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Best Cat Tree for Large Cat Reviews in 2017

I. Introduction

Cat trees provide a little space in your home that your pets can call their own. They provide a place for cats to play and sleep and they also give cats high perches from which they can sit and watch the world go by.

In this cat tree review, we look at five of the best cat trees for large cats. These cat trees are well built, sturdy and they are large enough for a large cat to play and sleep on.

If you’d like to more about cat trees in general and how to go about selecting the best cat tree for your cat, take a look at our Best Cat Furniture for Your Pet review, where we discuss what the important things are to look for in a cat tree and what the main benefits of a cat tree are.

II. 5 Best Cat Tree for Large Cat Reviews.

Below, you will find five cat trees that we have selected as being suitable for large cats. They all have large platforms and at least one cat house that a large cat could fit comfortably into. The other criteria that makes a cat tree suitable for large cats are the stability, so we have chosen to review only those models that have a large enough base to be stable when a large cat climbs on them.

1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree - 72 inch


The Go Pet Club 72 inch Cat Tree is our choice of overall best cat tree for large cats. The cat tree has three, good sized elevated levels and two large condos that are certainly big enough for large cats. The tree is made out of a sturdy, plywood type of material that, when the tree has been fully assembled, will hold the weight of several large cats with no problem at all.

Assembling the Go Pet Club Cat Tree is straight forward and the instructions are clear and easy to understand. Putting the cat tree together may take a while, though, simply because it is so big and there are so many parts.

The platforms and the condos are covered with a soft faux fur, which is warm and inviting and fairly thick. The scratching posts are covered in natural sisal rope, which will stand up to a cat’s scratching and should tempt pets away from scratching at the furniture.

In summary, the Go Pet Club 72 inch Cat Tree has plenty of ramps, perches and condos to keep a cat interested and it is built with high quality materials. It’s big enough for multiple cats and sturdy enough to hold the weight of large cats.

2. Go Pet Club Cat Tree, Brown, F49


The Go Pet Club Cat Tree F49 is a much more compact cat tee than the 72 inch model we described above. This cat tree stands at 47.5 inches, has three elevated levels, and good sized condo on the first level.

We have rated this Go Pet Club model the best cat tree for large cats, in terms of value. The faux fur covering is soft and warm for cats and the condo is large enough for a big cat to comfortably sleep in. Because this cat tree has a larger base and is not as tall as some models, it is very stable, so even with some big, boisterous cats playing on it, it won’t topple over. Its relatively small size also makes it easier to move the cat tree from one location to another within the home.

Assembling the Go Pet Club Cat Tree F49 is easy and it comes with detailed instructions. The only thing that we found a bit tricky to put tougher was the ladder. Like all cat trees, it is important that you tighten the screws up tight; otherwise, you will find that the platforms can wobble.

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree F49 would make a great cat tree for a large cat and it is a lot less obtrusive than some of the taller cat tree models we have looked at.

3. Merax Cat House Activity Tree


Merax make some wonderfully interesting cat trees and this one looks more like a cat castle than a simple cat tree. One of the best cat trees for large cats, the Merax Cat House Activity Tree has lots of different levels for cats to play and perch on and it has two cat houses for when cats want to hide away.

The cat tree comes in a striking coffee and beige colour scheme with super-soft, high quality faux fur on the platforms and natural sisal rope on the scratching posts. The tree is well-built and sturdy, so it will hold heavy cats, and it’s very stable on the ground as well.

The Merax Cat House Activity Tree is quite large at 68.5 inches tall, but it will still fit neatly into the corner of a room. Most of the perches are a good size too, making it a suitable cat tree for a number of large cats. The activity tree is relatively straightforward to assemble, although the instructions could be a little bit clearer.

Overall, the Merax Cat House Activity Tree is a cat tree that cats will love to play on and most of the platforms are big enough for large cats to get some sleep on comfortably too.

4. Merax Cat Activity Tree Cat Tower with Condo/House


Our next pick of the best cat tree for large cats is another nice looking model from Merax. This one is 72 inches tall, so it’s ideal for large cats who love to climb up high. It has two cat condos. One is very large and is spacious enough for a cat to stretch out in, the other is much smaller in size, but still large enough for medium sized cat.

The platforms and the condos are covered in a soft, beige coloured faux fur and the many scratching posts are covered in hard-wearing sisal rope. The Merax Cat Activity Tree Cat Tower with Condo/House is quite easy to put together, but once again, the instructions could be made a little bit easier to understand.

The instructions aside, though, our overall impression of this model is that is a good and sturdy cat tree that will withstand large cats playing and sleeping on it. We also liked the beautiful beige colour of the faux fur, which would fit it in nicely in most people’s homes.

