Best Dog Stroller Reviews And Buyer guide

Are you and your pup hankering for a day out on the town?

All that walking can put a lot of strain on your dog. Especially if you like to go the distance, fido may not be able to keep up with you.

It may be well worth it to invest in the best dog stroller. These handy devices take the stress of walking off your dog, so he or she will be able to travel along with you without the risk of overexertion.

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A dog stroller can provide a safety net as well. Many dogs can get nervous in city streets or around large crowds. Having them in a stroller gives a secure and comfortable environment for your pet to relax in.

So how do you know which stroller is the perfect one for both of you?

According to Gallup, nearly half of Americans own dogs. We’re all into different activities, so it makes sense that there are strollers on the market suitable for everyone.

Be it hiking, jogging, or long-distance traveling, we’ve got you covered with the best dog strollers to fit every need.

Comparison Table

Outdoor Exploration on Rugged Terrain

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Going hiking is a perfect activity to do with your dog. If you want to spend all day out on the trail, you’ll need a safe place for your pet to relax when they get tuckered out.

You don’t want to be limited to paved hiking paths, so it’s important to find a dog stroller that has all-terrain tires, as well as adequate protection for your bestie.

The winner is the Pet Gear No-Zip NV, checking out at around 200 dollars retail price. Why does this stroller make the grade for all-terrain fun?

1. Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller

Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller for Cats/Dogs, Zipperless Entry, Easy...
  • Easy-locking No-Zip entry; no struggling with zippers!
  • Elevated paw rest and panoramic view window
  • 12" gel-filled tires ride like air won't go flat!


  • Air ride tire technology: The tires are the most important part of a stroller, especially if you want to take it off-road. Rubber tires filled with air are more durable than those made of plastic, allowing you to navigate over rough trails with ease. This stroller also comes with its own air pump for when the tires get low!

  • Weather cover: Anything can happen out on the trail. That means you need a stroller equipped with adequate protection for your furry friend. The NV comes with a weather cover to shield fido from discomfort should a storm begin while you are out.
  • Pet Comfort: This stroller has an all-around mesh cover for a nice view. It has an elevated paw rest so smaller dogs can prop themselves up and take in the surroundings, as well as a comfortable bolster pad. This stroller is suitable for dogs up to 70 pounds.

Traveling with Your Dog in Style

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Traveling on airplanes, trains and buses with your dog can be a hassle, especially if he or she is prone to nerves while traveling. You want something that provides comfort for your pet, with a relaxing interior.

Allowing your dog to be shielded from the overstimulation that often accompanies traveling is vital to their safety and health. It’s also vital that a travel stroller be convenient for you, the owner.

Fortunately, the Pet Gear I-G02 Traveler Plus has arrived, and it’s looking beautiful.

2. Pet Gear I-G02 Traveler Plus

Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack, Travel Carrier, Car Seat for...
  • Five products in one; carrier, car seat, backpack, roller bag and tote
  • Included tether can be attached to your pet's harness for extra safety
  • Telescoping handle stores out of the way just like a suitcase

  • Weight and ease of use: Weighing in at just over 7.5 pounds, this stroller is easy to use for multiple purposes. It’s adjustable to wear as a backpack, use as a stroller, or tote around in your hands.
  • Travel convenience: The I-G02 is approved as an airline carry-on bag, meaning you won’t have to pay any extra fees to get it on board an airplane. It’s loaded with pockets and zippers to put n all your dog’s favorite toys, treats and other necessities.
  • Pet comfort: This stroller has a comfy fleece liner, as well as inside tethers to ensure the safety of your dog while traveling. It’s useable for dogs up to 25 pounds, and is a breeze to set up and use.

Jogging and City Strollers for a Smooth Ride

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Like to take your dog for a run out in the city? You want a dog stroller that delivers a hassle-free jaunt for the both of you. That means comfort and ease, so you won’t have to break your pace to fix any issues.

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The Gen7Pets Jogger pet stroller is perfect for those that want to sprint through the city at high speeds, without worrying about the safety of their pet stroller. For 175 dollars, you’ll be racing to the checkout line.

3. Gen7Pets Jogger Stroller

Gen7Pets Jogger Pet Stroller, Blue
  • Pet Stroller: The G7 Jogger Pet Stroller holds up to 75 lbs.; Its Smart-Canopy keeps pets safely inside, or expose and...
  • Smart, Secure, Stylish: Designed for convenience, this stroller comes with a ton of storage space and folds flat with...
  • Approved By Best Friends: Gen7Pets full line of products includes pet strollers, carriers, ramps, and steps with...

  • Designed for speed: The front wheel has ball-bearings, allowing you to race unrestricted across pavement. They can also be locked for off-road experiences. 
  • Ease of use: Useable for pets up to 75 pounds. You can easily fold the Gen7Pets Jogger to store in your car and garage.
  • Pet comfort: Includes drink trays for you and food trays for your dog! Includes tethers for your dog’s safety and comfort while jogging. Shock absorbers help keep your pet comfy and safe.

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