List Of Great Dog Shop Stores in Washington

1. Petco


If you have ever been to a Petco before, then you will know that they stock just about everything a pet owner could ever need, and this relatively new Petco in the Hecht building complex is no exception to that.

The store is clean, well laid out, and it wasn’t at all overcrowded. It’s also a very big store, given its city location, which is in the same building Mom’s Organic Supermarket. There are parking spaces available above the store, which were free when I visited, although I think that may change. There are also a few parking spaces available on the Mom’s Organic Supermarket side of the building. If you park your car over in the corner just above Petco, near the gates, you’ll be close to the elevator that takes you right into the store.

The staff at the store are very helpful and friendly, but not pushy like they can be in some of the larger stores. The store is also big enough so that there is plenty of choice and they don’t run out of stock of things very often.

This is a great pet store, in a very convenient location.

1503 New York Ave Ne
Washington, DC
(202) 777-4390
Monday through Saturday: 09-9 p.m.
Sunday: 10-07 p.m

2. The Cheeky Puppy

The Cheeky Puppy

The Cheeky Puppy is an absolutely wonderful pet store and the store owner is a lovely person. This dog shop in Washington DC has some amazing and very trendy pet products and some great doggie pictures and ornaments too.

I actually visited The Cheeky Puppy to buy a nice, wholesome treat for my puppy and the owner suggested that I try dried cod skin. I’d never bought dried cod skin and it sounded a bit gross, but the owner assured me that pup would love it. So, I bought a sample bag, which was really quite cheap, just to try it out. The store also sells larger bags too. When I gave the dried cod skins to my puppy, she loved it, so I will definitely be going back to The Cheeky Puppy for a bigger bag very soon!

The Cheeky Puppy is a great dog shop that is bursting amazing doggie products. The owner is so helpful and her adorable Labradoodle is so cute too! I love this shop and I urge you to check it out and support this wonderful local dog shop!

1709 Connecticut Ave NW
Dupont Circle at R St NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 621-8868
Monday through Friday: 12-8 p.m.
Saturday: 10-6 p.m
Sunday: 10-5 p.m

3. The Big Bad Woof

The Big Bad Woof is a local pet shop that stocks a wide variety of pet supplies and food. This store also works with local rescue organizations, which is great, and they hold regular in-store workshops and pet adoption events to help find rescue dogs new homes. The workshops cover everything from pet health and nutrition to pet training, and they are really useful and informative.

The store is well laid out and the people in the store are friendly and attentive, but they do allow you to just roam around and browse if that’s what you want to do. They are also very knowledgeable and they are happy to give you help and advice when you need it.

The store is well stocked with loads of toys, accessories, handmade pet treats, and a huge variety of pet foods. They also stock a good range of all-natural and organic pet food and snacks.
Parking is fairly easy. There are some parking spaces nearby that The Big Bad Woof shares with some of the other businesses that are in the same building.

This is a nice, friendly local pet store that holds workshops and adoption events too. Highly recommended!

6960 Maple St NW, Washington DC 20012
202.291.2404 | 301.403.8957
Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm | Sun 9am – 6pm

4. Kriser’s Natural Pet

Kriser’s Natural Pet

I really can’t praise this dog store enough! Kriser’s Natural Pet Shop is so bright and cheerful; it puts a smile on your face as soon as you walk in. They have a great selection of pet supplies, including a wonderful range of treats, which my dog just adores. I bought some fish skin sticks for my dog and they only cost about $1.50 each, in a package of 10, so I’ll be going back again!

krisers natural pet
This is a dog store that only sells high quality products, so the prices might be a bit higher than you would find in other pet stores in Washington, DC, but as we all know, you get what you pay for. However, I did notice that a one gallon jug of Nature’s Miracle cleaner was more than $5.00 cheaper than I had paid at Unleashed just a few days earlier.

I am more than happy to recommend Kriser’s Natural Pet to pet owners, and not just because it’s a lovely looking store. I recommend it because the workers there are so helpful too. There’s also plenty of street parking nearby!

