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How to Prevent Dog Poisoning

Few things are more distressing than seeing your pet in any kind of trouble. Poisoning may seem extreme but there are routinely 100,000 reports of dogs suffering from poisoning each year in the US alone. Perhaps, then, it’s not as rare an occurrence as you might think. Most cases of dog poisoning happen when they […]

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List Of Great Dog Shop Stores in Washington


1. Petco If you have ever been to a Petco before, then you will know that they stock just about everything a pet owner could ever need, and this relatively new Petco in the Hecht building complex is no exception to that. The store is clean, well laid out, and it wasn’t at all overcrowded. […]

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How to Keep Your Pet Warm in Winter?

keep your pet warm in winter

As the winter season approach, there is so much cold that covers the entire atmosphere. It is in this regard that we prepare for the changing season by taking our coats, scarves, and sweaters out the closets to keep ourselves warm. In spite the fact that outdoor dogs like other pets develop a thicker coat […]

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Why Do Dogs Hide Food?


When a dog hides food, it is simply acting instinctively and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the dog doesn’t like that food, or that your pet is unwell. Dogs will hide food to keep it safe so that they can go back and eat it later, much in the same way that some dogs will […]

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Top Tips About How to Keep Cats out of Houseplants

how to keep cats out of houseplants

If you have cats and houseplants, you already know the two don’t mix well. But you shouldn’t have to get rid of your greenery just because your curious critters can’t keep their paws to themselves. You just need to know how to keep cats out of houseplants so that they can coexist in your home. […]

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The Best Dog Nail Grinder for Treating Your Dog’s Nails

dog nail grinder 2

Dogs need constant and regular grooming to ensure their coat, nails, and teeth stay in good condition. One grooming chore you may dread, in particular, is nail-trimming. Dogs that hate having their nails trimmed are difficult to wrangle. Worse, if you can’t get them to sit still. Then you’ll end up with scratches on your floors, furniture, […]

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