The 5 Best Dog Food for Huskies – All That You Need to Know

Huskies are, without a doubt, one of the most adorable dogs out there. I am a proud parent to Max, a two-year-old pure Siberian husky. One of the most important things for me is that I feed the right food to my Max. If you have a husky, then you probably worry about the same issue. Here, we would be talking about some of the Best Dog Food for Huskies. So, let’s begin.

A Note Before We Begin

Before we begin, I would like to state that we would be comparing different brands of packaged dry foods. While almost all of them would meet the nutritional needs of your husky, but I would still recommend that you feed your dog fresh meat and some fresh veggies.

There is simply no alternative for them! However, given the busy life that we live, the packaged foods are the stuff that we are going to feed our huskies on a daily basis, so that’s the reason why we would be comparing only the packaged foods.

Now, there are a few things that we should consider before we choose the right food for our husky. So, let’s talk about them a bit.

What are the Nutritional
Needs of Your Husky?

The nutritional needs of the husky are a bit different from other dogs. There are many owners who get confused about whether they should give their dog a high calorie or a low calorie diet. To understand that, you would need to know how huskies were raised.

Huskies were bred to be strong working dogs in some of the harshest environments on earth. Very little food was available to them and whatever such available food had small amounts of protein and fat. This is the reason why, your husky needs less food than most other similar sized dogs.

The diet of a husky should ideally be based on just protein and fat. Dogs don’t need carbohydrates and hence you don’t need to include it in the diet. Other than fruits and veggies, the diet of your dog should contain meat.

One of the most important nutrients in the diet of your dog food is zinc. Huskies are prone to a skin disease called Zinc Responsive Dermatosis.

Although this disease is hereditary, it can be treated by giving a zinc-rich diet to your husky, especially in the growing up years. So, if your dog has this disease, it is a good idea to get a food that is rich in zinc.

Feeding Habits of Huskies

​One of the things that I have learnt after spending two years with Max is that huskies have a feeding habit that is quite different from other breeds of dogs.

For one thing, they are quite easily bored with their food. Keep the food out of them for too long and they would ignore it altogether. Giving the same food to them is also going to make them lose their interest in it.

You should not replace the food abruptly either. You should mix the new food with the old food and gradually increase the portion of the ‘new’ food in the mix. This way, your dog would not ignore the food. You must observe how your husky is behaving towards the food. If he is avoiding the food, you should take things back to where they were. You don’t want to irk your husky.

Important: How to Choose the
Right Dog Food for Your Husky?

Now, your dog is a part of your family and if you really treat him like one, then you should really put some efforts in choosing the right dog food. There are a few things that you should look for when you are looking to buy the best packaged dog food. Given below are some of them:

  • Determine the nutritional requirements of your dog
  • Know the amount of food that you would need to feed your dog.
  • You can get in touch with a veterinarian, if you feel that is necessary or your husky is suffering from a condition that is making you cautious.
  • Ensure the food that you are buying has a label of the AAFCO or American Association of Feed Control Officials statement. It ensures that the food is of high quality.
  • Go through the list of ingredients on the label. If it has something that your dog is allergic to or you feel that it might too toxic to your dog, then you know what to do!
  • Check the ‘proximate analysis’ at the side of the package. Most of the best foods would have it. It tells you about the suggested amount of Protein, Fat and Fiber for your dog and the amount the food is going to be provided. This is helpful for those who, like me, like to plan a proper dog for their beloved pets.
  • Go for the freshest food that you can find. Don’t buy food that is nearing the expiry date. If you want the best for your dog then buying such foods should be avoided.




Hill's Ideal Balance Grain Free Adult Dog Dry Food Bag

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Active Longevity

NUTRO Lite and Weight Management Adult Dry Dog Food

CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Detailed Review of The 5 Best Dog Foods for Your
Huskies on the Market

1. Hill's Ideal Balance Grain Free Adult Dog Dry Food Bag

This is a well known product from a well known brand. A lot of my friends use it and that is the reason why, I decided to start with this one. It contains fresh chicken as the main meat ingredient. It also has potatoes, which is naturally gluten-free and also aids in the digestion.

The best thing I liked about it is that it is completely free from preservatives or any other harmful additives. The sizes are also quite large and they are just about bite sized for a full-grown husky.