5. BestPet CT9073 Cat Tree Condo


Our final choice in our rundown of best cat tree for large cats is the BestPet CT9073 Cat Tree Condo, which is a three tier cat activity tree with two cat condos.

The cat tree is covered in a chocolate brown faux fur covering that is soft and warm. Inside the cat houses, there is fur on the floor, but we did note that there is not fur on the inside of the walls, not that it seemed to deter cats from curling up and going to sleep inside the house.

The tree reaches a total height of 73 inches, and there are plenty of platforms and ladders to keep cats amused. There are also three, rope covered, scratching poles towards the top of the tree that should help stop cats scratching at furniture.

The BestPet CT9073 Cat Tree Condo was about the easiest of all the cat trees that we have reviewed to assemble and the instructions were very easy to understand. When the tree is fully built, it is quite stable for such a tall cat tree as well.

This is nice looking and sturdy cat tree that cats will love to play on and it’s large enough and strong enough for large cats too.

Some Top Rated Heated Cat Houses from K&H Manufacturing

I. Introduction

Cats like to be their own boss and that means that they like to be free to roam outdoors, but when the weather gets cold, they still like to have a somewhere warm to snuggle up in and go to sleep and that’s where a heated cat house can make all the difference to a cat.

K&H Manufacturing is the largest and the best-known manufacturer of heated pet products in the US and they have been the first with many innovative new designs of heated cat houses. The K&H Manufacturing range of heated cat houses is one that offers exceptional design features and the highest quality and they are extremely well rated by pet owners.

Here’s our review of three of the top rated heated cat houses from K&H Manufacturing

II. Benefits of a Heated Cat House

Heated cat houses are designed for use on porches, in garages, barns or sheds. They provide a cat with warmth and comfort and a place that they can call their own. K&H Manufacturing heated cat houses have a number of design features that really stand out. They are made of high-quality materials, they are very easy to assemble, and they exceed all the usual safety standards for pet products of this nature.

A heated cat house makes the perfect home for cats that like to stay out and for feral cats that wouldn’t have it any other way. They provide a warm, dry and safe haven that will protect the cat from the elements and give them a bit of privacy. Most cats take to a heated cat house very quickly and they soon learn that it is a safe, warm place to curl up in a go to sleep. It means that if you do have a cat that stays outdoors, you won’t be so worried when the weather outside turns cold.

III. Reviews of 3 of the Best Heated Cat Houses

Below, we have taken a look at three of the top rated heated cat houses from K&H Manufacturing. The first two are made of weatherproof 600-denier Polyester, and the third one is made of hard wearing birch wood. All of them are extremely high quality heated cat houses.

1. K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House


The K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House is a beautifully made outdoor home that any cat will just love. The house is made of a hard wearing 600-denier Polyester that is weather resistant and it is insulated to keep out the cold. You can purchase this heated cat house with or without the heater, so if your cat just needs a bit of protection from the wind, there will be no need for the heated floor. If you do decide to purchase the heated floor as well, then that is a safety tested heated cat mat designed for outdoor use. The heated mat is a patented design that is thermostatically controlled and it’s soft and comfortable too. The K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House is well designed throughout. The roof hangs over the doorway to keep the weather out, there are removable door flaps for when the weather is particularly cold, and there are two doors, so your pet can’t get trapped inside by predators. The K&H Outdoor Kitty House will keep a cat warm and cosy, however, cold it gets outside.

2. K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Multi-Kitty A-Frame

K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Multi-Kitty A-Frame

The K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Multi-Kitty A-Frame has all the hallmarks of anther quality pet product from K&H Manufacturing. This heated cat house has an A-Frame design, making it more spacious inside than some of the other K&H Manufacturing heated cat houses. The house is made of waterproof, insulated nylon and it would be ideal for use in even the coldest weather. Like all the heated cat houses from K&H Manufacturing, this model is so easy to assemble. You just put the panels together using simple hook and loop fasteners. The heating mat is the patented K&H Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed, which is thermostatically controlled and only uses 20 Watts of power. The K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Multi-Kitty A-Frame is a great little outdoor heated cat house that a cat will love to call home.

3. K&H Manufacturing Birchwood Manor Kitty Home

Our final choice of top rated heated cat houses from K&H Manufacturing is slightly different from the first two because it is made out of birch wood and that means that you can decorate it to suit your own tastes. The K&H Birchwood Manor Kitty Home is a lovely looking cat house with two doors, each of which has transparent flaps to keep out the draughts. You can purchase the Manor Kitty Home with or without the heated cat mat, the Extreme Weather Kitty Pad Petit from K&H, which is a thermostatically controlled, high quality, outdoor heated mat. The birch wood exterior of the cat house is UV protected and it will still look good after it’s been outside for a while. It’s lovely looking heated cat house and very practical one too. See Top 5 Cat Furniture

Our Honest Product Review on The Cat Mate Pet Fountain


The Cat Mate Pet Fountain is a perfect device for cat owners who want their pets to have easy access to clean drinking water all the time.

