Finding The Best Cheap Dog Food: Honest Reviews And More

How to Choose Best Cheap Dog Food?

Dog lovers will surely be interested in finding the best cheap dog food on the market. Since dogs usually eat whatever food is served to them, the owner must know the best diet suited for his pet. Choosing the right type of food will make your dog healthy, playful, and alert. This article will discuss the different types of dog food and the factors to consider when choosing the best cheap dog food.


Different Types of Dog Food

The kind of food your dogs eat will influence their health and well-being. The following are the common types of dog food:

1. Dry Food

Also known as kibble, dry dog food usually contains at least 18% protein, at least 5% fat, and less than 12% moisture. It has an advantage over the other types, particularly the wet dog food since it does not expire that fast. You can give your dog its daily meal, and you need not worry that the remaining dog food will spoil quickly.

The pet owner must familiarize himself of the unhealthy preservatives and additives present in the dog food since these may cause health problems. Dogs require a certain amount of calories per meal. One kilogram of dog food contains 3,100 up to 4,400 kilocalories (kcal).​

2. Wet Food

Dogs usually prefer this type of food since they are more palatable and easier to digest. Wet dog food has lower calories and higher humidity content. In general, wet food products cost more when compared to dry dog food.

There are also added inconveniences. Once the canned product is opened, the unserved portion should be refrigerated to prevent spoilage. Food served but not eaten by the dog should be discarded because wet food can spoil.

Moreover, the dish used by the dog should be thoroughly washed every meal. The pet owner may opt to buy single serving cans to avoid wastage.

3. Puppy Food

Generally, puppies need a particular type of dog food. They require extra calories for their growth and increasing physical activities. However, once the puppy has matured, the owner should switch to adult dog food. If the puppy is a smaller breed, expect him to mature faster than one of a bigger breed.

4. Dog Treats

Dog owners are usually amazed if their dogs can do special tricks or skills. Others give their dogs reward for good behavior. To show appreciation, owners give their pets dog treats such as dog biscuits.

Although treats may promote dental health, owners must make sure that they are low in sodium and artificial flavors since these may affect the dog’s health.

Factor to Consider When Buying Dog Food

1. Brand Name:

Since there are few regulations on the manufacturing process of dog food, you should verify the credentials of the company, their quality control measures, the source of their ingredients, and so on. Big companies have more funds to conduct product research and quality control measures.

2. Recommendations of Other Pet Owners:

Experience is the best teacher. Know your relatives or friends who like you want the best for their pet dogs. Ask them why they like or dislike a particular brand. You can also check the condition of their dogs to see first-hand the effects of a particular dog food.

3. Online Reviews and Ratings:

After making a research on the brand and picking a number of choices, you can now resort to online reviews and ratings. Many websites provide an update of dog food rankings considering a wide variety of factors. Analyze the reviews and choose a brand which you think is appropriate for your dog.

4. Protein Content of Dog Food:

Protein content should be considered in choosing a dog food because it is essential to overall health. Labels may indicate the source of protein such as lamb, chicken, or beef. “Meat meals” such as “chicken meals” are mixtures of grains and meat. Dog food that lists “meat” or “meat by-product” is inferior because it is of suspicious and questionable quality.

5. Red Flag Ingredients:

​Pet owners should watch out for ingredients that may impair the health of their dogs. These “red flag ingredients” include artificial preservatives such as BHA, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and sweeteners.

6. Veterinarian’s Advice​

​Visiting a veterinarian to assess the condition of your dog will help a lot. This will help in deciding which type of dog food is best for your pet, taking into account his age, genetic makeup, lifestyle, and reproductive status. The vet also knows if your dog is over or under weight, which must also be taken into account in giving its food.

7. Age of Your Pet​:

The choice of dog food must be suited to the age of your pet, whether it is a puppy, an adult, or an older dog. The ingredients of dog food depend on the needs of the pet. Puppies need more calories to give them energy in their activities while older dogs need easier to digest dog food.

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Detailed Review of 5 Cheap Dog Food on the Market:

1. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

Blue dog food is made from natural ingredients which include real meat, whole grains, garden vegetables, and nutritious fruit. It features Blue’s LifeSource Bits formula - an exclusive blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants carefully chosen by the company’s nutritionists and veterinarians.

The Lamb and Brown Rice variety contains deboned lamb, whole ground brown rice, and includes the Super 7 antioxidant-rich ingredients - apples, blackberries, cranberries, blueberries, pumpkin, pomegranate, and spinach. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food provides all dog breeds with essential amino acids, complex carbohydrates, and energy. It has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.


  • The nutrients in this dog food will give your pet healthy skin and coat.
  • You can give this dog food to almost all dog breeds.
  • Low calories promote healthy weight.
  • Available in different flavors.
  • Taken well by the digestive system; most dogs have normal bowel movement.