Things We Liked

  • It contains Real chicken which is great for your husky.
  • It contains flax seeds, which contains Omega-3 fatty acids which helping your dog get a smooth coat.
  • It doesn’t contain any corn, wheat or soy.
  • It comes from a brand that has over a hundred years of experience in dog foods.

Things We Disliked

  • Ever since the company changed the formula in January 2017, a few people who are complaining that it is not the same anymore.
  • Sometimes, the kibbles might get oily. I don’t know the exact reason but it really worries the people feeding this to their dogs.

2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

This is another popular dog feed. The kibble comes in two shapes – triangular-shaped and pebble-shaped. The triangle-shaped ones have the thickness of a nickel. The pebble-shaped ones are smaller in size.

Now, some people might think that since the thing has garlic in it, it is toxic for their dogs. However, it contains garlic in a very small amount. According to vets, a small amount of garlic is actually beneficial for your dog. Therefore, this food is completely safe.

The company claims that it has its exclusive LifeSource® Bits, which is a balanced blend of essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. One of my friends, whose husky was suffering from a disease, gave this to her dog. Within just a couple of weeks, the dog regained its health. These types of things makes you want to believe in the product​


Things We Liked

  • It contains LifeSource® Bits, which gives your dog a healthy balance.
  • It contains deboned lamb and turkey meal as the main meat sources.
  • It has a balanced set of ingredients

Things We Disliked

  • I don’t know whether it’s the actual fault of the product but some of my friends who have fed this to their dog say that it has caused certain health issues like skin diseases and bladder issues for their dogs.

3, Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Active Longevity

This is a dog food that is reportedly used by veterinarians themselves. I wonder how many of them have a husky at their home! The formula contains anti-oxidants which have a lot of benefits for your dog. One of the biggest benefits of anti-oxidants is that they make your dog youthful.

This product is available in small bites as well, which would be good for your husky puppies. It contains a lot of whole grains, vegetables and fruit which would keep your husky fit and active.


Things We Liked

  • It contains antioxidants which make your dog more lively and youthful.
  • It also comes in small bites, which is ideal for puppies.
  • Huskies seem to love the taste!

Things We Disliked

  • The kibbles are large in size which might cause problems for some dogs.

4. NUTRO Lite and Weight Management Adult Dry Dog Food

If your husky is getting overweight, then this might be just the thing you need. This dog food from NUTRO helps your dog to reduce weight and manage it efficiently. It has a nice balance of fat and proteins that helps your dog to reduce weight.

The meat in the food comes from farm-raised chicken. Chicken, as you might know, strengthens the muscles of your dog. The product also helps you to boost the immune system of your dog as it is rich in antioxidants. So, even if your dog is not overweight and you only want to feed it a well balanced food, then this might be the right option for you.​


Things We Liked

  • It helps in losing and managing the weight of your dog.
  • The immune system of your dog gets enhanced, thanks to the presence of Vitamin E in this food.
  •  The food is not made from any GMO products.

Things We Disliked

  • It has a weird smell which might be off putting for many dog owners. However, the dogs seem to like it.
  • Some of the dog owners have complained of their dog vomiting after being fed with this food for a prolonged period of time.

5. CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Dry Dog Food

This dog food is ‘designed’ keeping in mind the needs of sensitive dogs. If you have a dog that is sensitive and fussy about food, then this is the best option for you.

It has a simple recipe, based on 7 key ingredients. It has Bison meat, which dogs are quite fond of. The recipe has whole grains which helps in the easy digestion of the food.

Things We Liked

  • It has a simple recipe which is ideal for sensitive dogs.
  • It contains whole grains for smooth digestion.
  • The food has tasty bison meat

Things We Disliked

  • It contains a lot of carbohydrates which might be harmful to the insulin levels of your husky

The Best Dog Food for Huskies

Alright, now that we are done with comparing the products and their pros and cons, it’s time to know which the best dog food for your husky is. Among all the packaged foods mentioned here, Hill's Ideal Balance Grain Free Adult Dog Dry Food Bag is the best dog for food for your husky. It has all the ingredients that form a balanced diet. It is free from any harmful preservatives and excessive fillers as well. The fact that it comes from one of the leaders in pet food does give it some extra points.

So, that was that! Hope you found the article to be helpful. If you really liked the article, don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any questions or have anything to say, feel free to write it down in the comments section below. Get the best dog food for your husky and watch it become more healthy, active and of course, handsome!