Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo Reviews



Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo

It is definitely quite interesting to have some furry cat companions since they can be playful and even loving too! In other words, it is hard to get bored when you have even just a single pet cat sitting next beside you. However, it can be quite a hassle when cats start jumping up and down your sofas or furniture. What’s worse, when you have active cats, they can even break some valuable glass decorative items. That is why it is quite helpful to get something for them that they can especially consider as their own special territory like a piece of tree furniture that they can use for playing, napping or simply resting.

Whether the felines you own are quite active or not, it is very important that you get to select a quality furniture condo that can give them both the fun and rest that they need. With its many features, the Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo, Height- 75-Inch and Up might just be the ideal tree furniture that can offer both and more for your cherished pet cats. Read on to discover more details about this interesting item.


Benefits of Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo


Great Features

When you take a look at this version, you will certainly agree that your pet felines will have a lot of options for their varied activities. There are two cute houses to choose from. They can enjoy climbing the ladder or jump up and down the platforms, from the bottom area to the top area. There is also a strong rope that they can play with. The basket also looks quite attractive as a resting spot. What’s more, the perch on top gives any cat more privacy as it is high enough that it is not easily reached by many.

Quality Materials

This feline tree furniture is made of quality parts, from its base up to its top part. Its wood materials are strong enough to make it last longer and remain stable provided that all of its occupants’ total weight does not exceed 70 lbs. The fleece and sisal materials also add more to its durability and quality.

Highly Functional Design


This adorable piece of furniture has 7 separate departments. On the first department, it is only a flat base that adds support to the entire piece of furniture, but your cat can sleep on it too or relax on the hammock. On the second, your cat can climb up the ladder going up to the fourth platform. On the third platform, the bell-shaped house can be a great place for napping. On the fifth, the house with two openings is quite appealing for a small cat or a couple of tiny kittens. On the sixth department, the basket gives a more comfortable experience as your pet sleeps or rests on it. On the last department, the circular perch provides sheer enjoyment for a cat that loves to stay on top of the tree. The rope also adds extra fun. In addition, the poles can serve well for the cat’s scratching purposes.


If you often wonder how to stop your pet cats from running here and there inside your home even at nighttime, the Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo, Height- 75-Inch and Up could be the right solution. This furniture condo is especially designed to create a playful ambience, keeping your pets entertained all day. As a result, they will be able to use up most of their energy during the day and will need to get some rest sooner or later. They will also be able to sleep more at nighttime. Therefore, apart from the fact that this furniture can be used by the laidback felines, it can also truly meet the needs of the most active ones.



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