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Stop Dog Barking Tips

Important Strategies to Stop Dog Aggression.

There are times when dogs may become aggressive. This could happen when they deal with people or other dogs. This is one of their ways of dealing with fear. They want to be dominant in a way. Some dogs are protecting their territory or he was trained to protect his master and territory. The good news is that you can stop dog aggression. It is a fact that all breeds of dogs can show this behavior. As an owner, it is best to train the dog in ways to stop dog aggression. There are actually different strategies that can help you in this process.

One is to teach your dog how to socialize. This is a good idea while your dog is still a puppy. They can actually learn good behavior from another dog especially much older ones. It is much better if you can adopt a dog with proper training. You can also enroll your dog to attend socialization classes so the professionals can help them. It is best if you help them to interact with children. It is a good idea if you can introduce them to one person then gradually increases the number. It is best to walk your dog around the neighborhood. Use a leash when doing so to make everyone safe during the socialization training.

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There are times when dogs may become aggressive

There are times when dogs may become aggressive

Remember that this characteristic should something that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Be firm when you are scolding your pet if he or she shows aggressiveness. Never punish your dog by hitting or yelling. The act of cruelty can definitely make your pet become fearful and more aggressive. Do some reinforcement when the dog does something good. You need to purchase a collar or leash to keep everyone protective just in case the dog shows aggressiveness.

The dog should be trained when it comes to commands to stop the unwanted behavior. It would help the dog to focus on you and not on the other things. When another dog is near him or her, make sure that he or she would respond. You can bring some treats in order to distract him or her from another dog. This would definitely stop the aggression. It is best to be always calm every time. Your dog could sense anxiousness and nervousness. This could be a sign for him or her to become aggressive.

It pays to know that your dog’s well being is so important. If you don’t know the cause of the aggressiveness in your dog, it is best to visit a vet that would diagnose them. This professional can give you advice and strategies that would help you to have a happy and healthy pet.


How to Train Dogs Not to Bite

Teaching your dog not to bite shows the obedience level of the dog. Biting is a dominant behavior in dogs and has been a part of his behavior since he must have been a puppy in the form of teething and gnawing. However, biting in adult dogs is a serious issue and should be trained not to do so at the earliest.

A few methods to teach your dog not to bite are:



  • Let him know it hurts: When your dog tries biting or mouthing your hand and bites a bit hard, yell at a sharp high pitched voice “Ouch” or “Ow”. This tone would startle your dog and make him release you hand instantly. You could either look angrily towards your dog or praise him when he lets go of your hand. Practice this a few times until he learns not to bite too had. However, remember not to hit or shout at your dog as he could get aggressive.
  • Ignore him: Whenever your dog tries to bite you, move away from him and ignore him for a while. If he tries to get your attention by again biting you or tugging your shirt, leave the room to show disapproval. When you notice that your dog’s behavior has subdued, you can continue playing with him. Keep repeating this until he learns from his mistake that he will be ignored if he bites you.
  • Give him other objects: If your dog has a tendency to bite or mouth you, give him alternative toys like chew bones or sticks which are more appropriate incase he wants to chew on something. In case he does not stop biting, give him a small tap on his nose with a newspaper to show your disapproval. You can also play a game that involves less physical contact and yet keeps your dog active like fetch.
  • Use a spray: If your dog still does not understand that biting is wrong, you could use a bitter tasting spray or lotion on your exposed parts or on your clothes to put him off. He will eventually stop biting you.
  • Introduce him to other dogs and people: If your dog starts meeting other dogs, he will get less anxious and thus bite you lesser since he will be among other dogs. If he feels threatened and feels the urge to bite, try calming him down. You could also take him to a professional dog trainer or vet incase his biting gets uncontrollable.


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