal in a home that has a number of cats and a room big enough for a six-foot tall cat tree.

Things We Liked

  • Well designed – great for playing on
  • Perfect for the multi-cat home
  • Stylish looking, leopard print faux fur
  • Surprisingly easy to assemble
  • Highly recommended by customers
  • Pretty stable for a six foot high cat tree

Things We Disliked

  • Smells of glue when first opened, but that wears off
  • May be too large for some homes
  • Takes up quite a lot of space

III. Conclusion

We hope that you found our reviews of these cat trees that we selected for you from the Go Pet Club cat tree range useful. Each cat tree we have chosen is slightly different in design and size and will suit different sized rooms. We chose to focus on Go Pet Club products in this post, because they are one of the most popular cat trees on the market and we have always found them to be good quality pieces of cat furniture.

If you would like to learn more about how to select the best cat tree for your pets and read some more reviews, please don’t forget to visit our Best Cat tree Reviews – Best Cat furniture for Your Pet


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