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The Best Pets for Christmas Gift-Giving This Year: You May Be Surprised

Best Pets for Christmas

Every year, animal shelters and rescue organizations release public service announcements urging people not to give pets as presents. Still, countless well-intentioned individuals end up searching for the best pets for Christmas gifts. Pets enrich our lives in remarkable ways, so it makes sense that you’d want to share that experience with others. In reality, […]

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How to Use Dog Clippers | Ultimate Guide


In this article, we will explain, step by step, how to use dog clippers to groom your pet’s hair. Grooming a dog with dog clippers is not difficult to do and it will save you a lot of money in professional dog grooming fees. It does, however, need, little bit of know-how and it may […]

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How to Stop Your Dog Barking


A dog’s barking is a perfectly natural form of behaviour and you can’t expect a dog to never to bark at all, but if a dog barks a lot, it can extremely annoying for the dog owner and it can cause problems with the neighbours too. A dog’s bark is one of the ways that […]

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How To Let Your Baby Play With Puppy Safely

Babies and puppies are those who need adult’s care because they both don’t know the way to protect themselves. As a result, if you want to take care of your baby and look after the puppy in the same house, you need to be careful and have your method to let them play together safely. […]

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How to Install a Wireless Dog Fence


A Wireless dog fence is a great option for many dog owners especially those with yards that are difficult to fence up or a yard that is bordered by a stream or even at residential places where fencing is not allowed. With the wireless fencing, also known as wireless fencing, your dogs can roam freely in […]

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How to Adopt a Dog


The decision to adopt a dog is not one that should be taken lightly, and it’s not one that should be taken in haste. We don’t want to put you off the idea of adopting a dog at all, but if you are adopting a dog from a shelter or from a rescue centre, there […]

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How to rehydrate your sick dog

Just like all living things like humans and plants, animals like dogs depend on enough fluid intake for optimal health. In fact, water makes up to 80 percent of a dog’s body. But all those fluids in a dog’s body would get depleted if she is sick. When fluid levels in a dog’s body drop […]

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7 Best Ways You Can Do to Stop Dog Barking in a Crate


Okay, so let’s say you have finally prepared a crate for your new dog. However, there is one problem. Your dog keeps barking inside his crate! You need to find a solution to stop him from barking so that he does not make so much noise and disturb you and other family members or even […]

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Pit Bull Has Been Waiting Almost 1,000 Days

princess pit bull

Find out more about Princess on her Facebook page How I got Here. My story from loved family pet to the Elist.My name is Princess. It is the name my family of six years gave me and the name I held on to despite them leaving me behind when they moved. In January 2013 I was […]

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Why Do Dogs Stare at Their Humans ?

If  you have ever wondered “Why does my dog stare at me?”, you are not alone. Many dog owners are struck by the amount of time that their canine friends stare at them as well as other people. Their stare is often direct to our faces and unabashed. Some dogs take it up a notch […]

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Training Your Dog with Luring Techniques

Training Your Dog with Luring Techniques Featured Image

Dogs can easily become part of our lives in big ways. And whether they’re new or they’ve been by our side for years, it never hurts to employ some basic training.  If you want training to be successful, it really pays to have a plan in mind.  The key to training is in how you’ll do the […]

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