  • Some dogs may show symptoms of allergies.
  • May cause diarrhea in sensitive dogs.
  • Although rare, some picky dogs may not like it.
  • Some items may come in damaged packaging that may lead to spoilage.

2. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

One of the advantages of Wellness CORE over traditional dog food is that it is grain-free. It contains 80% more meat, meaning your dog will get more protein for healthy tissues and muscles. This product only contains premium ingredients, with no animal by-products, artificial colors, and preservatives.

Wellness CORE provides balanced and complete nutrition for your pet dog. It contains proteins (turkey and chicken) and real vegetables which provide vitamins and minerals. It is enriched with probiotics, prebiotics, and fiber to promote a healthy digestive system.


  • This product is made in the USA.
  • Choose from different flavors.
  • Available in various sizes, save more by buying the largest size
  • Packed with protein; grain-free.
  • Gives your dog a healthy coat and lots of energy.


  • Some sensitive dogs may not like it.
  • Inspect quality by checking if it smells differently or has molds (problems like these occur when buying online).
  • Sometimes, the item can have holes and cuts in the packaging, maybe due to shipping or warehouse issues.
  • As with all dog foods, it would be best to check the expiration date to avoid any problems.

3. Pedigree Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food

This dog food features a delicious chicken flavor that your pet pooch will probably like. It contains omega-6 fatty acids to help keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy. Also, it contains whole grains and fiber that promotes a healthy digestive system.

Pedigree Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food has Vitamin B for energy and Vitamin E for healthy skin. This dry dog food is good for oral health as well because it can help keep your dog’s teeth clean. Dog owners have been feeding this product to their pets for many years, a testament to the strength of the brand.


  • Affordable – good choice for dog owners who want value for money.
  • Tried and tested by many dog owners.
  • An internationally well-known brand.
  • This dog food can be fed to most dog breeds, regardless of size.
  • Many dogs have been eating Pedigree for many years; that is why pet owners trust this brand.


  • May not contain as much protein compared to other dog food brands.
  • Some doesn’t like the fact that it contains meat by-products as an ingredient.
  • Make sure that the packaging is intact; otherwise, molds can form on the dog food.
  • Contains a lot of grains – some consider them as fillers.

4. Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream Canine Formula with Smoked Salmon

Taste of the Wild is one of the best-selling dog foods in the market. It is a testament to the brand’s quality and its appeal to both pet owners and dogs. It comes in different flavors – Bison & Venison, Lamb, Wildfowl, and Salmon. This dog food is made from real roasted meat. For people who are looking for grain-free dog food, Taste of the Wild is a good choice.

This product is supplemented with fruits and vegetables, giving your pet pooch vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It also contains peas and sweet potatoes, providing energy for active dogs. Just make sure that you are clicking the right flavor and size when you buy on Amazon. This is to ensure that you will receive the correct item.


  • Taste of the Wild is a bestseller when it comes to dog food.
  • Packed with meat and grain-free.
  • High protein dog food that is good for building muscles and providing energy.
  • In general, well tolerated by the dog’s digestive system.
  • Will give your dog healthy skin and coat


  • Although rare, some dogs may show allergic symptoms.
  • Some dogs may experience diarrhea.
  • Make sure that the product packaging is not damaged; otherwise, it can lead to contamination.
  • You may opt to buy a smaller bag at first to check if your dog will like it.

5. Hill's Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness Dry Dog Food

Hill’s uses high-quality ingredients such as real chicken, lamb, or salmon protein. It is made from natural ingredients, providing amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. This dog food has no preservatives, artificial colors, or chicken by-product meal.

The manufacturer of this dog food has a stringent quality control and only accepts ingredients from suppliers who pass their quality standards. For best results, it’s recommended that you observe transitioning over a 7-day period – gradually reducing the amount of the old dog food while increasing the amount of Hill’s dog food. Transitioning will result in better acceptance and fewer digestive issues.


  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
  • Balanced nutrition for a visible difference.
  • Carefully prepared formula with the help of the company’s veterinarians and nutritionists.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back (check with manufacturer).
  • Contains antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.


  • Some dogs may be allergic to it.
  • The smell may not be okay with some sensitive dogs.
  • May produce gastric distress in rare cases.
  • Inspect the contents for molds to ensure product quality.


In choosing the best cheap dog food, a pet owner should consider the brand, quality, feedback from customers, protein content, and other ingredients. After taking into account these factors, the winner of the title “best cheap dog food” is… Taste of the Wild dog food.

When compared to other brands, it has all the qualities we are looking for in a dog food. It is made from high-quality ingredients - real meat, protein-rich and grain-free. Taste of the Wild is loved both by pet owners and dogs alike.

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