Can Dogs Eat Salmon Skin?

A: Yes. However, you have to take note that cooked one is recommended instead of the raw one.

Choosing the Right Salmon Variety

raw-salmon-skinSalmon skin is all right for dogs. However, some parasites may be present in the raw skin, so make sure that you give them cooked (fried, grilled or baked) salmon skin as cooking the skin can get rid of the parasites. It is said that salmon skin may contain toxins found in oceans or other bodies of water where salmon lives, but this should not be a cause for worry as long as salmon is only eaten moderately once in a while and not on a daily basis. It is also wise to select the skin of small salmons instead of the large ones since they are less likely exposed to these toxins compared with the old ones. It is a good idea to pick the cold-water salmons from Canada or Scandinavia as they are not quite exposed to such toxins, so they are much better.

Reasons Salmon Skin is Healthy

Although Salmon skin may not be free of toxins, it still contains larger amounts of nutrients than toxins. When eaten in moderate proportions, salmon skin can actually be good for your dog. There are actually several reasons why you should not deprive your dog of salmon skin. Apart from the fact that salmon skin tastes good, it has some fats in it that are healthy for your dog. Read on to find out about the reasons why salmon skin is beneficial to your dog’s health.

    • It is rich in “omega-3 fatty acids,” which can add luster to your dog’s coat and can make its skin healthy.
    • It can also help some dogs recover from allergies.
    • It can prevent itchiness on paws and skin.
    • It can also be good for preventing your dog from contracting cancer or heart ailments.
    • It is beneficial to dogs suffering from symptoms associated with arthritis.
    • It prevents your dog’s skin from getting dry or its coat from looking unattractive.
    • It can also help your dog maintain a healthy immune system.
    • It can help prevent obesity in dogs as it can aid them in shedding more pounds.

Indeed, Salmon skin itself is beneficial to dogs as it can help improve their overall health in general. However, it is still wise to talk to your vet before adding salmon skin to your dog’s food options, so you can rest assured that it is also safe for your dog.

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