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How to Let Your Baby Play With Puppy Safely

Babies and puppies are those who need adult’s care because they both don’t know the way to protect themselves. As a result, if you want to take care of your baby and look after the puppy in the same house, you need to be careful and have your method to let them play together safely. […]

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Write for Us | The Guest Post Guidelines on Your Pet Land


I. Brief introduction of Your Pet Land is a website established in September 2015. It is dedicated as a reliable source of information for readers, especially pet owners and pet lovers, who are in search of information regarding the care, training, diet and endurance of pets. Furthermore, we also rate and select the best products […]

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How to Rehydrate Your Sick Dog

How to rehydrate your sick dog

Just like all living things like humans and plants, animals like dogs depend on enough fluid intake for optimal health. In fact, water makes up to 80 percent of a dog’s body. But all those fluids in a dog’s body would get depleted if she is sick. When fluid levels in a dog’s body drop […]

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How to Build Your Own Dog House


Dog’s house on grass in the garden with wooden fence and apple treeHaving a pet dog is not only fulfilling for your family, but for your health as well. According to Dr. Bradley Smith and other researchers, there are significant ways that having a pet could improve your life quality. You could begin with companionship. […]

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