2501-A N Harrison St
Arlington, VA 22207
703 534 0690
9:00-8:00 Mon-Sat
10:00-7:00 Sun

5. Fido and Kitty’s World


I found this pet store completely by chance when I was walking by and I hadn’t even realized that it had opened. Fido and Kitty’s World is quite a small shop, but that’s what you would expect from a boutique pet store, so that doesn’t worry me at all. When I visited, I was the only customer in the store, so we got great service. The lady that helped us was extremely knowledgeable and very friendly too.

Someone in another review of Fido and Kitty’s World said they had found cat food on the floor, but we didn’t see any. If there had been cat food lying around, I am sure that my dog would have soon spotted it!

There is a beautiful dog park out the back of the store, but unfortunately, we couldn’t use it, because my dog has separation issues, so we can’t leave him on his own for very long. I believe that you have to be a customer of the store to use the dog park.

The prices at Fido and Kitty’s World are probably slightly higher than they would be a big store, but I don’t mind paying more when you are getting such good service. In fact, I would say that the service at this store is ten times better than you could ever expect to get at Petco.

As I was only passing at the time, I only bought some dog chews on this visit, but I am certain that I will be going back to buy more soon.

4130 Georgia Ave, North West
Washington, DC 20011
Wait Confirm (Coming Soon)

6. District Dogs

As a first time puppy owner, I was really nervous about how my pup would behave when left on his own when I go out to work, because he is so young and he has never been left alone before. I was also concerned that he would be too small for dog walking. So, I contacted District Dogs for help and they sent over a really helpful young lady to meet my pup and talk to me about how they could help.

The answer was a daily visit from a dog walker, not to walk my dog, but to play with my pup, give him some treats, and let him outside to do what he needs to do. My pup absolutely loves his daily playtime sessions when I am at work. It means that he’s not left alone for too long and he has something to relieve the boredom.

Everyone at District Dogs has been so-super helpful. I am really grateful for all their help. Even when I had to cancel some puppy play sessions at the last minute, they rearranged everything for me and sorted everything put.

Huge thanks and love to District Dogs!

3210 Georgia Ave NW
Washington, DC 20010
202-813-3913 – Office Phone
Dog Daycare Hours
Monday – Friday: 7am – 9pm
Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 7pm
Dog Walking Regular Hours
Monday – Friday: 9:30am – 5pm
Saturday – Sunday: Upon availability

7. Howl To The Chief

You have plenty of choices when it comes to pet stores in Washington DC area, but Howl to the Chief is my absolute favorite! The store workers are friendly and they know all they need to know about the products that the store sells. The store stocks top quality dog food, and they deliver as well. You probably could buy pet supplies cheaper online, but I’d rather support a local business like this that helps out and supports a local rescue organization.

I also get my dog groomed at Howl to the Chief. They do a great job of grooming my dog and the prices are very reasonable too. I particularly like the way the dog groomer takes so much pride in what he does. I will be making them my regular dog groomer from now on and I’ll be buying my dog chews and dog food from this store too.

Howl To The Chief
733 8th Street SE
Washington, DC 20003
Mon – Fri: 10am – 8pm EST
Saturday: 10am – 7pm EST
Sunday: 10am – 6pm EST

Another Opinion


I like to support local business whenever I can and I really wanted to add Howl to the Chief to my list of favorite local pet stores, especially as they have regular pet adoption events. However, sadly, while I would encourage everyone to take part in the adoption events, I can’t recommend this as dog store.

The shop is so badly in need of repair that it has put me off going back there again. The ceiling is dirty and the back door by the canned cat food section is just a mess.

I hate giving bad reviews, but I will not be buying any pet food from this store until the shop has been cleaned up. I really do have some sanitation and cleanliness concerns about this store. My pets are like my family to me and I would not risk feeding food to my family that has been stored in unhygienic conditions. I’d be concerned about using their pet grooming services as well, for the same reasons.

It’s a real shame, because the store stocks healthy, natural foods, which I always like to buy, and a great range of other pet supply products too. I’m sorry, but, until the store gets cleaned up and has a bit of a face lift, I won’t be going back to Howl to the Chief.


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