Best Leather Dog Collars: 5 Types to Consider

Your dog’s collar is perhaps its most important accessory. A collar tells everyone your dog meets that he or she belongs to you. If your dog ever gets lost or strays out of your yard, its collar also tells people valuable information that can help it get home safely.

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The cheap collars you may find at big box stores or chain pet stores aren’t the best options, either. They’re usually made of flimsy material that won’t stand up to your dog’s daily activities – walks, romps at the dog park or in the yard, rolling in the grass, and more. For your pet's sake, make sure you get one of the best leather dog collars.

I. Best Leather Dog Collars Comparison Table

Product Name


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Standard Leather Collars

standard leather dog collar

Rolled Leather Dog Collars

rolled leather dog collar

Custom Leather Collars

Custom Leather Collars

Padded Leather Collars

Padded Leather Dog Collars

Extra-Wide Leather Collars

Extra-wide leather dog collar

II. 5 Leather Dog Collar Types to Consider

1. Standard Leather Collars

A standard leather collar is your most basic option.

Usually, this type will have metal hardware and a belt-type closure (as opposed to a snap-on collar).

2. Rolled Leather Dog Collars

If your dog has long fur, a rolled leather collar might be your best bet, as it won’t mat their fur.

Most collars made of rolled leather are not adjustable, however. These usually slip over your dog’s head rather than securing at the neck.

In general, you shouldn’t get this type of collar if your dog isn’t well-behaved or tends to want to escape their collar.

3. Custom Leather Collars

Custom leather collars give you the option of adding your pet’s name or a fun phrase to the outer surface.

This is usually achieved with embroidery or leather stamping.

If you want your pet to have more of an upscale look, or if you just want their collar to have more personality, this option is for you.

4. Padded Leather Collars

Some dogs have sensitive skin that can get irritated by regular collars rubbing against their necks.

If your dog falls into this category, or if they tend to pull on the leash, a padded leather collar is a good solution.

These collars contain a layer of padding between the collar and the neck that’s usually made of sheepskin or some other soft material.

5. Extra-Wide Leather Collars

If you own a hard-working dog who spends most of the day training on a leash or performing a specific job (think K-9 unit dogs or service dogs), you need a collar that will hold up and provide comfort.

An extra-wide leather collar distributes weight stress around your dog’s neck evenly, so they’ll be less likely to get injured.

III. Advantages of Leather Collars

A leather collar is a better option. Good quality ones will last longer. Additionally, they will make your dog look sharper. Leather is a durable material that also looks better with age. It will definitely stand up to normal wear-and-tear. It may even last as long as your dog’s natural life.

Before you buy a leather collar, think about the following considerations for the type you should get, then think about color and style.

IV. Looking for the Best Leather Dog Collars - General Considerations

The Age of Your Dog

Your dog’s age will determine whether or not you’ll need to buy multiple collars.

If you have a puppy, they will quickly outgrow their first collar, so take that into consideration when you balance price and quality.

It may be worth it to buy a cheaper collar for the puppy years, then invest in a higher-quality collar once your dog has reached its mature size.

Their Size and Neck Circumference

When it’s time to choose a new collar, one thing many dog owners forget to do is measure their dog’s neck.

Many collars are sized based on a dog’s weight, but if you want to get a collar that’s sure to fit well and stay comfortable, make sure you measure your dog’s neck with a cloth measuring tape, first.

Your Dog’s Temperament and Training

Often, the collar you get for your dog will depend on its temperament and training.

For example, a well-trained dog that is calm and docile on a leash probably won’t need a special collar. A standard one with a metal D-hook for clipping the leash will do just fine.

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On the other hand, a puppy or a dog that tends to pull on the leash may need a training collar, a halter, a Martingale collar (also called a limited slip collar), or a prong collar to help prevent unwanted behaviors.

When shopping for a collar, keep in mind your dog’s specific behavior needs and plan accordingly.

Take Care When Choosing Your Dog’s Collar

Your dog will spend most of its life wearing its collar. Make sure you choose one that will be comfortable, safe, and durable. The best leather dog collars will also suit your dog’s needs and temperament.

A leather collar is a great choice because it’s a long-lasting material. It also looks great and has all the durability you need. Your dog will wear it for years and years.


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