Aside from food, all living creatures also require an ample amount of water in order to stay healthy, and that includes your beloved pets too. Cats are typically low-maintenance pets and require small amounts of water (about 1 ounce per pound of their weight daily) since they mostly get their water from the food they eat. However, if you give them dry food, then your cat has to find other ways on how to get water.

Read our review of the Cat Mate Pet Fountain (see Top 6 Best Pet Water Fountain) and find out if this nifty pet fountain from Cat Mate is the best match for you and your cat’s needs.

Review of the Cat Mate Pet Fountain – 70 Fluid Oz

Setting up the Cat Mate Pet Fountain is very easy to do. Once you receive the product, all you have to do is find your cat’s favourite drinking spot where they won’t be bothered, fill up the unit with some clean drinking water, plug it into the nearest power source, and that’s it!

Cat Mate is one of the three brands of Pet Mate, which is founded in 1986 and is the leading maker of innovative items for pets and ponds. The company uses only the best materials, clever technical design, and employs careful UK-controlled manufacturing practices. Thus, you are assured that you are getting quality products for your beloved pets.

Overall, we rate the Cat Mate Pet Fountain quite highly and regard it as one of the best pet fountains for your pet cat.

Key Features + Benefits of the Cat Mate Pet Fountain – 70 Fluid Oz.



The Cat Mate Pet Fountain is considered to be one of the most popular pet fountains on the market.

  • Easy to set up, lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • The unit can be shared by multiple cats
  • Can also be used for small dogs
  • Cheaper than other pet fountain brands
  • Ultra-quiet design
  • 3 different tiers with 2 waterfalls
  • Very affordable
  • Replacement filters are quite cheap
  • 3-year limited warranty

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Cat Mate Pet Fountain – 70 Fluid Oz.

The Cat Mate Pet Fountain is considered to be one of the best and popular brands of pet fountains in the market today.  Since it has been manufactured by Pet Mate. There are quite a few drawbacks to this unit according to some customers. Let’s see below what are its main advantages and disadvantages.


The Cat Mate Pet Fountain is very easy to set up – just find an appropriate spot where your cat can drink in peace, fill the unit with clean drinking water, and plug it into the nearest power source.

There are three tiers/layers with two waterfalls, so your cat can choose where to drink – be it on the two elevated pools of running water, or two waterfalls, or the largest pool of still water at the bottom.

The unit is also portable, so you can bring it anywhere: a friend’s apartment, your parents’ house, or even at your hotel room when you bring your pet with you on your vacation. The unit is lightweight and what most people like about it is that it works very quietly unlike other brands.


While the fountain really is indeed an ultra-quiet unit and is easy to clean, the main disadvantage of this pet fountain is when the pump stops working. Apparently, the pumps are not sold individually; therefore, once the pump dies, the entire unit is useless and you will have to wait for its replacement.

Depending on your cat’s personality, they may not want to drink out of the fountain immediately, probably out of fear or confusion. However, most pet owners say that it takes a little while for their pet cats to get used to the unit and start drinking on them.

A minor disadvantage of this unit is that it can be hassling to clean the filters every other week, which is not good for owners who dislike cleaning.


The Cat Mate Pet Fountain is definitely a unit, that since it is lightweight and portable, you can bring it anywhere with you. Non-pet owners will also be amazed when they see you have this product and can strike a good conversation topic. What most pet owners love about this product is that it runs very quietly, and best of all, it is very inexpensive compared to other brands. Thus, if you want your pet cat(s) to have access to clean running water all the time but don’t want to break your bank, then the Cat Mate Pet Fountain would be the best product for you.


How to Keep Your Pet Warm in Winter? 7 Tips

As the winter season approach, there is so much cold that covers the entire atmosphere. It is in this regard that we prepare for the changing season by taking our coats, scarves, and sweaters out the closets to keep ourselves warm. In spite the fact that outdoor dogs like other pets develop a thicker coat to keep themselves warm, it is important that we intervene to ensure that they are warm and safe during winter. Therefore, if you live in a cold climate, it is advisable that you plan early to keep your dog warm both outdoors and indoors. The following are some of the great strategies you can take into consideration to make your life easy and your dog comfortable throughout the winter season.


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