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We also have some in depth reviews of pet products for you that will help you choose the best dog training collars, cat climbing trees, best wireless fences and much, much more.

In each review, we look closely at the functions and features of each product and give you our honest opinion of each one. We also give you some useful tips on how to select the best pet products for your particular pet.

Our Honest Product Review on The Cat Mate Pet Fountain


Introduction The Cat Mate Pet Fountain is a perfect device for cat owners who want their pets to have easy access to clean drinking water all the time. Aside from food, all living creatures also require an ample amount of water in order to stay healthy, and that includes your beloved pets too. Cats are […]

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Which is A Dog Collar for Big Necks?


If you have a dog that has big neck and small head, then you will know how hard it is to find a dog collar for big necks that is strong, effective and safe. The problem is not only finding a suitable collar that will fit a dog with a large neck; it’s also finding […]

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PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence Review


Introduction The PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence is relatively new addition to the PetSafe wireless dog fence range and it is an update on the aging old PetSafe Wireless PIF-300. This new, updated wireless dog fence has a number of brand new features. It has a greater range than the old system, improved boundary […]

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Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence Review


This Friendly Pet Dog Fence is Invisible Dog Fence TypeElectric dog fences fall into two main categories. There are those that use a radio signal to define the boundary and there are those that use a buried cord. The falls into the second category, which brings some distinct advantages over a cordless system, but it […]

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Review on Professional Heavy Duty Pet Grooming Clippers

Your pet’s coat or fur can really get too long and thick when you leave it untrimmed for a period of time, depending on its breed. However, regardless of its breed, your canine or feline pet truly deserves to be groomed every now and then not only for its health and beauty but also for […]

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