E-Collar Reviews: Educate Your Dog With E-Collar Training


Does your pup need lessons on how to dog correctly? It can be difficult and time-consuming to train a young puppy, but they all need to be taught the basics.

Likewise, you may have picked up a rescue or an older dog that hasn’t been trained at all. These dogs need special care and attention, not to mention a big dose of love.

Even if you’ve had your dog for years, he or she may need a refresher course. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that’s a pretty antiquated saying in an age where the E-Collar is readily available for purchase. This product makes training easy on both you and your dog.

E-Collar Goes Above and Beyond Other Brands

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What exactly is an E-Collar?

The concept is simple. An E-Collar is a device that fits around your dog’s neck just like a traditional collar. It’s connected to you, the owner, via a wireless remote control. When you press a button, the E-Collar sends a message via physical stimulation to your dog.

There are a few other collars like this on the market. The E-Collar is special in the way that it sends the message. The majority of electronic collars send an uncomfortable electric shock up your pup’s neck. The E-Collar mimics the feeling of the gentle taps or hands on the dog’s neck.

Why Would You Want This?

E-Collar is a more effective training tool than a normal “shock collar”, because a shock collar is a form of violent positive punishment. Positive punishment is where you add something to the training routine to instill values and encourage your dog to behave, such as an electric shock.

Many people use this method. It includes hitting, yelling, and aggression on the part of the owner. According to Real Clear Science, studies indicate that this is counterproductive for the relationship between you and your best friend.

Positive Punishment

Not only does it cause your dog to distrust you, it ultimately produces an environment of fear rather than love. On the other hand, the E-Collar uses a nonviolent form of positive punishment, which Psychology Today claims is more effective than violence.

When your dog does what he or she is supposed to do, or completes some part of the training correctly, you send a loving positive stimulus. E-Collar training encourages your pup while fostering a loving relationship between the two of you.

Different Products to Fit Your Needs and the Needs of Your Pet

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No matter what your needs are, E-Collar has a collar that’s right for you. E-Collar offers up a wide variety of products for the whole range of dogs.

For puppies and sensitive rescues, try one of their normal training models, like this Educator mini. This has a range of half a mile, allowing you to train from afar or up close. Other models have a wider range. You can choose which one is best for your dog. It has adjustable sensations, allowing you to give a more intense stimulus or a gentler one depending on your dog’s needs.

Palvorian Tone

[amazon box="B007RBDUTS"]

This [amazon link="B007RBDUTS" title="Educator Mini"] comes with a secondary training mechanism, the Pavlovian Tone. This is a high-pitched tone you can play at the press of a button, allowing the dog to associate the tone with certain actions or the stimulation. It’s a great tool to use with your dog. Eventually you may be able to wean them off the physical stimulation altogether.

Dogs trained with these models tend not to experience and react with fear. They exhibit positive responses to training, making them easier to train and more fun to be around.

After-Dark Training

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For hunting dogs, try the [amazon link="B009PVKZ3W" title="Educator E-Collar"]. The HD models use a wider range of a mile, and are optimized to allow after-dark training. This will help once you take your dog out on the field. There are models available to aid in training and tracking of game and catching of fowl.

The transmitter floats and the whole system is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your dog getting it wet. The Educator HD Upland allows you to track and see your dog once he or she is beyond your line of sight, ensuring safety at night.

Special Niche Training

[amazon box="B00R57AHKO"]

E-Collar also has a line of collars designed for working dogs like the [amazon link="B00R57AHKO" title="Educator Pro"]. This system is designed for dogs who will be working in the field. It is an extremely advanced trainer, suitable for dogs who aspire (or whose owners aspire for them) to go into specified niches to work alongside field staff.

E-Collars are incredibly versatile trainers. You can buy models that support between 1-4 dogs at once, allowing you to train all your pups at the same time. Whether you’ve got puppies, rescues or future career dogs, E-Collar is the most humane choice for a healthy dog.

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